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Ronald McDonald: A Deeper Story

This particular title looks pretty crazy at first, but trust me it gets even crazier. Ronald McDonald seems to be a prominent symbol, and unifying factor for the “JPodders” within the book JPod by Douglas Coupland. 337 more words


Uma maneira de absorver-me
Seria mergulhar no teu horizonte
Enquanto nossos corações se chamam
Ressonantes e sozinhos 136 more words

Toxic People

I’m a toxic person. If toxic people are quarantined, I would’ve been put away a long time ago.

Self Hate

Why I Write

I use to write to love

Now I only love to write

I grab my pen and paper

when my knuckles turn to white

to mourn those who are gone… 165 more words

Shining Face

Stand tall

Taller than your shadow

Overshadow yourself

Let the sun stop at you

And not pass through

Don’t hide from it

The light will shine… 21 more words



You think you are special. You think you will be the one to save me. You think it is different this time.

It never is. 851 more words