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To Darn or Not to Darn ...

… that is indeed the question!

It must be the season (or rather, the beginning of the season) for I have made a list of all household chores I would like to be done until Christmas / New Year’s Eve. 545 more words


Darn It!

More than one knitting book has expressed the sentiment that the only way to fix socks is to hold them over the trash can and exclaim ‘Darn it!’ as you drop them in. 121 more words



Want to save the world today? I do, so I’m mending.

There is such a lot of waste in the UK and such profligate consumption, that one of the best things we can do to reduce our impact on the environment is to buy less. 409 more words

Reducing Consumption

Darning at the Pitt Rivers Museum - Preserving What Is Valued

Currently on at the Pitt Rivers Museum is the “Preserving What Is Valued” case display and museum trail. It demonstrates how people from all parts of the world repair their material culture. 535 more words


May All Your Dreams Be Indigo: a Wolf & Gypsy Collaboration

I’m very excited to announce a extraordinary Visible Mending Programme collaboration with one of Brighton’s finest vintage clothes shops: Wolf & Gypsy Vintage. I have been shopping at Wolf & Gypsy since they first opened their doors many a moon ago, so it was only a matter of time I’d walk in with some visibly mended clothes. 619 more words

The Visible Mending Programme

Fabric salvage and mending

Yesterday I wandered to the closest op shop to get some fabric for more wipes. Why I want more, I don’t know. I may see if they sell. 760 more words