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Digital Tattoo Lets You Control Devices With Your Mind

WHAT’S on your mind? For £79, anyone can buy a headset that reads the electrical activity of their brain. It’s called an electroencephalogram, or EEG, and you can use it to control devices with the power of your mind. 595 more words

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Ridge News: April 24, 2015

The talk this week has been about last week’s Ring Dance. After we check out some photo’s from Ring Dance we go to La’ Dell Miranda and the PRP Leep students for a shout out from Jayla Pugh. 77 more words

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New technology will have to fit inside ‘cultural norms’ to be accepted

Paypal’s ‘Global Head of Developer Evangelism’ Jonathan LeBlanc is pushing implantable brain chips as a replacement for passwords, but insists that such technology must be made to fit inside “cultural norms” before it is accepted by the general public. 548 more words


Google Beware. DARPA’s Impressive Search Engine, Memex is now Open-Source and Accessible by All

DARPA has recently made public an open-source search tool Memex. This could be used to create a new, more thorough search engine to rival the likes of Google. 534 more words


SR-72, The Son Of Blackbird

The SR-71 Blackbird had been utilized by the United States from 1964 until its retirement in 1998. Aside from its duties as a spy plane and being able to do things such as take photographs of the Soviet Union, the SR-71 also set numerous speed records, such as its still-standing record of 2,193mph from 1976. 858 more words


Google Robot Army And Military Swarms: 'Designed To Overwhelm An Adversary'

If you thought that having helicopter drones flying around delivering packages was a scary concept, then you won’t be very happy to learn that the US military is seriously considering enlisting the help of tiny robot quadcopter drones in warfare. 774 more words

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Memex In Action: Watch DARPA Artificial Intelligence Search For Crime On The 'Dark Web' - Forbes

The Memex technology, named after an mechanical mnemonic dreamt up just as the Second World War was coming to a close, has already been put to use by a number of law enforcement agencies, who are looking to counter crime taking place on networks like Tor, where Hidden Services are protected by the privacy-enhancing, encrypted hosting, often for good, often for bad. 38 more words