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Inside Out

I write away my sorrow

It is the only way I know.

Spilling ink thicker than blood.

Leaving behind words in place of scars.

They said, Be the change and the world will follow. 97 more words


White Chocolate,Dark Chocolate and Cream Cheese Bars

White Chocolate,Dark Chocolate and Cream Cheese Bars


Who’s turn is it today?

Will it be,

The ambrosial Lover, or the mad Cynic?

The contemporary Artist, or a Servant of science?

The curious Child, or an unimaginative Adult? 29 more words


The Girl in Love

You wield your cold, steely eyes like a deadly weapon.

Each stare is a merciless stab to the heart.

As I bleed out from the gaping wound, 66 more words



Some high or indulgence
Expensive and fleeting
Taking what it offers
While paying the price
Find what makes you happy
And watch it be destroyed… 68 more words


Slaughtered Past

That different girl I used to be,

The dead corpse inside of me,

That past lost in the blood,

The moments in my eyes, a flood. 197 more words


Prose #2

I don’t do much nowadays.

I don’t know what this is called,

But all I do is cry all day.

I try to look for something, 135 more words