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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 4, Episodes 21-22 - "Darth Maul's Return Arc" - Why Did They Bring Maul Back?

   Generally in fiction it is a bad idea to bring back someone who has already died. Shaak Ti in “Star Wars” died multiple times before she finally had her worst death in “The Force Unleashed” where she was killed by one of the biggest blandest Mary Stus to come out of this Universe. 641 more words

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Ewan McGregor Might Bring Kenobi's Beard Back For New 'Star Wars' Anthology Films

More exciting news from the Star Wars universe: Ewan McGregor, famed for playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in the love them/hate them prequels, could be coming back to reprise his role in a film set between episodes III and IV. 220 more words


We Didn't get Enough of these Star Wars Characters

The best part of Star Wars is the steady stream of interesting, cool characters.  Darth Vader is perhaps the greatest movie villain of all time.  But there are a few characters that were just too cool and we got too little of them in the films or animated series.   1,147 more words

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Disney Infinity 3.0, Get A Closer Look At The "Twilight Of The Republic" Playset

We’ve just received new information regarding the Twilight of the Republic playset for the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0. 185 more words


In a comic shop far, far away...

As hype builds for J.J Abrahms attempt at ‘not ruining’ the sacred canon of star wars, I can’t help but feel left out. The recent trailers and announcements at star wars celebration seem to have given fans *ahem* a new hope that these future sequels will capture the space-opera spirit of the original trilogy. 386 more words

Janky Toys Offers Up Some "Severed Limbs" From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Janky Toys is based in Los Angeles, California and they deal in “bootleg toys, lowbrow art, and other kitsch creations of dubious quality.”

They have just announced preorders for a new series they are calling, “ 200 more words