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Madeira Lamb Stew ~ Monastic Skullduggery

They say nirvana is a state of perfect serenity; the highest happiness. Some believe it is impossible to achieve, but the truth is quite the contrary. 792 more words


This Creature Of Blood

“You and I aren’t so different” he use to say. Nothing was further from the truth. Our minds were different, our bodies were different. Chase looked at people not to watch them but to prey on them. 509 more words


Demon Haunted Boy: Chapter 15

Tales of monsters, werewolves, gods, vampires, zombies, and all the most popular horrors myths of mankind, in almost all cases have their origins in the underworld. 1,380 more words


The Light

I see a light in the distance.

And, like a beacon,

It calls me.

It promises a better life,

A life of ease,

A clear future, 180 more words


Pieces of me didn’t break. Socks I didn’t roll, shirts
I didn’t fold. Hardly limbed, I carried
each cup of malice in my clenched teeth, and scoured lands… 246 more words


Whispers and the Roars by K. Webster

Kady had serious mental issues. Most of the people in her life did not seem like good people. Yeo and Kady loved each other but hadn’t been together since he left for college. 266 more words

Book Reviews

To The People I Wish I Never Had

I’m sorry—
If I’m not that kind of person whom you’re expecting to be an outgoing “holistic, well-rounded, mature” being;
That classmate who would support you in your ways which I know in my heart that is wrong; 580 more words