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Blind Leading the Blind

A year ago today a blind man escorted me across town. Across two bus interchanges, and onto two buses. At a busy shopping centre he navigated the walk to bus Bay 10, pointing out the landscaping as we walked past (do I tell him the plants are neglected?), which obstacles to watch for, what the presence of a crowd might mean. 321 more words

Brain Injury


In just over two years I will be 81.  That may in fact be the sum total of my future.  Even if I live another twenty years and chalk up a century, the End is Near and after that there ain’t no more. 685 more words


What is it?

A restaurant in the Sky Garden at the top of the Walkie Talkie 166 more words

London Blog

LaRouchePAC New Paradigm Q&A: Logic, God, and Darwin

Should we blame logic for its misuse? Do we blame guns for shooting people? How should we think about Creation? Have we been negligent in not praising Darwin as we have Vernadsky? 28 more words

Human Progress