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Tumor Progression

Tumor Progression

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator


GEN News Highlights Nov 10, 2015   Darwinian Selection Does Not Influence Tumor Progression


New answers may have just emerged in a long-standing debate in the field of oncology and molecular evolution. 1,096 more words

CANCER BIOLOGY & Innovations In Cancer Therapy

'Sacred' the Film

Recently I had the pleasure to meet and talk with a very passionate young Christian lady, Georgia, who has written a story called “Sacred… 393 more words

John Hartnett

John C. Sanford's genetic entropy hypothesis

JoeCoder sent me a recent peer-reviewed paper by John C. Sanford, so I’ve been trying to find something written by him at a layman’s level so I could understand what he is talking about. 1,116 more words


Evolution: Probability vs. Efficiency, Revisited

In an exchange of comments with Phil Rimmer on the website, StrangeNotions.com, I attempted to explain the distinction between probability and efficiency. The topic deserves this fuller exposition. 1,887 more words


Somebody Grab an Axe!

If the trees and shrubs scattered around the Gallagher compound could respond like regular folks, they’d run away and hide when they see my wife coming. 1,086 more words


The Self-Contradiction of Evolution

This morning I have been reading the latest issue of National Geographic (July 2015).  In one of the small half-page features that NG has near the beginning of the magazine there is found the tale of the quagga mussel.  826 more words

Trogo: Something To Chew On

The Origin of Specious Arguments

“Ad Ignorantiam,” or the appeal to ignorance, is a logical fallacy, where the burden of proof is placed on the wrong side.

It plays out like this – a claim is presented to A, and the burden of proof actually rests on side B. 779 more words