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Dear Bloggers, Remember to Edit Your Blog Pages and Sidebar Text

Before we tuck in for the weekend I wanted to give some quick heads up to those who may either be new to blogging or still trying to find your way around the WordPress platform. 480 more words


Pinned Items on Dashboards: A 7.7 Feature that Flew Under the Radar

While the release of policyIQ version 7.7 brought some big features to the software, there were a few smaller ones that didn’t gain as much attention as they deserved.   359 more words


Why San Mateo Daily Journal Really Doesn't Like California's Education Dashboards

In an editorial on March 22, the San Mateo Daily Journal called the new California School Dashboards “problematic”, “confusing”, and “useless”. It’s worth examining their perceptive reasoning, worthy of Silicon Valley, by reading the editorial, but the crux was this: 276 more words

Back for Viz

It was 2015 when I started writing the blog posts on this page and sooner I left it because of unavailability of time and a bit of disinterest. 277 more words


Signs You Might Need Dashboard Software?

Business intelligence is no longer a term only associated with large organizations. As the price of hardware and storage drops, business intelligence technology is advancing with flexible deployment and licensing options that are easily available—rendering Business intelligence in reach for almost every organization. 659 more words


Power to the user - Parameters part 4 - Top N and Sorting by

Welcome back to the “Power to the user” series of posts about parameters in Tableau.

In this blog post I will write about dynamic “top n” and dynamic sorting with parameters. 488 more words


By the Lights on the Dashboard

Your vehicle’s dashboard can provide you with important information such as speed, distance traveled, engine status, etc. However, without the proper amount of light and information, you would not be able to see, process and understand the information provided by your dashboard. 513 more words

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