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The mandate for MEASURE Evaluation, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is to work globally to strengthen capacity in low-resource countries to gather, analyze, and use data in robust health information systems (HIS) for decision making to achieve better health outcomes. 141 more words


Salesforce wants to revolutionize your healthcare experience

It’s undeniable that Salesforce, the San Francisco software company, has transformed how companies in industries as diverse as financial services and higher education manage their customer relationships. 646 more words


FAA approves startup to operate a giant fleet of drones

It may not be long before we see fleets of drones buzzing across the sky.

The Federal Aviation Administration has given a startup called Measure permission to fly 324 drones, the company… 278 more words


This is how much Comcast is charging for unlimited data

The nation’s largest cable company has decided to charge $30 to let customers bypass Comcast’s data limit of 300GB per month, Ars Technica reports. 112 more words


The FTC's Wyndham victory is good for privacy but confusing for businesses

An appeals court handed the Federal Trade Commission a big victory this week in ruling that it could require companies to securely store customer data and then punish them if they failed to do so. 726 more words


Broaching the final frontier of unstructured data – the contents of our heads

When asked what we want, most of us struggle to break free from the chains of practicality. This default mental setting provides a defence against disappointment, but also a limit to progress. 357 more words