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I once failed while interviewing for a Logistic Data Analysis job. I don’t know why I decided to choose that interview. Was it fancy job? I don’t think so. 32 more words


Mathematics is my life

Mathematicians are not all nerds. They are skilled in solving ambiguous problems that we find in today’s world, and have some social skills to boot. Meet Ms. 2,241 more words


Obsessive Single Minded Focus

My psychologist the other day made me put a 1 hour time limit on my gardening, crocheting will watching TV, blog writing and beauty school homework.   1,175 more words

Making up for univariate [DAI IVb]

This post is an extension of this one, which was (supposed to be) the final post of the coursera course ‘data analysis and interpretation’. This current post extends or complements the previous one because in that assignment I forgot to include univariate graphs in my plot. 625 more words

Data Visualization

Distribution Deviation Graph


Distribution Deviation Graph is a visualization that presents the changes or gaps between two statistics to highlight the comparison between them. It can be applied with trend over time or list of category for comparison. 132 more words


Captain Obvious To The Country of Oblivious: The Math Won't Compute Forever!

I am approaching my ten-year anniversary of writing about a subject that causes me to feel like Captain Obvious speaking to the Country of Oblivious. Some of us are numbers people, some picture people and others word people. 893 more words


Social CRM & Marketing Strategies

Now that we have covered the climate and trends in customer relationship management, we can move onto how it can be used with social media and marketing strategies. 371 more words