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Pie chart to show how Brexit will weaken our trading power

Those in favour of hard Brexit, like Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox seem to think once we leave the EU we needn’t bother about trade with the EU so much, as we will have the freedom to trade with the rest of the world in a free and easy manner. 287 more words


How to be hopelessly untrendy

I got me some data!

Done gone put it in a graph!

Added meself a TRENDLINE!

And me answer is THE TREND IS DOWNWARDS!

This is what happens when people get data and have excel. 995 more words

Systems Thinking

2020: The Digital Employee Experience

As organisations adopt new ways of working and technology to increase their competitiveness, the employee experience – the interaction between an organisation and its people – is radically changing. 429 more words


BertozziBytesize: Why do TV and 'Digital' have to argue all the time?

DONT START…I added quotation marks around digital because I know that Tess Alps would be all over it in a second, but I had to describe it as something and there lies the issue for many. 875 more words


Map: Cass Corridor Land Owners 2016

In comparison to the 1971 map based on similar data, this map of the 2016 property information posted on the Detroit Open Data portal shows changes over time and space. 206 more words


Lending revisited: Bond Street

Bond Street lends to small businesses that might typically struggle to get a loan from traditional banks. In a recent talk on a MIT Fintech course that I was doing, … 551 more words

User Experience

Google Artificial Intelligence Guru Says A.I. Won't Kill Jobs

Computers can more easily recognize cats in photos and translate text because of advances in artificial intelligence. But we’re still decades away from that technology replacing humans at work on a large scale, according to a top Google artificial intelligence executive. 391 more words