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How to create an HDR in Darktable: Sans-BS

A quick guide to creating High Dynamic Range images using Darktable. In this example, the camera was locked on a tripod. One image was taken at 0ev, one at +2ev and one at -2ev. 349 more words


New Skills for Springtime

I’m on a bit of a mission right now: to acquire the skills that will let me do some of the things I’m increasingly interested in doing. 1,123 more words


Real Estate Photography

These photos are of a condo I sold. I’m posting them to help a client learn more about real estate photography. Here I can point out what I did well and what needs improvement. 279 more words


Noise in Digital Camera Raw Files – How to Measure it

After writing two articles on the Nature of Light and its relevance to digital photography, I found that the subject of noise still fascinated me and decided that I had to make some measurements. 75 more words


Bored waitress at the diner

A studio shot taken at Lp photografix in Alfreton with the beautiful Scarlett Fox doing a nice impersonation of a waitress in a 50’s american diner, 40D with 24 – 105 f4 l zoom. 11 more words


The Culprit

So this is the culprit, the guy responsible for this feckless use of cyberspace. Just thought I’d better get that out of the way so I can’t be accused of evading responsibility.The camera would be a Canon, a 40D most likely, lens? 92 more words


Just a couple of photos

Now these are interesting because they were edited in two open source programs, DarkTable for the raw edit and Gimp for the final polish.

They are studio shots taken in Greengates studio in Stoke on Trent and the camera used was a Canon 5D mk II and a 24 – 105 f4 L… 47 more words