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A frequently encountered pedestrian definition of a philosopher would be- “someone who worries about life”. Now, that is not only inadequate but also inaccurate. 1,833 more words


Gail Riekie—Of its time and for all times: Darwin’s “The Voyage of the Beagle”

“I believe we are all glad to leave New Zealand. It is not a pleasant place. Amongst the natives there is absent that charming simplicity which is found in Tahiti; and the greater part of the English are the very refuse of society.

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In The Classroom

I Have A Cold

Most of the time, I’m not really a person that gets sick.

If I do catch something, you  can guarantee that it came from my partner after it got spread around the whole army base, or I have really been pushing myself and my body has finally had enough. 203 more words

Some light afternoon reading at Barnes and Noble

Reading today about veganism, Thoreau and science. Lovely.


Taste Festival 

I was very lucky to see a poster for the Taste Festival in Darwin when I was exiting the airport terminal yesterday. So today I’ve been there. 155 more words


Breaking The Silence

History proves that even in instances of extreme suppression of freedom of speech, bold individuals have spoken up until an equilibrium was reached again. Scientists have been silenced before, but the willingness to fight for presenting what we call truth has never ceased to emerge. 36 more words



Arrived Darwin today and boy has the temperature changed from Byron Bay, to Cairns, to Darwin. It’s hot hot hot here.

Only reason I really flew here was that there are no real international flights from Cairns so I had two choices: either fly back to Brisbane or to Darwin. 150 more words