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A Classic Dataset


  1. Learn how to use org-babel
  2. Analyse the Titanic dataset
  3. Send the whole thing to WordPress (will this work?)



To begin the analysis, we need to import… 1,230 more words

Data Analysis

Org Mode & Data Analysis

Org Mode supports code embedding and execution

This means we can do wonderful things like data analysis on one screen, pasting the code and output into org mode, and having the commentary alongside the code. 36 more words

Data Analysis

data analysis

Answer the following questions based off this article: https://search-proquest-com.library.capella.edu/docview/1458577121?accountid=27965

3.What was the methodology used in the article, either qualitative or quantitative?

4. What was the approach used in the article? 337 more words

Dealing with missing data

I have been working on a subset of Airbnb listings dataset recently, and as it is always the case, am spending WAY much time then I have anticipated on cleaning the data. 1,195 more words

Multiple Regression in R: Multiple Variables, Interactions, Graphing, and Assessment

(Models image taken from http://www.model-jobs.net/casting-call-audition/ethnic-models-wanted/)

“If we knew what we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”

– Albert Einstein

Regression is one of my favorite statistical tests. 3,087 more words


Epidemiological Stats

I’ve found a super easy way to get some of the basic epidemiological tools you might need from your data. In fact you don’t even have to input your data into it. 322 more words