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Crowd synthesis: extracting categories and clusters from complex data

Analysts synthesize complex, qualitative data to uncover themes and concepts, but the process is time-consuming, cognitively taxing, and automated techniques show mixed success. Crowdsourcing could help this process through on-demand harnessing of flexible and powerful human cognition, but incurs other challenges including limited attention and expertise. 122 more words


Why Equifax Just Cleared the Executives Who Sold Shares Before the Massive Data Breach

Equifax said on Friday that executives who sold shares before the credit-reporting service disclosed a massive data breach were not aware of the incident when their trades were made. 215 more words


Closing the data space

March 2006, we predicted the collapse of the financial system and 2009 assisted the Icelandic government unravel what had happened by merging bank interim reports (see page 9 below the chart in the… 511 more words


How Google Maps of 'Cancer' and Other Search Terms Track America's Health

You can find a lot of things using Google, though sadly the cure for cancer won’t likely be one of them. But a new initiative at the search giant may help provide a better understanding of how the disease and other American health challenges—like diabetes, depression, stroke, and obesity—impact our lives. 314 more words


Coming to your senses: the Spotify Video story, presented at Dmexco

The Spotify journey from Audio to multi sensory platform that encompasses video and audio has been a really interesting one. It continues at pace and has been infused with our unique data proposition as well. 43 more words


The Supreme Court Will Decide on This Dispute Between Microsoft and the Trump Administration

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to resolve a major privacy dispute between the Justice Department and Microsoft over whether prosecutors should get access to emails stored on company servers overseas. 349 more words