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when does chemistry become more than the sum of its parts?”

This evening I’ve read, in rather close succession, two very interesting lines. 343 more words

Choices We Make

Theistic Evolution and Finding Your Identity in Christ

I am a theistic evolutionist. I believe humans came about through natural processes, and that we share common ancestors with other primates. Life has existed on this planet for billions of years, and the diversity of species arose from natural selection and random genetic mutation. 934 more words


Il Lido barpizza

With a cosy setting overlooking the Darwin Waterfront.  My daughter and I went here for lunch while I was in Darwin.  As I am Coeliac  it makes it hard to find places to eat at. 105 more words

Gluten Free

Evolution's Angel

And while Darwin was in their fevered darkness
He held her
I know what he said about survival of the fittest but he held her just the same… 79 more words


Our PlayDates

The other day I texted one of my oldest and dearest friends, “Happy Grave to us all!” I meant, of course, “Happy Gravy.” Usually quick to respond, her fingers– I could only assume– had gone limp leaving the sound of cyber crickets. 283 more words

Evolution is Wrong (or Wronger)?

President-elect Donald Trump said he will be the “greatest jobs producer that God ever created” in a recent press conference (1-11-17).  Does the Donald Deny Darwin? 101 more words


Taking to the Road

You have to pick when you visit Australia because it is so vast. Native Australians often travel around the country on holidays. Here is the first of Carol’s 33 posts on her trip circumnavigating Australia. 135 more words