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Rise of the Zombies (Part 1)

Pine Glen, USA, 1968

Reggie snapped back into consciousness suddenly, which was a pretty impressive feat considering he had died about an hour earlier. Laying there on the floor, with a good bit of his flesh gnawed away, memories came to him. 955 more words



He courts war with his hands
Piecing together the puzzle of destruction
And watched as the world burned under its gaze
War creates many a hero… 463 more words


Rare and free, our soul.

I see people
I see them with worries,
I see them with no silver lining in their hope,

there is nothing to feel
and cry about anymore in this place, 159 more words

Birds Sing Through the Night...

I know because my window is open at night now that the weather is warming up. I like the ventilation and fresh air clearing out my stuffy room after a cooped up winter and chilly spring. 403 more words

Chapter 6

Two days had passed since Petre’s funeral and I was waking up not in my bed but in that of my late colleague’s sisters. Adam thought it to be despicable but a man has his needs and it had been a months since I had sex in Torus and over a year since I had shared a bed with a woman in reality. 3,316 more words


Orifice is out on Amazon!

Hello everyone,

Orifice has finally hit Amazon! The Kindle is coming soon, but for those who want the paperback, you can get it by following one of the below links: 55 more words

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