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The Power of APIs

APIs are reshaping how companies do business. Once solely the domain of software engineers, they have grown to affect all levels of company.

What is an API?

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The Secrets of Power

“What is power?” I asked my friends.  “Between people, politically speaking?”

“Divorce yourselves from dictionary. Use your own words,” I exhorted, mulling over my own embryonic conception of power: 457 more words


Attention, please!

May I have your attention, please?

No, really.  Would you literally “give” me your attention? It would do me a lot of good, as attention is in short supply these days, what with all the apps, and notifications siphoning it away. 682 more words


Why you shouldn't chip in to buy politicians' browsing histories

A week ago, the Senate slapped a price tag on the rumps of internet users.

Just like ISPs had requested, Congress undid broadband privacy rules that kept ISPs from selling customers’ data without their consent. 793 more words


Why are Facebook, Gmail etc all free?

Have you ever wondered why a lot of the internet services and products that you use are all free for you to use? I’m reading Future Crimes by Marc Goodman at the moment, and it explains why in very clear detail. 511 more words

Life Challenges

A Tale of Two Cameras

By Daniel Healow

Depending on your views about privacy and police accountability, it may be the best of times or the worst of times. Either way, it is clear that sensors, specifically cameras, have taken center stage as communities seek to objectively reconstruct confrontations between law enforcement and the public. 690 more words

University Of Washington School Of Law

iOT and Data

I find the most interesting aspect of the iOT to be the data collection and aggregation.  It is going to lead the future of marketing into a really interesting space as the vast amounts of metadata that organisations are able to collect and process through these devices will result in a wealth of material, which  when aggregated, will reveal an awful lot about their users. 753 more words

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