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Google’s self-driving cars have driven very few miles in the grand scheme of things

On Monday (Feb. 1), Google announced that its self-driving car program was simulating driving 3 million miles a day. As The Verge noted, that’s the equivalent of about 500 round trips between New York City and Los Angeles, and roughly 90 million simulated miles a month. 392 more words

The Transhumanist Scrapbook - DARPA's Plan For Cyborgs

Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
January 31, 2016

Mr V.T. sent this article along, and I want to talk about it, particularly in connection to the blog I did a few days ago about the latest transhumanist project, that of mapping the brains of the dead, and uploading them into new “bodies”, for there is, I’m going to suggest, a connection, a hidden agenda, as it were, driving all of this, and it’s a military one. 160 more words


Here's the Company That's the Closest to developing a Zika Vaccine

Here’s the Company That’s the Closest to Developing a Zika Vaccine
by Laura Lorenzetti January 28, 2016, 5:37 PM E

The Zika virus has spread rapidly across the Americas, arriving in Brazil last May and creeping into 22 other countries and territories around the region. 785 more words


Mission-Focused Management and Transit

Followers on Twitter may know that I’m a big Chicago Cubs fan, the type whose heart races at every mention of baseball until the beginning of spring training. 1,261 more words


This Consumer Wearable Is Powering Next-Gen Prosthetics

Johnny Metheny lost his arm to cancer in 2008. He then underwent procedures to reroute nerves in the remainder of his stump and to attach a metal socket directly to his arm bone. 490 more words


DARPA Launches New Program to Connect Brains to Computers with Implantable Chip

Source: Activist Post, by Nicholas West

For additional background to the latest press release from DARPA posted in full below, I encourage you to read the following selection of linked articles where I discuss the scope and chronology of what is being studied. 580 more words