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Lloyd's of London (1936)

A buddy of mine works in the insurance biz in London and spends a good part of each day at Lloyd’s. So naturally when I came across this movie I had to write about it! 5,864 more words


Wilson According to Hollywood

It was 1944 and President Wilson’s idea for a League of Nations with American participation was being considered in a more sympathetic light than had been seen in 1919. 356 more words

The Sunday Intertitle: The Black Hole

Today’s intertitle ought really to say “Attempting to recover installation,” since I made the mistake of trying to get Windows 10 on my laptop and now I have a black screen with that frustrating sentence superimposed at bottom, possibly forever. 212 more words


Pre-Code morals: Barbara Stanwyck's 'bad' girls

There’s a moment in almost every one of Barbara Stanwyck’s pre-Code films when the actresses’ energy and fire breaks through into her character, creating a moment of pure emotion and intensity. 1,393 more words

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