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Mental Health Mondays: It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Before I jump into this article, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about the title. I started this blog to explore my life as an Australian army wife, and for me that meant exploring all aspects of my life. 716 more words

Loving our children

We can make life more fun and stress free for our children through eliminating competiveness between them, which will eliminate teasing, and bullying and that false sense of superiority and inferiority competition creates.   11 more words

Sunsets & Scenery #1

‘Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully’    Kristen Butler

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What Ever Happened to Autumn?

Autumn is my favourite season. Always has been, always will be. Because of how much I love flowers and sunshine and baby animals and warm fresh air, people usually assume that Spring is where my heart lies, but as much as I have tried to change things, I get really bad hay fever and violently sneezing everyday is not my idea of a good time. 408 more words

Mythologie des Alltags: Charles Darwin

Vor urlanger Zeit schrieb ich dieses Gedicht. Es hiess damals “Kreator Kreatur”. Jetzt lese ich, dass nur in zwei Staaten der Welt die Evolutionslehre aus dem Lehrplan der Schulen genommen wurde: Saudi Arabien und der Türkei. 314 more words


Chemistry Tutor Darwin- A Little Professional Help for Your Child

Is your child scared of studying of late? Are you noticing a fall in grades in some subjects? Please do not judge your young one with grades. 489 more words


A Simple Friday Update

The past few weeks of my life have really been sucking. I don’t want to get into it right now and bum you all out on a Friday afternoon, so instead I’m going to give you a quick pre-weekend update about what I’ve been up to lately. 352 more words