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Map: The Heart of Detroit's Negro Community 1955

This map serves as the cover art for a report titled: “some notes on the Detroit negro vote.” The map notes that the Fifth Ward and area best known historically as Paradise Valley has been a majority African American area. 36 more words


Garbage in, garbage out: Canada’s big data problem

A reminder that despite the restoration of the Census, there still remain significant gaps in the collection, methodologies and dissemination of statistical data by the government: 788 more words


Meet the World’s First Stock Market for Sneakers

Sneakers are a hot commodity. Literally.

That’s how StockX feels about it, anyway. Launched in February, the online marketplace is changing the way sneakers are bought and sold on the secondary market, aiming to bring transparency and authenticity to the process. 330 more words


Map: Pokemon Go Redlining in Detroit?

Amid the firestorm that was/is Pokemon Go, an interesting geographic disparity was discovered. The above map has been shared widely and articles have covered why majority Black cities have fewer pokestops. 105 more words


This Data Management Startup Just Got Millions From Vinod Khosla's VC Firm

Managing and archiving corporate data may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but it’s an important one.

Rubrik, a Palo Alto data management startup founded by former Google , Facebook , and Oracle engineers, said Tuesday that it had landed $61 million in funding, brings its total backing to a little over $112 million. 325 more words


Hewlett Packard Enterprise Just Spent Millions on This Supercomputer Maker

Hewlett Packard Enterprise isn’t slimming today.

The business technology giant said Thursday that it will buy computing hardware maker SGI for roughly $275 million. HPE said the deal should close in the first quarter of its fiscal 2017 as long as regulators approve it. 585 more words


Two Years After Ferguson, What Has Changed?

Today is the two-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri.

Americans may never fully understand why that terrible event became such a flashpoint, why that particular confluence of violence, systemic despair and social media turned a moment into a movement. 456 more words