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5 fighting games that need more games (part 1?)

  1. Darkstalkers – Capcom’s monster mash fighter hasn’t seen a proper entry in the series since 1997! We were teased by Yoshinori Ono about the possibilities of an upcoming sequel, but last positive message from him was in 2012.
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More Project X Zone 2 News

The new issue of Famitsu, translated by Gematsu and posted by the good folks at Nintendo Everything, calms some nerves about returning characters to the over-the-top mashup. 82 more words


We're The Dark...Stalkers!

Oh who here remembers the old Darkstalkers cartoon? Ok who here remembers it and doesn’t want to?

Yeah me too.

Anyway here’s an old preview page for the game’s PSX version found in GameFan.

Blast From The Past

Episode 41: Free Pick Championship Edition

Download Episode 41: “Free Pick Championship Edition” Here!

Havoc vs. Socket. Morrigan vs. Blinx. Giana vs. Trace! It’s a free pick episode with a twist! Mike and Ed have selected some of their favorite songs to share, and they’re pitting them against each other. 248 more words


Darkstalkers Vampire Hunter 4koma - Various

I scanned a 4koma anthology because it had Dowman Sayman in it, so here it is. More to come.


Project X Zone 2 new trailer

I liked the first one even with it’s flaws, and it seems they might be fixing some of those this time around.

Note it says “and more”, so don’t go assuming this is everybody in the game (or even every game that it has characters from) like I’ve seen some people do. 268 more words


Día 60: Darkstalkers (serie)

Como franquicia son juegos bastante parecidos, asi que me referiré a Darkstalkers como un todo. 250 more words