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Paradise Found: Voyage in the Galapagos

Darwin once said “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life”.

When I arrived on South Seymour Island, I was filled with excitement. 785 more words



The past few months has been on fast forward. Every day whirls past and each day joins into the next one, exhaustion makes the days appear blurred in an abyss of time.  338 more words


from a place called home...

​Travelling is a weird thing.

You leave a place that you refer to as home. A place you feel safe in, a place you like, a place you know. 483 more words


Day 420. 37km. Darwin – McMinns Lagoon

Clement and I followed the Stuart Highway to my school-friend Bec’s house 30km out of Darwin. We experienced a string of firsts on this, the next very different leg of the adventure. 156 more words


Evolution and Transhumanism

In terms of the theory of evolution, does technology have the possibility of theoretically evolving human beings?

Let’s face it – technology is integrated into our lives now than ever before. 603 more words


Racial Unity

Racial Unity: Black Lives Matter All Lives Matter

With all the hatred and violence thru ought the world caused by terrorism and in the United States by police officers murdering or causing to transform black men women and children and recently of black men murdering or causing to transform a number of   police officers in Dallas Texas and Baton Rouge Louisiana. 898 more words


On this day: Trial of the century

Ninety years ago on July 21, 1925, the verdict was reached in the “Monkey Trial.”

Leaders of Dayton located in Tennessee thought that a scandalous case could put the small town in the limelight so they persuaded the 24-year-old local biology teacher John T. 102 more words