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Big Greenwashing

Dartmouth College has announced a new, lavishly-funded institute to study energy issues. Or, as the PR bumpf puts it, the institute’s purpose is “ato advance the understanding and knowledge of a resource that powers modern life and is directly related to society’s standard of living and success.” 528 more words


Primary Sources and Black Swans

   After working almost five years in real estate at Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty, IAI can attest that this is NOT representative of the housing stock in the… 739 more words

Business Innovation

When The Abuser Believes He Has Power Over You: You Tell the World About Him!

Per Furmark has done nothing but threaten us, abuse us, lie and manipulate, let alone steal from us. He is nothing more than a disaster that has already happened, and nothing less than a title wave on its way towards you during a tsunami. 804 more words

When Per Furmark Is Not Working - He Spends "Premeditated" Time: Destroying Other People. Here Is Past Proof: His Communications With Others Trying To Accomplish His Schemes

Let me preface this by saying: There is just Sooo much information from the time this disturbed person Per Furmark, ‘paid for’ and ‘got’ his “order” to “Shut me up” from contacting him pertaining to the money he… 2,100 more words

How Per Furmark Works Behind Closed Doors.

Ok..so this is how Criminal, Manipulator, Elder Abuser Per Furmark works. First of all, when my father was alive, Per was so disgruntled, troubled, that he actually sent a Fax to my Dad “divorcing” himself from the ‘family’. 1,032 more words

Per Furmark