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All the Moor Butterflies on Common Wood

Common Wood: part 11

On 20 February the Dartmoor Preservation Association’s conservation volunteers returned to my land at Common Wood, near Horndon on Dartmoor.  This was their eighth workday here, and there were 15 of us, more than usual.   439 more words

A snowy day on the Moors | Dartmoor National Park

Recently, I have been working in Plymouth, the city where I lived up until last summer, I love it here, so when I was offered a bit of temporary work, at a time when my freelance video work was a bit slow, I jumped at the chance to move back for a few weeks, stay with S (who still lives here) and spend my evenings by the sea and weekends on the moors. 643 more words

Where Did You Swim Today?

It surprises me that time and again I see comments on swimming forums along the lines of: “we went for our swim but the tide was out”, “the river was in flood” and of course “we went looking for this swimming place but couldn’t find it.”  Some of these are merely an inconvenience, but on other occasions having made the effort to reach a place it may become a case of ‘swim and be damned’ even if conditions are dubious and swimming best avoided. 2,277 more words

Open Sky Swimming

Revisting Parke as spring emerges

It must be well over a year since I was last at Parke – I used to work there as the National Trust’s General Manager for Dartmoor. 188 more words


Changing the Guard

“Going to run over” … “getting gear on now xx” the text messages read.

The Photographer and the Assistant carried on reading their Sunday papers. This was last Sunday as spring began to show her ever beautiful colours. 1,712 more words


A Dartmoor Day

It was one of those days when an awful lot happened.

On that day, for example, Sarah and I saved about five or six foxhounds from drowning. 1,571 more words



I spent an hour on the moor while it was sunny this morning and almost stumbled on this beautiful lizard.

Other signs of spring are plenty of celandines, new leaves of pignut and bluebells coming up in Leigh Lane.

lesser celandine

pignut leaves