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The US Military Is Making Lasers That Create Voices out of Thin Air – Defense One

Within three years, the Pentagon’s non-lethal weapons lab hopes to have a direct energy weapon that can produce an effect like a haunted walkie-talkie or the biblical burning bush. 16 more words


The Pentagon Wants AI To Reveal Adversaries’ True Intentions – Defense One

The U.S. military is looking to enlist game theory and artificial intelligence to fight tomorrow’s unconventional warfare tactics.

Source: The Pentagon Wants AI To Reveal Adversaries’ True Intentions – Defense One


AI and The U.S. Federal Government

Artificial Intelligence is not just being invested in by companies all over the world. Federal agencies in the United States are also using and further investing in the technology. 172 more words

Machine Learning

Southern California

Transportation I’ve always rode the Coaster to and from San Diego or to other coastal towns. If you’re quick, snatch a window seat and sit back and take in the ocean views as you travel…

Source: Southern California


WATCH: The Weaponization of Social Media

Now openly admitted, governments and militaries around the world employ armies of keyboard warriors to spread propaganda and disrupt their online opposition. Their goal? To shape public discourse around global events in a way favourable to their standing military and geopolitical objectives. 12 more words


A Hypersonic 'Arms-Race' Erupts As DARPA Director Demands More Funding To Counter Russia, by Tyler Durden

Looks like DARPA doesn’t think Putin is bluffing. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Moments after President Vladimir Putin used his state-of-the-nation speech on Thursday to deliver a warning directed at the United States that Russia’s latest hypersonic missile can penetrate U.S. 358 more words

Foreign Policy

Pentagon wants more money to develop its own hypersonic nukes, just like Russia’s

RT | March 3, 2018

The Pentagon may not be surprised by the new Russian hypersonic missiles – but why not use them as a pitch for more money?

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