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The Pentagon is figuring out how to make bodies heal themselves

Humans are quite feeble. We break easily, and just about every part of us deteriorates as we age. But the Pentagon’s research division, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), hopes to fix that. 353 more words

DARPA and How The Government Created the Surveillance State with Annie Jacobsen

DARPA, IARPA, ARPA, and how the US government rose from WWII to create a surveillance state that got tested in Vietnam before becoming the modern inescapable Big Brother it is today, is explained by author Annie Jacobsen. 214 more words


Why DARPA is Studying Stories

Why DARPA is studying stories is the title of another section in Humans are Underrated:  What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will  by Geoff Colvin.  386 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Uncensored History Of DARPA

Investigative journalist and bestselling author Annie Jacobsen joins the show today to discuss the uncensored history of DARPA and military experimentation using soldiers.


Diagram 154 WOW! SIGNAL SETI obsidian dark matter mass higgs boson particles sparkles neutrinos Janet Conrad UFO Engine design

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, page 25 in section II, page 22, 23, of obsidian mirror formula notes

Diagram 154 continues the laser beams going through obsidian sphere in Diagram 153, Diagrams 99 to Diagrams 152 show how to add new quantum properties to particles adding 5 new particles to our Standard model of physics in 2015… 46 more words


Inside DARPA: The Pentagon's Brain - World Affairs Council

Originally posted  Inside DARPA: The Pentagon’s Brain – World Affairs Council.

The internet, GPS, voice recognition programs like Siri – many of the technologies that we use today were developed with national security in mind.

102 more words