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Fall Colors

A few weeks ago my wife and I set out on a spontaneous adventure. That’s pretty unusual for us; we stick to our routine and our schedule pretty well and don’t go outside of it too much. 213 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: OPPOSITES

This week’s photo challenge from WordPress:

“In your photo this week, show how opposites can tell a story about people, places, or objects. The tension can reside in…

296 more words

Dark Table (Vancouver) Review

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.”

-Helen KellerĀ 

As the hype would have it, I visited The Dark Table with my friends a few months back. 915 more words


Moon at 800mm

Before and after some fiddling in Darktable.



DarkTable is a most excellent digital photo workflow program (and raw image processor). The difference between it and certain popular software from Adobe® is that it runs on Linux, and it’s open source. 247 more words


How to create an HDR in Darktable: Sans-BS

A quick guide to creating High Dynamic Range images using Darktable. In this example, the camera was locked on a tripod. One image was taken at 0ev, one at +2ev and one at -2ev. 349 more words


New Skills for Springtime

I’m on a bit of a mission right now: to acquire the skills that will let me do some of the things I’m increasingly interested in doing. 1,123 more words