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Why you should visit Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park has some majestic cascades, swimming holes and waterfalls.  For me it was waterfall heaven. It also has a sandstone plateau called the Tabletop Range, monsoon rain-forests, intriguing magnetic termite mounds and historical sites. 186 more words


10 things to do in Darwin

During winter many tourists and locals alike travel up to Darwin to escape the cold. On average their dry season gets up to 30 degrees a day. 673 more words


5 reasons you should visit Darwin during Darwin Festival

For those who have never visited Darwin, the thought of travelling up their might not sound ideal. It is however, ideal if it’s winter. The dry season in Darwin is enough to get the crowd rolling in to escape the cold. 283 more words


A Journey of Rediscovery

It began as a delayed mutual promise: to travel around much of Australia by rail. Often we had put the journey off, due to commitments, time pressures and responsibilities. 840 more words


Police in Australia looking for men who released crocodiles inside high school

Police in Australia’s Northern Territory say they are searching for four young people who let loose three saltwater crocodiles in a school administration office early Sunday morning. 113 more words


Wonders of The Top End

Imagine a giggly girl, hopping on the spot, clapping her hands in glee with a big shiny smile on her face.  Think cheerleader.  There’s no way I’d be caught dead doing that, but it does reflect how I felt coming back to the Top End.  3,848 more words