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The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – The Force & Balance

Way back when there wasn’t an “original trilogy” and there was just “the Star Wars movies,” I thought the Force was something good and pure that the Jedi used correctly, and the Sith misused for their own evil agendas. 1,190 more words

Light to Humanity

Dear Mother,

You hold me tight in your arms, wrapped in the warmth of your light.  I am like a newborn opening with first sight.  There is nothing so special or unendingly safe as the love in your touch or the light in your face.   79 more words


Soul's light

“Love is the soul’s light.”
~ Rumi


Death of a Poet

Dear poet
Why must you be as you are
Why must you be awake
When all the others are sleeping
Why must you look so far… 211 more words



Though her potential was that

Of mighty wings

Wings to carry downtrodden

To soar above the stars

Striking fear in those called evil

Her potential was cut at its root… 37 more words

...in your daily life

Begin your day with adding to your heart a little bit of magick blended well with faith and belief

Fill your afternoon with sipping on a cup of a witch’s brew served with a smile and poured with some well stirred secret ingredients… 27 more words