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Microsoft Has a Plan to Add DNA Data Storage to Its Cloud

Based on early research involving the storage of movies and documents in DNA, Microsoft is developing an apparatus that uses biology to replace tape drives, researchers at the company say. 1,046 more words

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Apple's New Diversity Officer Will Report Directly to the CEO

Apple has named Denise Young Smith vice president for Inclusion and Diversity, marking the company’s latest effort to improve racial and gender disparities among its employees. 333 more words


BertozziBytesize: Spotify data: A Mirror not a Filter

Meet Marco Bertozzi

We talk a lot about data at Spotify and how it shows a lot about how you listen to music. We have a tool that I love, which allows us to add our account and get a pen portrait on our listening habits.   494 more words


Vanity of vanities, all is vanity OR Why webstats don't exist

I’ve been learning how to get data on our website usage from Google Analytics.

It’s very hard, both cos Google Analytics front end  is so badly designed and cos you need to learn how websites work. 570 more words

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The Library of Congress Just Made 25 Million Records Available for Free

The Library of Congress announced the largest release of digital records in its history on Tuesday. It will make 25 million records from its catalog… 282 more words


U.S. Falls in Global Index Measuring National Security and Economic Stability

The United States was the 13th most worsened nation last year, according to The Fund for Peace in a study of 178 countries across the globe. 492 more words


The time has come to remove Facebook from your life

Delete your Facebook account. No, but really.

This is not the exhortation of an internet troll, but rather the earnest advice of someone who has peered deep into the blue and white abyss and found only varying degrees of despair. 1,016 more words

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