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The Thimble

The Thimble

It is a little light going on in my tired, dimmed mind.

Something I have never seen as precious

until this very moment has bubbled up in… 134 more words

I got sole

Crochet slippers have turned out to be very popular. I’ve made then for myself, my mum (two pairs), one of my nieces, one of mum’s neighbours who has been very kind whilst mum has been ill and Mr Snail (also two pairs). 213 more words


What is it I do?

In the past few months I have been thinking a lot about what I do as a maker. Throughout the coming months, I want to blog a bit more about what my creative practice means to me. 734 more words


visible mending

i’ve been doing a bit of visible mending, mostly while watching tv in the evenings.

my husband’s double-gauze shirt with a worn-out elbow,

socks, and another button up shirt that got a big, weird tear in the back. 59 more words


Darning socks for the Navy

This week, Abingdon girls were busy mending sailors’ holey socks.

15th to 19th
The Upper girls have darned 3 doz pairs of socks for the Navy through Mrs Reynolds. 9 more words

Life On The Home Front

Darning tights

One thing we have in common is that we all darn our tights. I’m sure this isn’t the way most people deal with holey tights. Bin ‘em, right? 20 more words

Something in the way he moves....

This was the state of the gusset of my husband’s shooting trousers. The second hole was so big that my darning mushroom kept slipping through! 138 more words