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Unplanned Blogging Hiatus

Hello fair readers!! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I have neglected this blog due to an unforeseen addiction that has, for the time being, been stalled out. 1,182 more words


You would think that as a model, he would be used to the makeup brush.

Skatz: Norman doesn’t want the evil makeup brush to touch his mole and therefore take away all it’s magic powers to create the bubonic plague out of a banana and six leprechauns named Mike. In his pants.

It must take a toll filming in the hot Georgia sun.

Skatz: It would go much easier if he actually stopped eating the fake squirrels on set made out of almond paste.

The cast and crew are hoping that Norman can complete this scene without holding up production for the fifth time today because of the marzipan shits. Not looking so good…

Iron Photographer #218

“Iron Photographer” is one of the several ongoing series (this particular one being 218) produced by the good members of Utata, a collection of “ 24 more words

2812 Photography

It looks like she’s enjoying the ride.

Skatz: No. She did this as a dare from her friends but now can’t stop vomiting in his face.

There’s so much barf he can’t see. They are going to crash.

Watch Daryl Make Out With Michonne On The Set Of 'The Walking Dead'

Nobody is more excited than Norman Reedus to return to the set of The Walking Dead, especially after sneaking up on Michonne and making out with her in this The Walking Dead featurette hosted by Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on the show. 125 more words