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I Refuse the Winter Blues

Sooooo, it’s November. And that means (1) October, my favorite month, is over, (2) Halloween, my favorite holiday (aside from my birthday) is over, and (3) those of us who live in very silly places such as Louisville, Kentucky, have, through some clumsy arrangement, probably owing to an ill-natured fairy, been subjected to the sadness of Daylight Savings Time, which means now it gets dark at, like, 6pm, and will be dark by about 4:30 by Winter Solstice. 331 more words


Top 5 Faves From Classic Video Game Soundtracks

There’s no denying it—music (background or otherwise) is a key part of many games. A good soundtrack can transform a mediocre game into a great one, and likewise, unimaginative music (or even no music) can put you off an otherwise fun experience. 936 more words


Song of the Day: Dasha - Wash Away

Followers of this blog might already have realized that A Bit of Pop Music is a sucker for catchy electronic pop music with female vocals. 189 more words

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NEXT Canada’s DASHA for Ellements Magazine

Summer Hangs

Photographer: Agnes Ciaciek
Stylist: Christine Nguyen Jinnah
Makeup: Rhoda Hampton


Introducing Dasha

Whether you’re five or 55, I’m sure that at some point in your life you’ve thought to yourself how great it would be to *fly/be invisible/never age (*delete as applicable). 398 more words


Why are Daśā based on the Moon, not the Ascendant

Question: If the Ascendant is more important than the Moon or the Sun in a horoscope, then why does Dasha begin with the planetary lord of the nakshatra the Moon is placed in?

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Key Elements Of Astrology

Result Of Antardasha of Mahadasha of Planets

Planets Antardasha in any Mahadasha Results :-

  • All planets in their Mahadasha and in its  own antardasha does not gives good or complete result.
  • But, when relevant planet or  friendly planet’s dasha comes then it gives full result.
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