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What do Crypto, Beer and Portsmouth, New Hampshire Have in Common?

So glad you asked!  We have been mining cryptocurrencies with varying degrees of success.  How about that … when everyone and their mother (literally) are mining crypto?  341 more words


Fake News #2 - Best diets for 2018 awards

Millions of people go on a diet each year in the hope of shifting some unwanted weight. Although some diets work in the short term many people find that the weight creeps back within a year, or that they are just too difficult to stick to. 645 more words


How to Increase Your Heart Health Naturally

February is American Heart Month, which means it’s a great time to evaluate your heart health. After all, you only get one body, and your heart is the powerhouse that keeps everything else going. 578 more words


My Writing Buddy

She’s cute, she’s ornery, she’s lovable and most of all she is mine! I would like to introduce my mini Doxie, Dash.

I have heard people like pictures of cute dogs and as a writer, I am lucky to have the best (and by best I mean she is pretty good at it most the time) writing buddy in the world. 574 more words


Investment in cryptocurrency is now seen by many as a hike in the casino. Yes, the rapid rise in value of bitcoin and other electronic money can be a banal financial bubble. 747 more words


First successful transplant

Our first organ transplant was a success (above)! Daphne’s fascia on the instrument cluster (below, bottom) had lost all four corners to over-tightening of the screws, which I gather they are all in peril of. 98 more words

Citroen Repairs