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The Instant Historian: Five People You Don't Need To Tweet About

The sports media uses Twitter. Twitter tends to become clogged with redundancy. In the interest of clearing the pipes, here are five individuals you don’t need to tweet about. 611 more words


Rovell's Hair Is On Point, Kournikova On A Plane & Starbury Robbery

Cavs-Warriors Game 1

Here’s what I know about the NBA and the Finals: If you are a team that has never won a game in the NBA Finals, and you lose a game you had a legit shot at winning on the road, there’s a good chance you’re not winning the series. 125 more words

Morning Twitpics

Social Media can be Beneficial for Sports Journalists

If you read my last post you know that social media is very addicting, this means a very large number of people use it. For journalists this means that if they use it correctly, there careers will take off. 319 more words

What Was ESPN's Darren Rovell Apologizing For On 'SportsCenter'?

It finally happened. ESPN finally made Darren Rovell apologize for something. This is pretty shocking, as he’s been granted the latitude to be insufferable for a while, and so he must have done something pretty horrible, right? 345 more words


Darren Rovell Offered an On-Air Apology for "A Serious Error in Judgement"

After the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight, ESPN’s Darren Rovell attempted to convey the wide array of wealthy people in attendance. In a television appearance and in a blog post, the sports business reporter included Bobby Freedman in this scene, referring to him as a “loan shark.” 124 more words


PM Roundup: Rob Gronkowski on Tinder, Bias Against the Simms QB's, Michael versus LeBron

The P.M. Roundup is back and asks that you right swipe on every possible link.

Gronk Loves Them Tinder

Can’t Wait Til Grayson Manning Whines About This in Twenty-Five Years… 244 more words


Rovell Fired Up Over Hot Dog Champion Shirt On ESPN Tour

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OK, so I should’ve been recording Rovell’s Periscope when he had Hannah Storm held hostage in a hallway. I’m sorry. I made it up by recording the excitement in his voice when he saw the Hot Dog Eating Championship shirt in the ESPN employee store. 36 more words