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Big Data Dashboard Design – a Challenge

In a previous, Project Management Dashboard, I wrote specifically about a dashboard for project managers. In that post, I made the point that a dashboard should tell a clear, crisp, story that simplifies any complexity without loss of information. 933 more words


Project Management Dashboard

The definition of a dashboard is the panel facing a driver of a vehicle or the pilot of an aircraft containing instruments and controls. It’s the thing you look at when you are trying to drive a car or fly a plane. 1,004 more words


Think first before going it alone

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WHEN you are thinking about selling your home, the idea of not paying fees to an agent could seem like a good way to save some money. 4,216 more words

REA - Real Estate

How to add short hyperlinks to your Tableau workbook

Here is a quick tip for everyone who uses hyperlinks in their Tableau workbooks but wants them to be short and neat. This may especially be useful for the… 231 more words


letters home part 2.

After coming up with a pretty final idea for the layout of my dashboard concept, I then proceeded to render the final layout using photoshop. I began to make the basic shapes for each icon, before adding in the text and adding colour. 137 more words

letters home.

For the final aspect of our Picture, Symbol, Icon Module, we were asked to design and render a branded dashboard interface for ‘Letters Home’, an application that lets artists/designers show animations that are their response to typographic challenges. 154 more words