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Are we sure the title isn't the sleeping dead? Another boring The Walking Dead 

Let me start with saying that Jeffery Dean Morgan is killing it as Negan. Funny, charming and an absolute joy to watch act. Chandler Riggs put together a good episode and really so did most of the rest of the cast, some better than others but decent nonetheless.but the story and episode/season progression that’s another story entirely. 179 more words

Consider my brain eaten or How I've lost interest in The Walking Dead

I loved The Walking Dead for a long time. It was brilliant story telling mixed with gore and violence and love and despair. And now, the ratio is off. 383 more words

TWD, Season 7, Episode 4, "Service"

Rebel Girl Deadies go to our fave womyn warriors, Rosita (who, I predict, ¬†will fire the first bullet of the Ricksistance), and to Michonne… 185 more words