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How Polaris Big Data Approach solves Market and Reference Data Challenges

In the current financial industry,

  • Market Data provides pricing and trade-related data for any financial instrument reported by a stock exchange. This data is the key window for traders and investors to know the latest price and also helps in historical trends for instruments such as equities, fixed-income products, derivatives and currencies…
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Big Data

Data aggregation: how it can break privacy

What do you consider to be personal identifiers?

For most, we think first of our name, but entering that into a search engine shows that even uncommon names appear quite widespread. 800 more words


Privacy policies: how they do not protect us

No sooner had a second batch of stolen data from the Ashley Madison site hit the media, than Spotify fluffed its new privacy policy, resulting in its CEO publishing… 1,679 more words


Ashley Madison, the press and data protection

For those whose affairs were not exposed to the world by the recent data theft from the Ashley Madison site, curb your schadenfreude and moral superiority. 1,013 more words


Domo Business Intelligence Systems Offer Live Analytics and Charting

The videos below offer an introduction to Domo business intelligence systems which offer live analytics and charting for meaningful and actionable data aggregation and analysis. 29 more words


Understanding The Significance Of Oracle's Acquisition Of Datalogix

In late December, Oracle announced its intention to acquire digital marketing leader Datalogix. Datalogix specializes in understanding the relationship between digital marketing and offline purchases by leveraging its partnerships with over 1500 data partners who provide data about the purchasing patterns of roughly 110 million households. 307 more words