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Match.com Singles in America Data 2016: By The Numbers

Man, I love delving into user data from websites (though I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now). Match.com recently released the results of their sixth annual “Singles In America” survey. 103 more words


Company Results by Geographical Location

The ability to locate results by geographical location can be troublesome when having to consult multiple copies of a company’s Annual Report & Accounts.

Using a business database can make this task quicker and easier. 323 more words

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Data! Part 1 of 5

Get ready for a four, no make that a five part series about data. Limiting the series to five is not easy as there is so much that can be said about it. 482 more words

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Big or small-let’s save them all: ANOVA & Tukey's HSD Post Hoc Comparison Test

The objective of this post is to examine the differences in the mean response variable for each category of our explanatory variable. The dataset that I have chosen does not have any categorical response variable but I will show in this post how to convert a quantitative variable to a categorical variable. 1,508 more words

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5 "Sexiest" Free Online Courses on Data Analaytics

Have you heard about the cool things called Data Analytics or Data Science? Sounds sexy right? No? :) Well, it better does, “cause  According to World Economic Forum’s  816 more words

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Why Hire A Research Consultant?

In simple terms, a research consultant is a specialist in the area of conducting field research. Picture the difference between the primary care doctor you go to see for an annual check-up or when you have an annoying cough you just can’t seem to get rid of, versus a visit to a cardiologist for concerns about a more complex condition like heart disease.  398 more words


Naming Variables in Stata (and other Statistical Packages)

Naming variables in Stata and other statistical packages is definitely a practice in balancing art and science.  Researchers and statisticians alike find themselves balancing their needs for the variable names to be informative, but not so informative that one accidentally mis-specifies variables and producing messy and problematic analysis.   609 more words