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MANCOVA statistics: Query

I am trying to conduct repeated measures MANCOVA in SPSS software, where I need to measure my dependent variable at 4 periods of time (years). Also, the dependent variable at each year is related with 2 independent variables. 38 more words

Data Analysis

Uncommon Tips for R Programming

I have been working in R for a almost a period of Three Years. I learned it myself from the tutorials, documentation and online courses. Recently, I came across a two interesting problems, which I feel are worth sharing to the people. 931 more words

DataViz : Making life easier one plot at a time.

Data visualization has brought about a sweeping change to the way analysts work with data. And with the data growing exponentially every second, data viz is going to continue to address the pressing need to be able to explore the data creatively, dig for deeper insights and address goals in an engaging manner. 795 more words

Data Analysis

A-Level results and football: Another enlightening analysis

Now the A-Level and GCSE results are out the usual sets of analysis and observations based on the data have started making an appearance.    As usual causal explanations have been developed to explain the data, using what Naseem Taleb described as the backwards process.   429 more words


Breaking a myth: Data shows you don't actually need a co-founder

We are often told that starting a startup on your own is madness. There are thousands of articles out there that tell you that, as well as  780 more words


Python is Not Like Spanish, Part 3

About a year ago my eyes would’ve glazed over and I would’ve not read a blog that began with a screenshot of computer code as I just did. 350 more words

Data Analysis