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The Walking Dead Season 8A Review

Season 8 of The Walking Dead exploded into action on October 21st, 2017, with a premier which picked up directly where it left off in season 7. 1,276 more words

Andrew Lincoln

The Walking Dead Time for After

One step closer to what is to be an explosive mid-season finale brought its only type of crazy thanks to our resident Red Neck Daryl. But before that we have some lead up to one of the half cocked plans we have seen in quite some time on the show. 1,254 more words


An Ending and a Beginning

Season 1 Episode 6 “TS-19”

The Episode

We start with a flashback to the hospital. Here we find out that Shane was the last person to see Rick alive. 701 more words

The Walking Dead

Dark Trinity: TWD Episode 7 & Power Rankings

Never thought I’d see an episode entirely devoted to Eugene, who has definitely become the most infuriating character on the show. That’s assuming he wasn’t already for some of you. 632 more words

The Walking Dead – ‘The King, the Widow, and Rick’ Review

“Threats and dreams, dreams and threats.”

After last weeks fantastic episode, The Walking Dead takes a bit of a breather this episode. There aren’t any massive set-piece moments and not enough Rick for my tastes, but it was still a good episode which laid down the future plot and managed to weave together multiple character’s stories, a skill  729 more words


Dark Trinity: Ep. 6 & Power Rankings

I forgot how much of a mess the holiday season can be. But that’s no excuse. Things need to be cleaned up and they will be. 980 more words