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Artificial Intelligence: The new entertainment experience?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can radically transform how we interact with a range of services, with Amazon’s Alexa being a notable example growing rapidly in popularity. But in what ways could AI disrupt how we use and consume entertainment? 268 more words


eBay's First Diversity Chief Discusses What It'll Take To Move The Needle

eBay issued its 2016 Diversity and Inclusion Report yesterday, their first since the company spun off PayPal in 2015.

The numbers are consistent with what we’ve seen from other large, global tech companies. 1,965 more words


Tech Employees Overestimate How Well Their Companies Promote Diversity

A recent survey of tech employees shows that, like many other things in 2017, feelings about diversity don’t necessarily line up with the facts.

Among 1,400 tech workers polled, 83% think diversity in tech is important, but only half believe improvements need to be made at their own company. 691 more words


Google Maps Now Lets You Share Your Location With Friends and Colleagues

Alphabet’s Google announced on Wednesday that it will revamp its popular maps app to allow users to share their locations, in order to boost engagement on a product of increasing strategic importance to the search giant. 346 more words


There are only 6 graphs you'll ever see on a performance report and they're all rubbish. Here they are.

This is Performance Cat, and she doesn’t like rubbish performance reporting.

And she definitely doesn’t like dumbass explanations for meaningless shapes in graphs…

One of the more adorable features of performance reporting in normal ordinary command and control organisations is the total inability to see signal through noise. 890 more words

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U.S. Financial Firms Have Saved Billions by Embracing Shared Cloud Services

Only two years ago, an outage similar to the one that struck Amazon’s cloud services last month would have reinforced U.S. financial firms’ view that shifting data and systems onto the public cloud was just too risky. 893 more words


Andrew Coyne: Politicians need to forget about polls and do the right thing

Great column by Coyne “rather trust the data:”

Liberals used to take a dim view of this sort of perception-based decision-making. When the Harper government claimed it didn’t matter if the official statistics showed crime rates falling to their lowest levels in decades, because people felt as if crime was rising, Liberals rightly scoffed.

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