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The Walking Dead: Who didn't get the bat?

Earlier this year The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale kicked up a storm with a cliffhanger ending. We had all been waiting with great anticipation for the next big, bad guy Negan to be introduced into the show and when he finally arrived in the last ten minutes or so of the finale, he made his first kill. 1,909 more words


The Walking Dead Season 6.12 review

10/10 “Absolutely brilliant” – Aiden Laida, Oscar winner

In this episode of the walking dead, Rick and the group head to the saviors camp on a mission to fulfill their deal with the hilltop colony, but not everything goes to plan when a violent gunfight against the saviors goes down. 356 more words

"The Walking Dead" Actors Stop To Assist Car Crash

Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee were riding their choppers in the warm Georgia sun, when they came up on…


Actually, it was just… 139 more words


Fear the Walking Dead S02 E05: Captive

Holy High Sea Adventure! On last week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” the Abigail was boarded by pirates and now Travis and Alicia are prisoners of Connor. 998 more words


The Walking Dead Season 1 Review(May contain spoilers and graphic content)

The Walking dead is my favorite TV series and always will be! I could watch it all day, everyday and re-watch seasons I’ve already seen because, I love it so much! 575 more words