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More Problems with Evolution Explained By David Berlinski

David Berlinski is an American philosopher, educator, and author. Berlinski is a senior fellow of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture.

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Looks and dating

There appears to be a consensus that dating in Toronto is unfavourable; men and women feel the same way. The most common complaint is that everyone is shallow: people only care about looks. 262 more words


More Human than Human

One would be hard pressed to launch an argument against Intelligent Design without including the bankrupt worldview of Darwinian evolution.  Essentially, we can determine that God made everything, or more or less, the natural world is self-made.  451 more words


Understanding the Age of our World through the Birth of Christ in the Gospels

Arguments for receiving the literal aspect of Genesis 1-3 are not limited to Genesis alone.  There are many passages that delve into such history and identify something from Genesis 1-3 as literal and true, citing Adam and Eve, the days of creation, etc.   35 more words


The Goal of this Ministry

Catholic Creation Ministry is new and here to serve the church by defending the Doctrine of our Origins against all heretical opposition especially Darwinian Evolution.  As a new ministry it will take some time to establish ourselves.   19 more words