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What do test engineers expect from Big Data?

Car manufacturers and suppliers facing the challenge to handle a growing amount of data coming from various sources such as test stands, test automation systems and field test equipment in an efficient manner. 906 more words

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Since the English conceived football (probably even before) different ideas and styles have been created around the game with mainly one purpose, being the best. 605 more words

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3 Basic & Necessary Sales Metrics - What you need to analyse your sales reps performance

For successful sales management it is very important to keep track of metrics that can help you analyse how your work is moving forward. Evaluating data and creating measurable and realistic objectives are an absolute must have for success in the long term. 488 more words

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Republicans Ungovernable Coalition

John Boehner must be getting ready to give Paul Ryan a consoling call.  By now, the news that Republicans, despite controlling all levers of government, could not repeal a law they have railed against for seven years has spread far and wide.   966 more words


Network theory may explain the vulnerability of medieval human settlements to the Black Death pandemic

Epidemics can spread across large regions becoming pandemics by flowing along transportation and social networks. Two network attributes, transitivity (when a node is connected to two other nodes that are also directly connected between them) and centrality (the number and intensity of connections with the other nodes in the network), are widely associated with the dynamics of transmission of pathogens. 154 more words


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Bringing Evidence-Based Education to Computer Science | Communications of the ACM

Folk pedagogy encourages what is believed to be best practice, but cannot validate best practice.We have evidence computing teachers do not use evidence. Davide Fossati and I studied 14 CS teachers from three institutions ( 97 more words

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