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DARPA moves to innovate cyber intel capability with real-time threat visualization – Fifth Domain | Cyber

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded a contract to five organizations in a bid to develop a real-time threat intelligence capability at a time when the amount of raw digital data continues to increase exponentially. 15 more words

Cyber Warfare

Meet the Chinese finance giant that’s secretly an AI company

The smartphone payments business Ant Financial is using computer vision, natural language processing, and mountains of data to reimagine banking, insurance, and more.

Source: Meet the Chinese finance giant that’s secretly an AI company

Information Security & Protection

Facebook, The CIA, And The Clintons

This article recounts key events along a time line that stretches from 1986 to the present. Follow the bouncing ball.

Since Facebook went public with an IPO (Initial Public Offering) of stock in 2012, I’ve been following the trail of its stock price. 155 more words

DARPA DSO director: Pitch us problems, not solutions

The Defense Sciences Office (DSO) – one of the six program areas – is reaching out to these sectors in an effort to solicit more ideas and develop them on a track that will benefit national security and society writ large. 9 more words


U.S. weighs restricting Chinese investment in artificial intelligence

The United States appears poised to heighten scrutiny of Chinese investment in Silicon Valley to better shield sensitive technologies seen as vital to U.S. national security, current and former U.S. 13 more words


Science Fiction Meets Reality With DARPA Experimental Spaceplane

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will base operations of its new autonomous spacecraft at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The XS-1 is being built as a rapidly reusable vehicle with the capability to launch vertically from a pad then land on a nearby runway on Florida’s space coast. 550 more words


数字化 – 网络化 – 智能化: China’s Quest for an AI Revolution in Warfare

As the U.S. and China compete to innovate in this domain, the relative trajectories of U.S. and Chinese advances in artificial intelligence will impact the future military and strategic balance. 10 more words