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Hurricane Recovery Jobs Got A Ton of Interest After Harvey and Irma on Indeed, But It's Already Declining

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have attracted a lot of interest from jobseekers, according to data Indeed.com.

The number of searches for terms like “fema”, “disaster”, and “hurricane” were up 57 times their normal volume as people looked for ways to support the Hurricane Irma recovery in Florida and Hurricane Harvey recovery in Texas. 267 more words


Foreign Travel to the U.S. Dropped and It Left A $2.7 Billion Hole in Consumer Spending

Foreign travel to the United States has fallen while President Donald Trump has been in office. New data from the U.S. Department of Commerce shows that foreign travel to the U.S. 280 more words


Whether Hurricane Maria Will Hit U.S. Depends on Which Spaghetti Plot You Look At

As Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico early Wednesday morning, the powerful Category 4 storm is expected to leave “catastrophic damage” with winds up to 155 mph, according to the… 538 more words


As Hurricanes Maria and Jose Approach, Construction Industry Still Suffering From a Labor Shortage

Demand for commercial construction has been high across the United States, with 93% of contractors expecting to see equal or greater profit margins in the next year, according to the… 337 more words


Why Flight Prices Surge Ahead of Some Hurricanes, Like Irma, But Not Others

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that price surges precede (and often follow) a hurricane storm surge.

Data from Kayak.com shows searches and prices for flights experienced a much bigger surge ahead of Hurricane Irma than they did in the days leading up to Hurricane Harvey making landfall in the Houston, Texas area. 382 more words


Two Bronx Natives Want To Help Bodegas, Not Make Them Obsolete

The internet rallied in defense of bodegas after two ex-Google employees announced a startup that aims to automate your bacon-egg-and-cheese and render your bodega obsolete… 360 more words


What New Census Data Tells Us About Income, Poverty and Wage Growth

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau showed good news for Americans in 2016: Household income is up, poverty is down, the gender pay gap narrowed… 403 more words