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At the eclipse, the birds fall
silent, the earth shrugs its mantle
of shadows close; death comes
easily, a simple matter of forgiving all
that life still owes… 62 more words


Episode 22 - LCGs, CCGs, ECGs, ETC...


In Episode 22, the Low Player Count crew discusses all of the different iterations of LCGs, CCGs, ECGs, and more. They also announce the winner of the #LPCDuel giveaway with a brief talk about some beta play testing games they have received. 68 more words


Weekend Game Night - Valentine's Day Edition

This weekend, I was binge watching 4 seasons of Grimm in time to watch season 5 but that didn’t stop me from some late night gaming. 411 more words

Board Game Life

Weekend Game Night- Darkest Night & Mistfall

This weekend I played Darkest Night and Mistfall. One I loved, the other I have struggled with the rulebook but still working on it. Both took me sometime to get started. 355 more words

Weekend Game Night

Darkest Night & Darkest Night: With an Inner Light Review | COG Gaming

Year Published: 2012
Designer: Jeremy Lennert
Publisher: Victory Point Games
Players: 1-4 (5)
Playtime: 120 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: There’s still light in the darkness, but it’s fading fast. 3,543 more words

COG Gaming

She sat there, on a park bench in the middle of the night. Being surrounded by nature soothed her spirit and gave her clarity. The sound of the trees and branches ever-so-slightly swaying with the breeze along with the leaves elegantly flowing in time, It was almost as if she was in a trance though. 381 more words

Darkest Night

On Shift

The tread of heavy armor retreated down the corridor. The Vitrine Eye smashed the hilt of his plasma knife into the door lock, then turned his attention to the mesh cage wrapping the autodrageur machinery. 420 more words