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Stopping Sauron at the Green Lantern Inn

So, as I mentioned before, I borrowed a copy of Darkest Night. Darkest Night is a Tolkien/D&D -esque game of stopping the big bad (necromancer) with a plucky quartet of characters… 543 more words


In Preparation for Darkness

September is the gateway to the Mystery…
As the Medicine Wheel turns from summer to fall,
the outer-directed energy of summer begins to shift inward…

409 more words


At the eclipse, the birds fall
silent, the earth shrugs its mantle
of shadows close; death comes
easily, a simple matter of forgiving all
that life still owes… 62 more words


Episode 22 - LCGs, CCGs, ECGs, ETC...


In Episode 22, the Low Player Count crew discusses all of the different iterations of LCGs, CCGs, ECGs, and more. They also announce the winner of the #LPCDuel giveaway with a brief talk about some beta play testing games they have received. 68 more words


Weekend Game Night - Valentine's Day Edition

This weekend, I was binge watching 4 seasons of Grimm in time to watch season 5 but that didn’t stop me from some late night gaming. 411 more words

Board Game Life

Weekend Game Night- Darkest Night & Mistfall

This weekend I played Darkest Night and Mistfall. One I loved, the other I have struggled with the rulebook but still working on it. Both took me sometime to get started. 355 more words

Weekend Game Night

Darkest Night & Darkest Night: With an Inner Light Review | COG Gaming

Year Published: 2012
Designer: Jeremy Lennert
Publisher: Victory Point Games
Players: 1-4 (5)
Playtime: 120 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: There’s still light in the darkness, but it’s fading fast. 3,543 more words

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