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Witch Hunt at the Strand: a shameful chapter in Edmonton history

In one of the darkest years of a dark century of mass persecutions and galloping devastation, when the fate of Europe and myriad lives around the world were at stake, what was happening in a mid-sized city in the Canadian hinterland? 866 more words

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Witch Hunt at the Strand delves into a dark period in Edmonton's history

When you think of 1942, I’m sure thoughts of World War II fill your brain.

However, in Edmonton, there was a battle of a smaller scale happening in 1942: an attack on homosexual men, many of whom were in the theatre community and worked at… 1,174 more words

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No place like home: Tornado Magnet's Dotty at Theatre Network

How do you know if you’re “trailer trash?”

Mrs. Dotty Parsons, cultural anthropologist and activist, briskly lists a number of time-honoured indicators at the start of… 726 more words

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Tornado Magnet a loving look at a trailer court community

I needed to see Tornado Magnet after the American election this past week. I know that it was an American election, and that we live in Canada, but it doesn’t change the fact that I needed to see that we can fill 75% of the seats at The Roxy on Gateway on a preview night with people who want to be immersed in the beautiful world that is the Wild Rose Trailer Court as brought to life by Darrin Hagen as Dotty Parsons. 826 more words

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Break out the Tupperware: Dotty is back in Tornado Magnet at Theatre Network

There’s been an outbreak of Tupperware at Theatre Network. It’s everywhere: lazy susans, salad spinners, relish trays, sandwich boxes, cake-holders, mustard-squirters, pitchers. Who knew there was a Tupperware hotdog holder? 1,090 more words

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Tornado Magnet a story of family and community

“There’s that phrase in writing: the specific point to the universal. This is the play where I learned that the more specific I get, the more universally people take it… Everybody who sees the show and comes up to me after says, ‘I didn’t live in a trailer court, but I know these people.

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