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Coaster set Dasha

Coaster set Dasha includes two coasters, the round one measure at 5.25 inches in diameter and the square coaster measures at 5.5 inches.

For this project you will need two scraps of prewashed and pressed linen or cotton 7×7 inches, 1 white thread and 6 of your favorite colored threads. 216 more words

Coasters And Placemats

Some Notions on the Capacity of Material Loka & that of Vedic Astrology(Jyotisha)

A basic inquiry into how many charts Jyotisha can address leads us amazingly to the capacity of various Loka.

  • BhrigusamhitA which predates ParAshara’ HorA depicts each RAshi into 150 NAdi subdivisions…
  • 303 more words

A recent shoot with the lovely Dasha AKA GreenEyedGoddess. She is wonderful to work with and the balloon setup was fun.

By the Runway

and not the airport….Personajes, on 6th Avenida for the Flor Show…her ‘summer fashion’ show…swim suits!  She and the marvelous Marbel were the stars and knew their steps…and the usual collection of Flor’s models were there,plus four guys who were ‘stiff’…what’s with the Pizza Christophe sign outside? 280 more words

Living In Antigua

A Hard Day's Night

of the St. Patricks Day festivus that hit Antigua yesterday….capped with the arrest/incarceration of one of our more notable bar owners….D&D and I don’t mean Dungeons and Dragons…imagine how much it takes to get arrested here.. 188 more words

Living In Antigua

Concurs: Rasfat si dezvoltare personala

Astazi este ultima zi in care poti participa la concursul organizat de DivaHair si Oyster Cosmetics :) 

Pentru a castiga o zi intreaga plina de rasfat la superlativ si dezvoltare personala de calitate, este necesar sa urmezi cativa pasi simpli pe care… 58 more words

Psihoterapie Si Consiliere Psihologica