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Finishing DS1 makes me appreciate DS3 less than before

So I finally beat the game on PC two days ago. This is also the first time I finished the DLC since the game came out when I first played it on PS3. 286 more words


My first week of Dark Souls PvP [Journal Entry and Rant]

As you can see from the title, I am new to the PvP aspect of DS so what I may say could be wrong due to me not understanding how some of the mechanics work. 299 more words


What happened to PVP... Where's the honor?

I just fought a red in the PVP forest, I was alone, looking for honor duels. I bow, buff up, and we start the fight. While fighting a blue gets summoned in. 246 more words


[Rant & need help] Reset NPC aggressivity ?

Hi guys.
I'm pretty pissed. It's the second time I hit an npc by mistake.. What can I do in that case ? They keep attacking me, and I don't want to have to play with savestates just to avoid that.. 77 more words


Dark Souls Brush Pen Art

These were from a month or so ago when I decided to ink in a Dark Wraith and a Ringed Soldier from the Dark Souls series. 35 more words

My Kinda Intro


…yeah. You’re all probably wondering what the hell this blog has to offer with a dumb name like that. A pleasure to meet you all, I am Mozu. 645 more words


Angry Rant incoming. RIP Vamos


I thought Demon's Souls skeletons were the worst. they could not make them worse in Dark Souls 1 I said…..There's no way!! 58 more words