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Do you think Norman has a green thumb?

Skatz: No. He likes to distract people from staring at his mole by walking around Manhattan yelling “Hey everybody, look at my bush!”

Is that a gold tooth?!

Skatz: No, it’s capsule of cyanide. You take it Norman, or I will. Either way will give me peace from you.

Norman seems to have an oral fixation.

Skatz: That stick is actually a mold of his own penis – and true to size.

Norman’s got the big gun out!

Skatz: Pictures of guns don’t kill people.  Pictures of Norman kill people.

Why is Norman flipping the bird here?

Skatz: He’s mad because he always thought Big Ben was the name of a giant dildo. This is just a stupid clock.

And although it looks uncomfortable, he still may purchase a replica in the gift shop.