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Cage of Death

Yes, you heard it right. It’s the cage of death – the only crocodile dive in Australia. Crocosaurus Cove is a reptile park in Darwin and is an exhibit for reptiles, turtles and crocodiles. 1,365 more words


Humboldt's Vision of Nature

Our imagination may seem to create visions out of nowhere, but it always has its sources. Some are in the psyche, some are in the world around us, many are in history, seemingly out of sight but alive in our culture. 941 more words


On Moralizing God

Chistopher Hitchens has an infamous response to the Christian apologetic of morals derived from God. He claims firstly thatĀ vicarious atonement is evil and that circumcision is bodily mutilation. 1,693 more words



Evolution has brought about a spectacular abundance of plant and animal life that we are trying our very best to eradicate, perhaps so we can have the planet all to ourselves. 1,043 more words


New Reader Theory on Darwin (and How it Fits with Cherik)

Anais just sent me this scene breakdown from First Class.

I…cannot believe I never saw this, good LORD. Especially since the scene with Darwin in the cab is one of my favorites in FC (I theorize that it’sĀ  761 more words


Mark D. Linville: does Darwinian evolution make morality rational?

Have you ever heard an atheist tell you that naturalistic evolution is an answer to the moral argument? I have. And I found a good reply to this challenge in the book “ 1,202 more words