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Darndest Things: Issue One

After eating Sun Chips with his eyes closed and head bobbing, Reed (4 years old) fell asleep on the table at Subway. His mom carried him, snoring, to the car, and buckled him in. 483 more words


New Blog Feature!

Revisions of Grandeur is adding a new feature to the blog, and I’m inviting you, friends, to get in on the fun!

When we have down-time, my husband and I like to ask each other questions… 319 more words


He did WHAT?!

Darndest Things:  Unpotty trained children are a threat to my motivation and society as a whole.  ;) 

NOTE: I’m sure when he is older and can recognize that I used my blog as a place to store some of the funny stories and antics that happened in our household he will be mortified of this story, but for now he is a 2-year old that is refusing to potty-train, so I feel I am validated in writing this story. 328 more words


Throwback Thursday

Olivia is sixteen years younger than me. So when I left for college she was still very little. I would come home and cry because of how quickly she seemed to have grown in the few months at a time I’d been gone. 158 more words

The Little Things (Part One)

One of the biggest things I learned this past year at camp is that it’s important to appreciate the little things. From small memories and crazy things that kids say, to little everyday things we take for granted, it all is important. 305 more words

Three-Year-Old Aspirations

“Look, Boo! See the castle?”

“Is there riches in there?”


True Toddler

It does not take much searching on the heaving froth of the internet to discover some pretty crazy things that little children have said or done. 159 more words