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Moon at 800mm

Before and after some fiddling in Darktable.



DarkTable is a most excellent digital photo workflow program (and raw image processor). The difference between it and certain popular software from Adobe® is that it runs on Linux, and it’s open source. 247 more words


How to create an HDR in Darktable: Sans-BS

A quick guide to creating High Dynamic Range images using Darktable. In this example, the camera was locked on a tripod. One image was taken at 0ev, one at +2ev and one at -2ev. 349 more words


New Skills for Springtime

I’m on a bit of a mission right now: to acquire the skills that will let me do some of the things I’m increasingly interested in doing. 1,123 more words


Real Estate Photography

These photos are of a condo I sold. I’m posting them to help a client learn more about real estate photography. Here I can point out what I did well and what needs improvement. 279 more words


Noise in Digital Camera Raw Files – How to Measure it

After writing two articles on the Nature of Light and its relevance to digital photography, I found that the subject of noise still fascinated me and decided that I had to make some measurements. 75 more words


Bored waitress at the diner

A studio shot taken at Lp photografix in Alfreton with the beautiful Scarlett Fox doing a nice impersonation of a waitress in a 50’s american diner, 40D with 24 – 105 f4 l zoom. 11 more words