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Tough But Sensitive: Croc Skin Is Dotted With Sensory Micro-Organs.

You could be forgiven for thinking that crocodiles aren’t sensitive. With that thick keratinous skin it’s difficult to imagine they could feel much, but as it turns out, they can feel a great deal more than we realised. 493 more words

Premature Evacuation: Skinks Hatch Early to Escape Predators

If you handle the egg of a delicate skink, you’ll quickly end up with a sticky mess on your hands (That’s the last double entendre I’m using today I swear). 1,027 more words

Evolution in The Fast Lane: Birds Evolve To Avoid Traffic

Evolutionary pressures shape the organisms on which they act over time. Predators, disease, climate and a host of other stresses are thrown at species in an endless barrage against which there is only one defense: adaptation. 654 more words

Genetic Piracy: Stealing Adaptations to Survive and Thrive

Picasso reportedly once said “Good artists borrow, great artists steal”, and, as one look at Apple Inc’s profits will tell you, he wasn’t far wrong. Believe it or not, this philosophy can also apply to evolution. 509 more words

Animal Pharm: Drugs in Wastewater May Be Affecting Fish

Science published a report this week, detailing the impacts of human anti-anxiety drugs on fish. Why would anyone deliberately give a psychiatric drug to a fish, you may ask? 914 more words

Happy Darwin Day!

Today’s pint-sized post serves as a Happy 204th Birthday card for our patron saint. It’s that most wonderful time of the year, when we decorate the… 140 more words

Pigeons Prove a Point - DNA Evidence Supports Darwin's Theory

If you’ve read “On the Origin of Species”, you’ll know that Darwin had a thing for pigeons. The astonishing variety of breeds provided a perfect model organism for him to present his ideas on variation. 757 more words