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Cursed (Chapter 3)

Continued from Chapter 2…

Asif had left, but Mehroon knew that her fight for the night was not yet over. She could not allow her mother to remain in that unconscious state till morning. 1,227 more words


A Haunting

By Aarron Mondello


A Haunting.

Late last night home alone
I was sitting on the sofa
When behind me I heard a sorrowful moan… 617 more words


Him : What's up with you?

Me : Nothing.

Nothing, it’s eating me up inside out, while expanding uncontrollably through my nerves, like a cancer that won’t leave even though I’m already dead. 91 more words


- draft, to be continued -

“Gomen nasai!“ It’s a reflex, really. I shouldn’t have…

I hold out the single warm glove, I pick up. The old lady turns around and stares in many shades of confusion playing around her eyes. 209 more words


The Key !

it’s a burden to try unlocking yourself when you never were restrained,

except by the key itself . . .



It all seems smooth and fine
Until the day you turn your eyes
And see mounds of black and green
Sprouting where it once was clean… 74 more words