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Ink Time!

Now that Foster is fully grown, I think it’s time to add his pawprint. We always wait until they’re adults so that the ink on our body matches their own body. 41 more words

Deaf Dogs Rock

Darwin: Portrait of a Genius--Paul Johnson

The first genius of this book is that it is 150 pages long, the perfect length for a short read today (if you are a reader) or a do-able read today (if you are not a reader).   956 more words

Travel Log 8th -14th March

Day 22 – We headed out to Katherine Gorge in the morning for a cruise through the gorge, when we arrived we embarked on the first boat to take us up the initial part of the gorge, the first part the cliff faces were more broken up with lots of plant life growing along the whole cliffs. 1,889 more words

Evolutionary Game Theory, Coevolution and Red Queen Syndrome.

Evolutionary game theory (EGT) is the application of game theory to evolving populations of life forms in biology. It is especially useful for understanding the phenomenon of coevolution. 394 more words


Dear readers, it feels like a while since the last post in what has been quite a good period of regularity. I apologise for the minor absence. 406 more words

Roadtrip 2015

Mark Catesby: the Curious and Ingenious Naturalist

Diana: Editors E. Charles Nelson and David J. Elliott have compiled a book about a man I’d never heard of: Mark Catesby. One of the earliest naturalists, as well as an author and illustrator, Catesby studied the fauna and flora of North America over a seven-year period. 704 more words

Diana Belchase