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There was an undeniable truth to the fact she was a killer. Her eyes spoke of it, smile suggested it, and as for her figure, well… yum. 84 more words


A Desolate State

i have lost the inspiration…
… all what i have wanted to say
where is the one i knew before
was it because you were so close to death… 494 more words


Book Review: Feel Me Fall by James Morris

Title: Feel Me Fall

By: James Morris

Published: May 6th 2017

By: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Genre: YA-Romance-Mystery-Thriller-Dark-Contemporary

Secrets and survival in the Amazon…

657 more words
Book Review

Little missy

Tender little pale feet

each footing of a note

a song that folds up time

set neatly in her coat,

her eyes are wide and seeing… 59 more words


Poets reflection

Simplicity of the poets brush

as the air is to the quill

a voice abused by many

to the point of overkill,

when the prose are moved to words… 39 more words


Flames Solace

“With the entire world in motion, it’s easy sometimes to lose track of the stillness. A desire to be rid of the overwhelming chaos that exists in the light, at times I retreat into the darkness to find solace.

21 more words