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charles and friedrich

charles discovered from where we came

friedrich discovered where some will go

their relationship is uncanny

the stark realization that his work was never intended for even the greatest humans, 10 more words


Homo sapien sapien stance on abortion law in Iowa

Homo sapien sapien stance on abortion law in Iowa

The fetal heart beat law doesn’t go far enough to protect life. Life begins at conception yet death with dignity should be legal. 318 more words

If Evolution is True, Why Are Human Babies So Helpless?

For the longest time, as an Atheist and then a Christian, I wondered why Humans were so helpless at birth and for so much longer than every other mammal on Earth. 641 more words

How To Respond

Flag Tulip

The tulips only lasted one week this year. Much too warm and dry for them. It has been so hot and nice up here in the north. 61 more words


Stress, Disease and Health: A Historical Perspective.

Let’s begin with a simple question: What is health?

Miriam-Webster defines heath as, ” the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially: 1,588 more words


Croc-free swimming

Today I headed out on a small(ish) group tour to Litchfield National Park. The tour was recommended by a friend and seemed like a nice way to see a little bit of the surrounding area. 534 more words


The Inversion Of The World - When Evil Dictates

When you consider Civilization and all its impacts (society, culture, interdependence, communication, growth, maturity, sophistication, survival, etc.), what are the “rules” that any civilization lives by?  297 more words