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Darren Brown: Imperial Wizard [Comedy Sketch]

A Butty Hands video with insight from Joshua Perrett.

Three months is a long time in show business. Anything could happen in such a period. Jeremy Clarkson’s hands could fall off, Scarlet Johansson might become leader of a world-dominating, totalitarian pizza company, or a Simpsons Movie sequel may finally be released (that’ll be the day). 199 more words


Derren Brown: Pushed to the Edge Review

Could you be persuaded to commit murder? Are you fully in control of your own actions? How do you know you aren’t being manipulated into acts you wouldn’t normally do? 472 more words

One man and his dog photography

An indepth interview by our chief correspondent Bailey Bichon-Burscough
  • Name? Darren Brown (but I use the name Daz on my photo Facebook pages)
  • Where are you from?
691 more words
Bailey's Posts

Roundup: Feeney, Williams win NCAA crown

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Former Burlington High School girls soccer standout Madison Feeney is a college national champion.

Feeney and the Williams women’s soccer team captured the NCAA Division III national title on Sunday, posting a 1-0 win over Washington-St. 523 more words


Rainbows And Icicles

Read the entire short story ‘Rainbows And Icicles’ right here! 24,156 more words

Short Story