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Star Wars: After The Jedi

Star Wars is once again a major force in pop culture, perhaps even surpassing the impact it had during the reign of the original trilogy from 1977-1983. 3,056 more words

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New Releases: 'Star Wars #38', 'The Force Awakens TPB' & 'Son of Dathomir TPB'

Marvel has three new Star Wars releases including the re-release of the previous out of print Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, the only canon comic put out by Dark Horse Comics before they lost the license to Marvel. 377 more words

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Every Lightsaber Duel From Star Wars: Clone Wars and Rebels!!!

So how bored are you at work this fine Monday?  A YouTube user by the name of James has put together a 90-minute mash-up of all the lightsaber duels from the six seasons of… 129 more words


This Week’s Comics & Merchandise November 8th 2017!



ACTION COMICS #991 OZ EFFECT CONCLUSION – Superman, Lois, and Jon must confront the greatest challenge of all in the form of Mister Oz! 2,214 more words

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Launch Trailer gets us all excited

Battlefront 2 is set to take us to the most extremes of the Star Wars universe, from battling the forces of the first order on desert planet Jakku to crushing rebel scum upon the freezing wastelands of Hoth. 190 more words

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Darth Maul vs Jedi - A Star Wars Fan-Film

Darth Maul in Action in this amazing fan film  from Shawn Bu


The Ten Coolest Weapons in Star Wars

From lightsabers to crossbows to sniper rifles and handheld blasters Star Wars has a vast array of different weapons throughout the films. So I’m here to write about my ten favorite weapons in Star Wars and I hope you enjoy. 893 more words