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First rules of data analysis

Whenever presented with a new data set, there are a couple of activities that I go through first to “get the lay of the land”: 1,019 more words


Producing Bar Graphs in R using ggplot2

Hello. In this post, the ggplot2 package in R will be used to produce informative and nice bar graphs.

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  1. The Data: Simulating Dice Rolls…
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Almost Never Zero

Bertrand Russell would periodically bellyache in A History Of Western Civilization that life would be simpler if people confined themselves to statements that were not demonstrably false. 818 more words


Learning data analysis

I always found daunting the amount of material online about becoming data analyst, data scientist, data expert or whatever data* is more trending right now. 734 more words


Plotting Scatterplots Using R and ggvis

Hello. In this post I will talk about displaying scatterplots using the statistical program R and the package ggvis for data visualization.

Table of Contents… 1,341 more words


Improving the Quality of the Feed: Electronic Common Assessments

Educational assessment articles and books across this country in the last five years have referenced hogs, chickens, and cows. The question has been if you want a healthier animal, do you weigh it more often or do you improve the quality of the feed… 828 more words


Harry Potter and MBTI, Part 5: The Houses of Horned Serpent and Wampus

Last time around, on the fourth installment, we started looking at the Ilvermorny houses. This time around, we’ll be closing out the overview of Ilvermorny, thus concluding our analysis of every individual house. 1,159 more words

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