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Data Study: Assam reels under floods yet again, what does figures tell us?

Once again the North East states of Assam and Manipur have been in the news, because of the ruthless floods that have destroyed property and many human lives till now. 957 more words


A fresh first look at the arXiv data

by Helena Mihaljević and Lucía Santamaría

Peer reviewed publications are undoubtedly the primary means of communicating the results of academic research. However the inconveniences of this typically lengthy and slow process have given rise to alternative forms of publication dissemination, such as preprint servers. 585 more words

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Python - Fitting a Linear Model by the Normal Equation

See: https://riverplus0programming.wordpress.com/2017/07/21/fitting-a-linear-model-by-the-normal-equation/

First, we have to prepare a data file. The data are generated with the following equation:

, where .

It is expected to get very close to… 222 more words


Fitting a Linear Model by the Normal Equation

We want to find a set of which best fits the equation:

, given the m training examples’ input values are

, which is a matrix. 52 more words

Data Analysis

Understanding Factor Analysis (wait, what are latent variables again?)

In social science, collecting data is an interesting process. Whether we observe or ask questions, it takes time, thought, and precious energy to select the right process or questions to answer our research questions. 1,209 more words

School Data: The tip of an iceberg

Schools gather a wealth of data in their everyday operation, everything from attendance information, academic achievement, library book loans, free school meals and a wide range of other data.    382 more words


Data Structure

Binary and Binary Search Tress

1) AVL Tree animation


2) AVL Tree


3) AVL TREE(2)


4) AVL Tree(3)


5) Binary Tre… 66 more words

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