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Map: Locals and Tourists in Detroit

I was reminded that Eric Fischer didn’t just bring us the Racial Dot maps or the recent Geotaggers Atlas, he also dug into Twitter data to determine… 58 more words


Read That For Me

You’re a busy (wo)man. You cannot keep abreast of all the goings-on in the world of data, technology, and science, even though you would like to. 44 more words

Big Data

Liquid Big Data: the next digital disruption?

Liquid Big Data is when competitors use Cloud technology and ways of working to openly share and analyse large volumes of data together for their mutual benefit. 530 more words


Inside the NFL's Tech Playbook for the Super Bowl

Competition in the Super Bowl is so fierce that the NFL feels compelled to give each team their own portable data centers on the sidelines. Sharing the stadium’s permanent data center would be too risky because team spies could more easily steal digital play books or even sabotage another team’s on-field communications. 934 more words


Google's Search Guru To Step Down

Google’s head of search is stepping down.

After 15 years helping run Google’s crown jewel search engine, senior vice president and software engineer Amit Singhal… 384 more words