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The limits of data analytics …

Team Clinton worshipped at the altar and got burned.


Lots of post-election articles about how the Clinton campaign got fixated on their data-rich electorate models, using them to allocate ad dollars, deploy field workers and schedule “market visits” by Hillary and her surrogates. 744 more words

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Practical guide to implement machine learning with CARET package in R


One of the biggest challenge beginners in machine learning face is which algorithms to learn and focus on. In case of R, the problem gets accentuated by the fact that various algorithms would have different syntax, different parameters to tune and different requirements on the data format. 2,427 more words

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Dog-Race Betting Obsession in Nairobi

On Mfangano Street in Nairobi’s Central Business District, stands a nondescript building next to the Ismail Rahimtullah Walji Trust library which hosts a betting depot for… 845 more words

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Social Media in Employer Branding

This is my Master’s Thesis which was published in Dec, 2016.

The topic is “The use of social media in enhancing the Employer Brand” 487 more words

Data analysis: Letter graph

Project name: Data analysis: Letter graph

Team members: Pieter Algera

Quick description: A subject that I find quite interesting is data visualization. Some of the stuff that I have seen look really interesting and I would like to do some things with that. 584 more words

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Conservative Weeding Isn't Crazy: The Almost Dead Experiment

What’s a rational weeding philosophy? When is a book really dead? 6 months? 2 years? 4 years? More importantly: how do we know? Progressive, cool libraries stick to a 180 day weeding target, while old, stodgy libraries pile books to the rafters (’cause hey . 475 more words