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Data: Scientific Study Versus Belief

“Do you fall through out the day?”


“How many times?

“Depends, anywhere from 10 to 15 times a day.”

It was then I noticed the receptionist in radiology looked absolutely horrified.  627 more words


Excel Geocoder

ESRI makes maps for Office. I thought this could be interesting and went to work on trying to insert a map in to a spreadsheet. I did not have much luck. 204 more words


Graph Database and Albuquerque Bus Stops: Neo4j with py2neo

I have been slightly obsessed with the question: “How do you define network service areas client-side on a map.” I know it needs a networked data set and something to do with the Djikstra algorithm (Yes, we could just use an ESRI REST service but there is not one available yet – I will ask the City). 386 more words


Digital 2030: user controlled contextualisation?

Contextualisation – the art of successfully blending positioning, relationship and emotional data together to deliver a unique, personalised user experience across all channels – is expected to be a key differentiator for many companies in 2015.  506 more words

Customer Experience

Starting a customer data strategy? Read our top tips

According to Gartner a recent survey showed that 75% of organisations admitted that defective data had a negative financial impact on their business. 50% agreed that they’d had to spend additional revenue to fix and reconcile data. 609 more words

Multicultural Consumers by the Numbers: From Shopping to Tweeting

These are some interactive charts I used D3.js,Highcharts.js, HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery to build for Ad Age.

Check out these charts on Ad Age!