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Gengo: The 50 Best Free Datasets for Machine Learning

Gengo: The 50 Best Free Datasets for Machine Learning. “What are some open datasets for machine learning? We at Gengo decided to create the ultimate cheat sheet for high quality datasets. 17 more words

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This is a great sequence from one of our 225 camera-traps that are tirelessly snapping away in the heart of the Serengeti National Park. One of the largest and longest running camera-trap projects, Snapshot Serengeti has been running for over 8 years with out a break. 393 more words


How well do CNNs for spike detection generalize to unseen datasets?

Some time ago, Stephan Gerhard and I have used a convolutional neural network (CNN) to detect neuronal spikes from calcium imaging data. (I have mentioned this before, … 558 more words

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Random Forests Using R: Titanic Case Study

Hi MLEnthusiasts! Today, we will learn how to implement random forests using R that too on a well-known dataset, The Titanic Dataset! So, our analysis becomes by getting some information about the dataset, like what all variables are in our dataset and what do we have to predict. 1,760 more words

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A list of cognitive biases

There are a handful of cognitive biases that are well-known to most scientists: confirmation bias, the Dunning-Kruger effect, the hindsight bias, the… 198 more words

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Computational Plant Science - Clustering in R Tutorial

Last week was the Plantae Seminar “Computational Plant Science – Science at the Interface of Math, Computer Science, and Plant Biology with Alexander Bucksch”:

Dr. Bucksch mentions using two clustering techniques – 656 more words


The PCUSA Elite Today (6)

The Disappearing PCUSA: 2017 Data

This post seeks to capture the nature of our continuing denominational collapse.  You will note two distinctly identifiable years that are downward inflection points.   913 more words