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Flora & Fawna’s Field Trip! Earns All The Badges

Given that I participated in Flora & Fawna’s Field Trip!, I figured I break away from the usual third-person to write about this hilarious, although very emotional comedy playing now at Lunchbox Theatre until the 21st. 531 more words


Digging into identity with Klondykes

Living in Canada, you can’t help but hear about the Klondike Gold Rush in general terms: 100,000 people making their way to one of the harshest areas of North America in pursuit of riches. 1,120 more words

Edmonton Theatre

Guys in Disguise go bravely off the map with Klondykes

The title is pure Guys in Disguise. And Klondykes’s wry, worldly narrator (Amanda Neufeld) bills it at the outset in a way that would seem to fit company identity like a pastie on a boob. 777 more words

Local Arts

Ep 95: Glabulous


Guests: Darrin Hagen & Trevor Schmidt
With: #theatremari
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Contains some coarse language

Guys in Disguise talk Gals in Disguise! In today’s ep Taylor chats up Edmonton’s legendary drag duo Darrin Hagen & Trevor Schmidt about their newest musical Klondykes, running at The Roxy on Gateway February 4 – 21. 56 more words

What It Is

Klondykes a tale of transformation and freedom during the gold rush

Sometimes you have to venture into the unknown to find yourself. While the saying is a cliché, it’s certainly something that happened a lot during the… 1,165 more words

What's On?

Flora and Fawna's Field Trip: Edmonton's Darrin Hagen and Trevor Schmidt go camping

“We have new dresses!” says Darrin Hagen. “Same style, better fabric!” says Trevor Schmidt. This makes them happy. Nearly as happy as the stage manager’s gift of an entire set of fuzzy stickers with owls on them. 1,062 more words

Local Arts

The New Kings and Queens

This week: How do we deal with pioneers when their successors find their outlook passé?

Edmonton’s had fabulous drag kings and queens over the years. But as the cultural conversation around gender and queer rights has changed, so has drag. 47 more words