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Repository Implementations

In my previous post I have presented a way to separate your data access from the business logic, when a relational database is used. I have shown another implementation of the well-known… 1,769 more words


Dominus Anulorum - Troubleshooting SQL Server Connectivity Via Ring Buffers

Recently one of my customers ran into some challenges with intermittent connectivity failures from application to SQL Server data store\backend. In scenarios such as this the SQL Server Error Log is your friend, as it can be configured to record failed login attempts for an instance, however there is another useful tool – a lesser known SQL DMV… 934 more words


Where did the money go?

Data Access’ Ray: Where did the money go?


Not too long ago, Siddhartha ray’s data access was India’s second-largest international long distance (ILD) service provider to telecom companies. 257 more words

Data Access

What Went Wrong At Data Access?

Conspiracy theories, bounced cheques, court cases, it’ll take a while to sort things out.

Data Access’ founder Siddhartha Ray: “My lips are sealed270 more words

Data Access

Separating Data Access Concern

In our days most of the applications that have a relational database as storage, use an ORM to access the data. The ORM (Entity Framework, Hibernate, etc.) does most of the data access implementation. 2,131 more words


Business Intelligence (ορισμός)

Επιχειρηματική ευφυΐα (Business intelligence): Η δυνατότητα πρόσβασης στα κατάλληλα δεδομένα ή πληροφορίες με στόχο τη λήψη σωστών επιχειρηματικών αποφάσεων, τη σωστή στιγμή.

Business Intelligence

Meet Redis-Monitoring Redis Performance Metrics

In my previous series on Redis I showed basic Redis tutorial,its abilities to work with complex data types, persist and scale out. In this post idea is to show basic Redis monitoring facilities through Redis CLI. 803 more words

Scale Out Applications