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First Playthrough: Just beat the last of four Lords. Many thoughts.

Played DS3 to Vordt on my friend’s X1 and it made me have an itch to get into the series for myself, so I bought this. 605 more words


Dark Souls 1 Remaster... what have you done?

I am a fan of the series ever since Demon Souls came out in 2009. The later Dark Souls 2 was okay and I really enjoyed Dark Souls 3. 836 more words


No omni-directional rolling, no purchase.


Are you really that desperate to drive away all you veteran players off? How could they overlook a mechanic that worked so well in favour to all your Souls titles past this one? 118 more words


Am I the only one that ENJOYS the clunkyness of Dark Souls 1?

I hate when people says things like this ''Am I the only one that like ?'' But I actualy never saw anyone says that. I really, REALLY love feeling the weigh of my armor, the noise, being heavy, having mid roll (rip), poise (rip) and stuff like that. 140 more words


Shitty state of invaders (fucking noob warning + rant)

I decided to go trough DS1 (again) but this time I decided to go with pure str build (I always went dex or quality till now). 152 more words


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5 smash bros announced to come out for switch

A small teaser trailer was released showing a couple of splatoon inklings fighting each other when suddenly the room goes darker and in the middle of them fighting suddenly they notice the GIANT FLAMING SMASH LOGO BEHIND THEM! 898 more words

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