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The Night Ride

The night sweats tonight, her dark sinew shook by lightning.
Thundering are the Gods’ bones cracking, shooting mustangs into my dreams.

I am the legs that heave and strive across the flat earth, 48 more words


Day 165 - Her - 50 Word Story Expanded

The rancid smell of death tears at his eyes, and he tightly clutches at the handkerchief, firmly pressing it against his nose and mouth.

A radio comes to life with a screech, “Bannister, answer me god damn it!” 564 more words


Dark... Where's the light?

Sometime I just sit in my room, wondering “is this all I live for?”. I have no friends, no family, nobody… *Sigh*… People say demand come out at night. 68 more words


Poem- fear


Of the unknown.

Shakes us to our bones

Keep walking ahead into the dark.

Where serpents dance, and lizards crawl.

Chances are,

there is a hand, 16 more words

A Story

[BTS FF Freelance] Spiral Parade (Chapter 1)

Title: Spiral Parade (chapter 1)
Scriptwriter: Fuseliar
Main Cast: All Member BTS
Support Cast: All Member BTS
Genre: dark, horror, school life, dystopia AU
Duration: chaptered… 1,387 more words



In the end, Darling is a fairly unique movie which takes the guts of other horror/suspense movies and puts them together in a new way. The slow burn and intensity build up throughout the chapters of the movie make it very entertaining, and a bit unsettling to watch. 1,891 more words