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Our TVs and Radios are controlling us!

Jordon Maxwell, renowned researcher, believes….

“Our Universe, The Earth, Our World, is not what you think it is!
Nothing is as it appears
Nothing operates the way you think it does… 9 more words

What's It All About?

David Icke: "They are building a technological prison for humanity"

David speaks on European television on how the process of building an ever-increasing dependancy on technology is part of an overall direction to have humanity part of a AI hive-mind.   12 more words

David Icke

Why DARPA Funded a Farm Tech Startup

When you think of New Mexico, you probably think of the atomic bomb (the first detonation of a nuclear weapon took place in the “Land of Enchantment”) and meth labs (thanks, … 461 more words


How to Build a Virtual Clausewitz

In many ways, military forces using AI on the battlefield is not new at all.  At a simplistic level, the landmine is perhaps a good starting example.   30 more words


The Pentagon Needs Its Own Google For All Its Data, Says Eric Schmidt - Defense One

The Alphabet chairman says a giant data warehouse would give the military Google-like capability. It would also create the richest intelligence target ever conceived.

Source: … 15 more words

Information Security & Protection

#2 Artificial Intelligence vs Humanity | Machine Learning

The original date for this live broadcast was on March 19, 2017. On this episode I explain what machine learning, predictive analytics, deep learning is. I also go into a controversial study conducted by Facebook by controlling its users. 20 more words

Alternative News

Metal Gear Profiles-Donald Anderson/SIGINT

Donald Anderson, or SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) was Naked Snake’s-the later Big Boss’s technical support during Operation Snake Eater-more or less, the “Q” to his “James Bond”. 419 more words