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New releases for Thursday November 12th 2015

Despite the traffic impediment that the City of Calgary Water Department has put outside the store, our delivery people were here in droves today and we have a bumper crop of new releases to detail. 2,415 more words

New Arrivals

Too Good 110

The darkest part of night is replete with tormented souls worrying themselves into a lather. Worry’s function seems equivalent to that of self-mutilation; to punish without curing, to endure pain without adding strength. 461 more words



Darkest night on stormy sea ravaged,

Raped, and left to bleed!

A sea of tears, fathoms deep,

Fed forever by eyes that weep.

Grabbing, clutching, charging down, 121 more words


Playing In The Dark

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I enjoy playing board games. I like the way they make you think and I love the stories that can be created during play. 859 more words


A shooting star
a meteor that flies by
captivating all of our eyes
in the moment we wish to the sky
praying for happiness that’s void from within… 138 more words

Darkest Night


Back in high school a junior was I
sitting in class waiting for time to pass by
like most other kids in a classroom of thirty… 164 more words

Darkest Night

Reverie of Souls

As I walk this street alone
so does the darkness that shadows me
none should have to bear witness
this broken-hearted tragedy
I look up to see before me… 61 more words

Darkest Night