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The Best Dash Diet Recipes

Here are some of the best Dash Diet recipes I have enjoyed over the years I have been enjoying the Dash Diet.

The DASH diet prevents us from eating bad foods and makes us realize with the importance of the relation between health and healthy eating. 92 more words

Dash Diet

Still spinning

After a week on the DASH Diet and zero results in weight loss and after zero results in 2 weeks, I have decided to stop with diet plans and go with something that will make my life a little easier. 219 more words



High blood pressure: THE SILENT KILLER

Have you ever even wondered if YOU ARE IN RISK OF having a stroke? a heart attack? We all see it so far away and don’t even think about us being in risk. 415 more words


DASH Diet Recap

As far as the DASH Diet for weight lost there’s not much to report for me. After over a week, I have not lost anything. Therefore, I have decided to stop Phase 1 of the plan and resume what I had been doing before. 107 more words


DASH Diet weekend recap

The weekend was a little more difficult since I don’t have the routine as my work week.  I did stick to better eating but on my Saturday weigh-in no pounds were lost despite the calorie deficit the diet was to create. 46 more words