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camera hacking

testing a handheld 4″ exposure

playing around with CHDK
doing some test on RAW format: DNG
using darktable software to ‘develop’ RAW to JPG
testing a 4 seconds exposure in a room without light… 56 more words


I Said Goodbye To Microsoft Windows And Hello Linux Ubuntu 14.04!

Disclaimer: The topic is only partly technical but not intended as a technical blog entry, I’m just sharing my experience using this Desktop program and operating system. 638 more words

Photographing a Display Controller Die

Who doesn’t like integrated circuit porn? After pulling a PCD8544 display controller from an old Nokia phone, disrobed it and took the first public die shot… 155 more words


Before After Poison Ivy

I am trapped at the library today. A far away foreign library. Knowing I would be here all day – at least 5 hours – I opted to bring the computer and just mess around with some photos. 235 more words

Slow Shutters

Single slow shutter image.

Two slow shutter images combined using Darktable.

Two slow shutter images combined using Darktable.

Two slow shutter images combined using Darktable. … 68 more words


Darktable Tricks & Tips: Getting creative with Shadows & Highlights

Using Darktable isn’t just about getting all your images technically correct. There’s plenty of room for creativity if you explore the outer edges of module settings, use masks, apply blending effects, create HDR’s and more. 222 more words


Enhancing Images with Darktable Drawn Masks

For most images, the 8+ modules I’ve already discussed bring them up to par. For some images, there’s a few more modules I like to use, often in conjunction with a new… 382 more words