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Linux Photo Workflow

I’m shooting products in the studio (mostly tethered), as well as lifestyle images in the field, using Nikon dSLRs and open source software.

Darktable – I’m using strictly to tether as I’m not a huge fan otherwise. 230 more words

The writing on the wall when you're 13

“Hate your hatred”

“The only possible revolution is within ourselves”

“ARMA” = “weapon”
“AMAR” = “to love”



The first photo taken with my new Nikon D5300 and processed with Darktable and GIMP that I am publishing here.


Linux for Photography

Linux is a wonderful operating system, but one thing that gets overlooked a lot is how it can help a photographer’s workflow. In this article I discuss the software that’s available and my workflows, and pose a question for everyone. 529 more words


camera hacking

testing a handheld 4″ exposure

playing around with CHDK
doing some test on RAW format: DNG
using darktable software to ‘develop’ RAW to JPG
testing a 4 seconds exposure in a room without light… 56 more words