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What You Didn't Know: Izalith, Prt 4

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If you haven't already, I recommend watching Vaati's… 1,549 more words


Dark Souls 1 Remaster PVP ,and my concerns

So I'm a bit concern about the way dark souls remaster PVP seems to be going everyone is extremely excited and so am I , but there is something No one is taking about… 354 more words


You have no idea how much a Remaster means to me

I started off with DS2 on PC, which I adore. When I bought a PS4, I immediately preordered DS3, which is kinda meh, but provided a lot of references to original DS. 356 more words


Dark Souls Remastered Announced | [Major News]

Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed that From Software’s Dark Souls will be remastered. Dark Souls is a cult classic video game¬†

Check out the official Dark Souls Remastered Synopsis below:  80 more words

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A lengthy rant on bad design in Dark Souls

TL;DR: Dark Souls has quite a bit of artificial difficulty and I wish it didn't.

To preface this I'll say that Dark Souls is easily one of my favourite games of all time and my clear favourite from the three Dark Souls games. 1,039 more words


Ornstein and Smough rant

Every boss up to this point I 1 or 2 shot. Currently, I've been stuck on these assholes for 3 days. I'm not the best DS player, and this is my first DS game, so up to this point, I think I have done very well. 237 more words


The Lore of Dark Souls One, as I Understand It. Part 1: The Beginning, The End, and The Dark Sign.

Below is a small forward as to why I am making a lore write up long after the dust has settled. Feel free to skip to the meat of my… 3,038 more words