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(part 1)

Get in the car. Open the window. Take off your shoes and lean your feet against the dashboard. We’re going to where a tank full of gas can take us. 408 more words


SQL Operations Studio Dashboards

SQL Operations Studio is a free tool that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, for managing SQL Server databases.

I have a great experience running this tool on Linux CentOS and you can build server and database management dashboards  like below. 15 more words

Sql Server

Tableau meets Superheroes

Last week I saw a comic styled map on mapbox, and just like every fellow superhero fan would do, I called J.A.R.V.I.S. to prepare the data I can use this cool thingy on… Just kidding, it took me 2 days to build the dataset from IMDB and I single-handedly copied and pasted more than 400 filming locations for the map to look nice. 132 more words

How to Add a Data Dashboard to Wordpress

I’ve been doing some work for one of my clients to sum all of their digital headlines into an easy to view daily dashboard using… 539 more words


Post Spring Break Connections

I was sitting on the couch Sunday night before returning back to school after spring break and it felt like the day before the first day of school again. 389 more words

Guest Post

Building a dashboard using Ruby

I recently took up a task to build a dashboard that projects the code coverage in multiple projects and the percentage of test cases automated. I used the ‘dashing’ framework that is built for this purpose and this article is to give an overview of the same. 189 more words