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Darling in the FranXX Episode 6: Action! Excitement!

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Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it, but I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I’m sure a bias towards action helps a lot with that. 228 more words


Hubby woes

Hubby ”darling… why are you so engrossed in your startup.. so much that you do not even bother to spend time with me”

Wife ”darling… the startup is trying to build an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool to give tips to women about how to ensure their husbands or boy friends begin loving them all over again”

My Darling Rose

wild grows
my perennial love
her precious winter bloom


The Black Company, Glen Cook

The Black Company was first published in 1984. This is 12 years before A Game of Thrones is first released and 15 years before Gardens of the Moon… 1,157 more words


Letters to My Future Lover - Vol. 8

12th February | Monday| Sunny (Snowed in the Morning) | 4 Degree

Hey Dear,

How have you been?

Woke up today, feeling things differently. The grass in the front yard was covered with some frozen slushes. 343 more words


Darling in the FranXX Episode 5: Third time is the charm

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This week’s episode felt less blatant than previous episodes, which made it more interesting for me. 256 more words



It’s hard to overstate my love for Darling. Some people have a celebrity crush—I have a company crush. So excuse me while I fangirl for a bit. 553 more words