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Episode 72: January Newb's Feed

We are back! I know…it’s sad. Anyway…this week we are talking about ALL THE THINGS from January that you probably already knew about. Or…maybe not. Anyway rambling on…check out the scoop on Brad’s tid-bits and Kyle using mind-reading tricks aka Spock…wow…this is a long description…


Welcome to the Future

Greetings from the future. Its February 2, 2016! Are you amazed yet?? We drive fancy cars on things called paved roads and eat on demand tacos at a place called “Taco Bell”. 210 more words

Choose Your Own Worldbuilding

Since I ragged on the Souls series last week for its cyclical plot, it’s not fair to move on without mentioning how it really shines. The truth is that the real substance of the game is in its lore. 508 more words


Eternal Cycles or Eternal Boredom?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before– all your actions up until now were destined to happen. War never changes. The flames will fade and then burn anew. 497 more words


Like a moth to the flame...

I was recently browsing the web for the Majula OSTĀ from Dark Souls 2 as I recently finished it and don’t particularly want to have to play it to hear the songs for obvious reasons. 312 more words


My Most Anticipated Games of 2016

It seems silly and more than a little delusional to look forward to games coming out this year when I have a backlog of at least 15 I’m still planning to play through. 651 more words


2015, A Year of Epic Gaming

So the year is almost over. So instead of crying about how much i love the fall and winter season and am dreading the beginning of the year, I decided to write about how much awesome gaming content my brain took in this year. 421 more words