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Automating Astrophoto Processing

Update 8/20/2015: Thanks to some knowledgeable folks on Reddit, I have updated the scripts and description of my workflow to be more correct and (hopefully) more helpful for readers. 3,183 more words


Stick Yer Product Placement...

Fucking around while cranky

Living In America

Back to Ubuntu againnn...!!!

Karena kebutuhan istri menggunakan windows beberapa bulan yang lalu TB sempat menggunakan Windows 7 untuk kebutuhan sehari hari di rumah, tetapi karena istri telah memiliki pc sendiri akhirnya TB balik lagi ke Ubuntu, bukan apa-apa kerasa banget sulit nya kalau pakai windows, he he, kalau udah biasa pakai nautilus buat beberapa pekerjaan misal saja resize picture jelas menyita waktu bangettt, kalau nautilus klik kan resize, selesai. 46 more words

Ubuntu Dan Linux

Adding Watermarks to Photos with Inkscape and Darktable

I like to put watermarks on my photos, especially the ones I post to online sites like flickr where I’m trying to demonstrate the quality of my shots. 448 more words


Rainboy by Occasionally Focused

Loris seemed very hungry today; eating most excitedly, jumping around all over the show.

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/w41vJE


Red kite - post processed in darktable

One of the things I’ve been doing recently is to try and work on my post processing and to work out a system for photography on Linux. 187 more words




Long time no see.

I remember that in my last post I promised a new picture or a post every week. Seems like I couldn’t keep up to my promises. 108 more words