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The Reactive Mode and Darwinian Evolution, Part 1

How does this relate to the conceptual approach in biology of theoretically extrapolating microevolution into macroevolution?

A casual, unsophisticated observer on a housing construction site might reasonably misinterpret the field supervisor verbally discussing issues, giving directions, and waving their arms for workers on the jobsite to go here or there and to do this or that, in-the-moment in the reactive mode, incorrectly assuming this visual representation to be the main creative source of the information that designs and builds the house.  524 more words


Day 247 (Australia - Darwin)

I just had a nice skype chat with my friend Meghan, but the rest of my day was fairly ordinary. I have felt a bit ‘out of it’ all day, owing to too much alcohol, too little water and too little sleep the night before. 104 more words


Sunday 12 February 2017: Visit to Darwin Lecture in Shrewsbury

On Sunday 12 February 2017, we have reserved 25 seats at £12 each for the Darwin Memorial Lecture at the Walker Theatre in the Theatre Severn… 176 more words

the watchers

Evolve into your niche
Or die
Its all the same to those who watch

But dying just bores them
They don’t love it
They just love the fight


The Reactive Mode

In housing construction, field supervisors can take a reactive or a proactive approach to answering questions, problem-solving, and issues resolution.  The reactive approach responds after-the-fact to issues one at a time, in-the-moment, as they arise.  771 more words


Day 246 (Australia - Darwin)

It’s 4am and I just got home after a fun night out that had a slightly awkward ending when I made a hasty exit and found my way back to C2 Apartments. 118 more words