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Darwin & The Legacy Ladies

Amazing sunsets, jumping crocodiles, balmy weather, and the Legacy Ladies made my visit to Darwin, in Australia’s top end, an experience of a lifetime!  1,601 more words


Darwin's Annual Show

We arrived in the capital of the top end at the right time as Darwin’s annual show was being held on the weekend. It had been many a long year that either Adrian or myself had been to a show. 266 more words

Racist pseudo-science strikes again

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” A century ago, pseudo-“scientists” were having a grave robbing frenzy as they stole the bodies of countless of Australian Aborigines to “study”. 653 more words

Barramundi Fishing Park, Darwin

We were looking forward to seeing Darwin. Several years ago friend took a trip around Australia but only got to Darwin, loved it so much they purchased 2 properties.   825 more words

Hard work pays off

I guess at the moment WP is my best mate, given that I don’t really talk with anyone, or I guess those people who are around me wouldn’t understand. 430 more words

Rivoluzione di Darwin; una profonda ferita narcisista inflitta all'uomo nella storia contemporanea. (Ing. & Fr)

« What is the true impact of the Darwinian revolution, of this deep ‘narcissistic wound’ inflicted on humans in contemporary history? Social Darwinism is generally defined as the extension to human societies of the Darwinian laws of evolution, the ‘struggle for existence’ advantageous to the most ‘capable’, interpreted as the best or the strongest, being thus forecast to legitimise an elitist, conservative order within a social hierarchy. 3,219 more words


Homo Sapien Sapien Meditation

If ones inner awareness is quick enough one can observe in their subconscious when they’re making use of a skape goat or stress release object.