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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn University Finder for Audience Research

Have you heard of LinkedIn’s University Finder app? It’s something LinkedIn released last year that aims to help students determine which university they should attend in order to reach their career aspirations, based on the job they want, the subjects they’re studying, the companies they’d like to work for and where they want to live. 865 more words

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Web Scraper Using Python

Here’s how I scraped information of all used boat listings off a website:

Data Analysis

Principal Components Analysis in R

Principal Components are really useful for dataset with a large number of variables that potentially are correlated between them. By creating vectors using the variables, we reduce the number of ‘variables’ to be included in the model. 177 more words

Data Analysis

Malaysia is the top emerging digital economy in Digital Evolution Index

Last week I found an interesting report about digital economy.  It is called “Digital Evolution Index” conducted by the Fletcher School at Tufts University in collaboration with MasterCard and DataCash. 524 more words

Big Data

In the past few years I have written various algorithms using a mix of SPSS syntax, R and Python code (SPSS can call R and Python directly from within a syntax file, allowing some flexibility).

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(From Joshua Porter’s post in http://52weeksofux.com/post/548149897/ux-engagement-metrics)

Here follows a list of engagement metrics that have been used over the years. As you go down the list the metrics go from almost meaningless (hits) to very meaningful (daily active users). 572 more words

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Correlation and causation in time series analysis

Interesting post about the way that time can be a confounder in correlating two time series, and how to correct for that effect.

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