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Finding Balance Among The Craziness of Content Creation Means Tracking Analytics

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Analytics are everywhere in this new world of marketing content.  While it may be piecemeal and take some, well deserved, time to curate, it can mean the difference between being a Top Producer and a bottom feeding failure.

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Saving Money - 7 Tips and Tricks

We all do it. We say we’re going to start saving more money, and we try every trick in the book to stay honest in this endeavor: we take cash out of our wallets, take credit cards out of our wallets, or even leave our wallets at home. 526 more words

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TechCrunch: MrOwl wants to be your new sharing platform

TechCrunch: MrOwl wants to be your new sharing platform. “The app is what would happen if a social network had a baby with Evernote. Users can create public or private stores of data – this is my branch about Rolex – and put in images, text, and links. 88 more words

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The Power of APIs

APIs are reshaping how companies do business. Once solely the domain of software engineers, they have grown to affect all levels of company.

What is an API?

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The Secrets of Power

“What is power?” I asked my friends.  “Between people, politically speaking?”

“Divorce yourselves from dictionary. Use your own words,” I exhorted, mulling over my own embryonic conception of power: 457 more words


Attention, please!

May I have your attention, please?

No, really.  Would you literally “give” me your attention? It would do me a lot of good, as attention is in short supply these days, what with all the apps, and notifications siphoning it away. 682 more words