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"I bring order to a wayward galaxy..." @TarkinSWAG77 - Podcast


The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has an in depth discussion about Star Wars Rebels the show, the characters and their interactions in the Star Wars saga. 14 more words

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A wee bit of fairy dust #2: Jedi Academy Lost and Found

So Little E wasn’t the only one who had the opportunity to have a very personal magical experience at DisneyWorld – J had his moment when we were at the… 647 more words


'Maul: Lockdown' Paperback Release

Maul: Lockdown by Joe Schreiber is out today in mass market paperback.

Set before the events of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, this new novel is a thrilling follow-up to…

178 more words
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Human Sacrifice, Dogs And Cats Living Together...Mass Hysteria! No, Wait, Disney Has Ignored Lucas Ideas!

Love Jar Jar?  How about Midi-chlorians?  No?  Young Anakin?  Wooden acting?  Forced (see what I did there?) love stories?  No lens flares?  Well my friend, Star Wars: The Force Awakens might just be the film for you! 95 more words


Lists: Rating the Star Wars Movie Sith

This list isn’t about skill or power, nor is it about importance to the overall Star Wars plot. This is the list of which dark side wielders are the most badass in the Star Wars movies and Clone Wars television show. 53 more words


Star Wars Episode 7 Has Gone To The 'Badass' Side w/ This Casting

J.J, Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens is already set up to be pretty amazing, but this new casting announcement has added a special dose of awesomeness to the film. 498 more words