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How to Darn Pointe Shoes

Hi everybody!  Here’s a quick bonus video for you about how to sew your pointe shoes.  See you tomorrow with another full blog post!


Very Enjoyable Knitting and Rediscovering Harry Potter

It’s been so busy around here that I only just realized that I finished a pair of socks a while back and never showed them to you and I haven’t posted about what I am working on in quite a while. 1,228 more words


A Remedy for Rents, Samplers from the Whitelands College Collection

Recently, I was invited to deliver the keynote speech at Cultures of Repair: Past and Present, a one-day conference to conclude A Remedy for Rents… 1,271 more words


A long-awaited repair

I am slowly trying to persuade myself that sewing repairs can be fun. I’ve finally reconciled myself to darning – but only items that I made myself – and now I’m making progress with other repairs. 254 more words

Reducing Consumption

Experimenting with Repairs 

As they say necessity is the mother of invention so I have been working on some repairs on my partners shirts as he has worn through the fabric. 56 more words

Hand Embroidery

Darned Socks

My love recently got some holes in favored pairs of socks. I don’t think that remarkable except for having favored pairs of socks. I have a line of white socks and a line of grey socks. 233 more words


Good bye, socks

I knit these Classy Slip Up Ribs ages ago. So many ages that a quick search couldn’t find them on Ravelry.

I bought the pink  95 more words