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Disney Infinity 3.0, Get A Closer Look At The "Twilight Of The Republic" Playset

We’ve just received new information regarding the Twilight of the Republic playset for the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0.

Set during the latter years of the Clone Wars, this intergalactic adventure will allow you to explore the open worlds of Tatooine and Coruscant, battle droids in Geonosis, and partake in an epic boss battle in Naboo. 148 more words


Janky Toys Offers Up Some "Severed Limbs" From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Janky Toys is based in Los Angeles, California and they deal in “bootleg toys, lowbrow art, and other kitsch creations of dubious quality.”

They have just announced preorders for a new series they are calling, “ 200 more words


Science of Star Wars: Light Sabers

The light saber is the iconic object of the Star Wars Universe.  We could argue that Star Wars wouldn’t be what it is without it.  It is a fantastic piece of true science fiction that helps both ground the Jedi/Sith characters in historical lore, yet give them a way to push the boundaries of what a typical “sword” can do. 134 more words

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4th Annual Star Wars Art Festival

This year was the 4th annual Star Wars Art Festival.   Really? This is the 4th time the show was happening before I heard about it.  I really need to get out more.   194 more words


Getting lost in Florence

Everyone woke up at 11 pm (so 4 hours of sleep), but fortunately everyone quickly fell back asleep, although Susan had to go sleep with the boys (this was the first time that the boys ever slept in the same bed, so we’ll see how that works over the weeks to come). 1,302 more words


Book Review: William Shakespeare's The Phantom of Menace, by Ian Doescher

By the time this book was over, I felt almost exactly the same as when I saw The Phantom Menace.  There were parts that I liked, things that were good fun, but those were overshadowed by a lot of missed opportunity.  547 more words


"Welcome Home" by Nigel Sade

I discovered this image by Nigel Sade yesterday afternoon called “Welcome Home” and it’s clearly an homage to the new Episode VII trailer. I’ll admit that it’s an unusual depiction of our favourite ship. 201 more words

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