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Dash Diet - Week 2 Results - Life Happens...

Ok, so when planning a diet, life still happens and sometimes you’re forced to go off course… This past week we had 1 night with visitors over, and our 2 pork chops were just not enough for the four of us! 383 more words

Dash Diet

Best Dash Diet Book!

You may have noticed my posts on the Dash Diet. My husband went on that diet back in 2016 and lost 30 pounds, and he just started it again. 72 more words

Dash Diet


It’s the morning of Day #8 on the Dash Diet and Frank’s weight loss after 7 days is…. 45 more words

Dash Diet

The Everyday Dash Diet Cookbook

Homemade Chicken Broth – Chefs rarely add salt to broth because they use it as an ingredient, and the finished dish will be seasoned with salt before serving. 526 more words

Dash Diet - Day 7

Day 7 – WOW – tomorrow morning is the weigh in!

So this 1st week I’ve been trying to mix up the original Dash Diet Action plan with a new book and it just made my days complicated and the foods were unbalanced. 129 more words

Dash Diet

Dash Diet - Day 6

Ok, like I mentioned yesterday, I was low on supplies. Crazy day today and we all have those. I completely overestimated breakfast! OMG – so I took away one of his snack to help adjust the distribution of calories and food categories! 89 more words

Dash Diet

Dash Diet - Day 5

Ok, so I went a bit off script today because of lack of supplies. But I kept him within the 2,000 calories, and most of the food is Dash healthy – and most of all he was satisfied and happy with his day :) 127 more words

Dash Diet