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Day 3-4: Owls in Oxford/Serendipity

While in London, I met Felix, a grad student studying there, and mentioned my plans to visit Oxford. He’d never been and was free that day, so we decided on a whim that he’d come along. 759 more words


Population benefits of sexual selection confirm that males are useful

Biologists have long puzzled about how evolutionary selection, known for its ruthless requirement for efficiency, allows the existence of males — when in so many species their only contribution to reproduction are spermatozoa.

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Brunch with a view at The Darwin Brasserie

Brunch, Glorious Brunch. This heavenly blend of breakfast and dinner is without a doubt my favourite meal of the day! I mean when else can you eat eggs, bacon, pancakes, donuts, yoghurt, fruit and toast all in one sitting without being judged!? 442 more words

Tastebud Tales

Hard days and Customers only (Cycling Australia's Northern Territory)

The size of Australia is quite shocking. Even the distances between supermarkets, gas stations and rest areas can be hundreds of kilometers. I am greeted each evening with the sight of kangaroos and owls along the roadside and awaken each morning by wandering hawks. 372 more words

Dying as Reverse-Living

Give what you want to receive
Deepak Chopra

I have a gift suggestion.
A gift for EarthTribe.

Let’s rebirth this “permaculture” paradigm,
anchored with Climax Naturally Organic Communities. 147 more words

Buddha is Darwin? Evolution and Dependent Origination

Buddha’s theory is Darwin’s. I had an aha moment yesterday: Buddha’s theory of suffering and its cessation can function as a trope–a metaphor–for evolution. Buddha’s insight tracks Charles Darwin’s. 3,411 more words

Passionately Curious: What the Hell Is... Evolution?

What do you mean, “not that kind of evolution”?

I am a scientist, and a fairly broadly educated one at that, and so I can have a tendency to forget that a… 1,168 more words

Passionately Curious