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Dark Souls The Board Game: Prepare to Die or Prepare to Disappoint?

The highly successful Kickstarter campaign of Dark Souls The Board Game by Steamforged Games finally released its rulebook last week for all backers and public to review. 3,296 more words


Dark Souls 3, MY GOTY 2016

Here it is, here is my choice for the game of the year for 2016, Dark Souls 3. I’m going to assume that there are some obvious reasons for why I would hold this game in a high enough regard to give it the honour of being my game of the year. 979 more words


Dark Souls 2's unique charm.

Dark Souls 2. Criticized for it’s lack of creativity when it comes to boss fights, boss arenas and areas in general, when compared with the original Dark Souls. 862 more words

My problem with the Horror Genre in Video Games

Horror is a very subjective thing, some people will find one thing scary while others will just blink and say was that it. Then in a different scenario, the person who wasn’t scared may be scarred while the person who was might not be. 691 more words


New info from Miyazaki on Dark Souls III's DLC 'Ashes of Ariandel'

In an interview with IGN Japan, Dark Souls III’s lead director Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed that there will be two DLCs for the game, ‘Ashes of Ariandel’ and another that will be released early 2017. 385 more words