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I managed to arrive early this morning, it was still dark, it was raining, and you could see the headlights peeking between the branches :)

[101] Last Disguise

To not exist
only in the eyes of others
but only in my own
as a manifestation of confidence
unlike what the world wants of me… 94 more words


lovesick fool

Dear Reader,

You don’t know me. I don’t know you. But you’re curious enough to pick up this letter from its place on the park bench on Rose Avenue. 480 more words


Paper Cut

The door squealed with anticipation as she entered.

“I’m leaving.”

A paper airplane flew at me, stabbing my heart. I opened it.

It’s not you – it’s me. 6 more words


Fractured Figures - Room 101

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Penny watched from the shadows at the people walking by, all so oblivious to the dark creatures clinging desperately to them. 85 more words


Wed to Words

I’m wed to words;

working their woe.

Once now and again,

I wonder into a wasteland,

wanting unworn weather;

but I wince ‘fore the winds, 54 more words