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A Guide To The Sugar Content Of Our Horses Favourite Treats.

In kin with my previous post and as an acutely aware owner of two wonderful, extremely ‘good-doer’ horses and a pony that virtually need not eat at all, I resolved myself to undertake some research into the sugar content of my horses favourite treats, my findings are as follows:

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Swincombe—saved for the second time

30 July 1975: At last, at five o’clock, the phone rang and I grabbed it immediately.  And as I heard Sylvia Sayer’s voice my heart leapt, for I knew that Swincombe was saved.   876 more words


tehnumpty.com is all mine

So had this WordPress account for a while now, and started playing/messing around with it in January.. Ok so now it’s end of July, and I’ve decided I’d register the name.. 33 more words


Notes from Dartmoor. ii

The foremost treasure for me has to be Dartmoor’s wildness, this having become a rarity in this country and Europe as a whole, the march of civilisation has left but a few pockets to be encountered and savoured. 488 more words


Bovine therapy

* Stands up*

” Hi, my name’s Emma and I’m scared of cows”.

There, I’ve said it; I’m ‘cow concerned’ , ‘cow anxious’ and highly ‘cow aware’. 819 more words

Restless Dreams

Part of a “surreal landscape” experimental project, looking at the uneasiness of nature.