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Ghost Rider Confirmed For Agents Of Shield Season 4

Yes it’s true! To quote Olympian and all round American hero Kurt Angle ‘it’s true, it’s DAMN true’. Ghost Rider is back and what’s more he’s bringing his badass biker jacket and even more badass chain and is headed to hit… 120 more words

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Ch. 4: Chaos

It had only been twenty four hours since Hershel and I tended to Daryl’s wounds the first time and from what Hershel told me, the redneck was well enough to go back out to his group instead of being inside.  5,428 more words

Daryl Dixon

Ch. 3: Scars

A lot can happen within two days.  Apparently on my first day out hunting the gun shot I had heard had in fact been Otis who had shot at a deer.  3,961 more words

Daryl Dixon

Ch. 2: Who the Hell Are You?

I eventually did work something out with Hershel.  That was the name of the elderly gentleman that was kindly holding a gun up to me.  He and his family weren’t so bad.  3,032 more words

Daryl Dixon

Ch. 1: I'm Devin

I don’t think anyone ever expected the end of the world.  Yes there were people who took things seriously like doomsday preppers who had bunkers in their back yards, stocked with mountains of canned food, medical supplies, guns, and bottles of water that could hold them over for months or almost years.  3,065 more words

Daryl Dixon

TV Talk Tuesday: The Walking Dead

TV Talk Tuesday is where I discuss/rant/fangirl over all things TV. It could be an episode, an entire show, or just news. I want to be a TV writer, so I’m kind of obsessed. 696 more words



I’ve been trying to catch him for months—bring him inside. His name’s Buttons…One of the kids saw him run by the gate awhile back, thought he looked like a Buttons.

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