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1) Greeny is waxing nostalgic about how the “old school” players, specifically in the NBA, used to play harder, with more hatred toward one another, than is now the case. 527 more words

My Piece Of Rovell Finally Arrived In The Mail

There it is!

It finally arrived in the mail…my very own piece of Rovell. You know how many trading cards I’ve bought on eBay over the years? 174 more words

Sports Media

Kate Upton Fake Smoking, Toothless Buckeyes Fan & Steelers Fan Robs Dollar Store

Football is back! Football is back! Football is back!

How do I know football is back? Jerry Jones is wobbling around Oxnard with a new hip, Coach Cal was at Steelers camp, DJs are playing music, Tebow is in pads and The Buckeye Guy is getting his cowboy hat shaped for the run to a back-to-back campaign in Columbus. 123 more words

Morning Twitpics

I Just Spent $5.75 On A Darren Rovell Baseball Card That Includes A Piece Of His Pink Shirt

I don’t usually buy baseball cards on Twitter, but when I do, it’s usually a Darren Rovell 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter relic card. The 2015 set was released last week and the cards are flooding the market so I figured now was the time to get in before these things skyrocket in value. 190 more words

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Here's The Terrible Tom Brady 'Joke' That People Won't Stop Tweeting About

One of Twitter’s favorite/worst jokes pops up any time a notable person in sports is suspended or arrested. People either swap the first letters in the celebrity’s first and last names, or come up with two names similar to theirs. 349 more words


Milwaukee Arena Deal

Yesterday, as expected, the Wisconsin state Senate – that bastion of fiscal conservatism – approved $250 million in public financing for a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. 379 more words