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Of All the Easy Things

Project Complete

Sewing, for me, is in part about sustainability; about knowing where things come from, how they were made and that they will last.  Mending feels like a super power.  267 more words

TBT: My Mother's Darning Eggs

My mother is a retired seamstress (in that she no longer takes customers, but will still help me with projects) and was often offered sewing-related items by her customers. 479 more words


Gargoyle Chip Report V

This week, I am happy to announce, I did make a little progress. Not much, but enough to knock a sneer off an uppity gargoyle’s face. 40 more words

Deborah Makarios

Pattern: Yarnivores

My little monsters have an official pattern…and a name!

These creatures have been living in my head for some time now. I had made one… 377 more words


Cobbled Together

Cobbled together: transitive verb. 1 chiefly British : to mend or patch coarsely. 2 : repair, make cobble shoes. 3 : to make or put together roughly or hastily —often used with together or up : cobble together an agreement, cobble up a temporary solution. 702 more words

The Visible Mending Programme

Darn It

Does anyone do mending anymore?


Someone wondered what one of the props was on an old TV show.  She thought it was a light bulb.  246 more words

Linking The Past To The Present

Responding to Repairs

A recent repair commission made me think about how a change in attitude can lead to a different response to repairs. It can be quite a challenge to be accepting of things not looking perfect and new, and I think that part of wanting to keep using things for longer, I had to accept that they will show signs of wear and tear. 757 more words