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The Walking Dead: Into the Mouth of Madness (A look at the conflict in season 3) *spoilers*

This article series will attempt to explore to compare and contrast the protagonist and antagonists of the Walking Dead season 3. I’m fairly new to this series so bear with me if I’ve got some things wrong. 981 more words

Throwback Thursday: Daryl

Welcome back! This week’s throwback is yet another early sketch cover, this time  depicting everyone’s favorite crossbow-wielding, walker-killing, sleeve-loathing redneck Daryl Dixon! This was just the first of many  26 more words

The Walking Dead Season 7 : From High Expectations To Disappointment

I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, both the comic books and the TV show. I started watching the show very early on, back when it wasn’t the phenomenom it is today. 738 more words

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Sunday Night TV: The Walking Dead - Season 7 Finale

Oh my god. I can probably just leave it at that, but I’m not going to.

If you missed last week’s commentary on Something They Need, … 741 more words

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5 things we need to see in TWD Finale

  1. Shiva killing people: Ever since the walking dead season 7 trailer dropped at San Diego comic con last summer everyone has been over the moon about Shiva and King Ezekial being introduced.
  2. 250 more words

Episode 290317

Ầy, mình lên đây không phải để tự kỷ hay than thở gì đâu; mình chỉ “khoe hàng” thôi. Chả là mình mới “rước” 3 em figure về (và sạt cmn nghiệp luôn *icon vừa khóc vừa cười*), 3 em ấy là … 36 more words

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Sunday Night TV: The Walking Dead - 7.15

Sup, walker-lovers? This is later than I originally wanted to post this, but life (and shitty immune systems) happen.

If you missed last week’s post on episode 14, The Other Side, … 293 more words

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