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There’s nothing more electrifying than a kiss from a muzzle of a gun

Nothing more loving.

I am aching to show my affection

To love you… 16 more words

Creative Writing

No'va Chapter 2 - Full

There was no telling how far into the mountains the tunnel went. With a single lantern, all Thomas Gracie could see was a small amount of light passing over gray stone wall. 3,013 more words

Plástico (2015)

Impression: I don’t often hate movies. I feel like my strongest negative opinion is usually indifference. And most often hate is reserved for movies which I feel were over-hyped, but not that great. 247 more words


Incorrect Setting

Told what to do
As if no idea of our own
Told to be a person
Yet not told the correct mode

We will never meet the standard… 128 more words



They tell me,

“It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.”

What do they want?

To me, that sounds lazy.

No, I’m giving effort and strength. 127 more words


You Win

I really enjoy the mix of humor and seriousness in this poem. Let me know what you think!

We must be on a diet

Because I am losing you faster than calories… 117 more words