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Participate in the evaluation of applications for data analysis and visialisation

Visualisation techniques and the creation of attractive representation of datasets providing insights and better understanding of data are becoming increasingly important in research. Excel is one of the basic tools used to create graphs and analytics of datasets, whilst at the other end of scale of complexity is the use of more sophisticated and complex software like MATLAB, Python, R, Mathematica, and STATA. 338 more words

How Many People Can Fit On A Bus at McKinney ISD?

McKinney ISD approached the McKinney Zoning Board of Adjustment this week to request a reduction in the required parking spaces. Whoa! That was the single biggest argument for needing a huge multi-million dollar stadium. 554 more words


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For learning french:

  • Lexilogos – A collection of dictionaries.
  • Enforex – Used for teaching spanish to french speakers. I use it the other way around.
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Nearest Neighbor Classification

There are times when the relationships among examples you want to classify are messy and complicated. This makes it difficult to actually classify them. Yet in this same situation, items of the same class have a lot of features in common even though the overall sample is messy. 451 more words


SageLegion Offers An Army of Knowledge

Big Data Analysis has produced vast improvements to our lives in many different ways. However, the influx of actionable data has resulted in a scarcity of talented data scientists to put that information to good use. 73 more words

Big Data Analytics

Will The Real Population Numbers Please Stand Up!

Dear Santa:

All I want for Christmas is a good clean set of official population estimates by year. From one official source. I know. I said by year, but it’s not that easy. 1,007 more words


Excel cheat sheet for data analysis (Series – I)

Source is the key data being identified
Base is the column or array used for identification

Compare two columns and find # matching Source in a different row
=MATCH(Source, Base, 0)

Compare two columns and copy value matching against Source in a different row

Alternatively using VLOOKUP

Compare Source in column and copy different cell value when value matches against Source

Alternatively using VLOOKUP

Compare two Sources in two different column and copy cell value when value matches with matching Source values*

*Press ctrl+Shift+Enter to effect function… 28 more words
Compare Two Values In Excel