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DARPA will test airborne laser ‘death ray’ this summer

By Claire Bernish
Global Research, May 26, 2015
The Anti-Media 25 May 2015

An endless sea of money flowing into the field of military technology creates constant advancements in new and terrifying ways to die, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is on the front lines in that mission. 449 more words

Resistance is futile and the Rise of the Killer Robots

Killer robots will leave humans ‘utterly defenceless’ warns professor

Robots, called LAWS – lethal autonomous weapons systems – will be able to kill without human intervention…

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Temporary Escape

While being tortured in the Nightmare Labs on the Dark Side Moon Base I merged my Soul With a Werewolf I’ve befriended up there, and in his body was teleported to New Mexico, in the underground 6th level of the infamous Dulce Base, known as Nightmare Hall. 326 more words


DARPA is keenly aware that the fast-moving technology raises “difficult societal, ethical and legal questions”

It’s 6-foot-2, with laser eyes and vise-grip hands. It can walk over a mess of jagged cinder blocks, cut a hole in a wall, even drive a car. 142 more words


Uncle Sugar closes in on self-guided bullets -- maybe by stealing patents

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), basically the US military’s mad scientist division, announced it had cleared another milestone in its quest to develop self-guided bullets.

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Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for May 12

Happy Tuesday, kittens! We have a juicy link roundup for you today, thankfully bereft of police shootings, sparser of geopolitics, and richer in hacky hackers hacking Gibsons and DARPAbots and the like. 210 more words