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Amazon Launches AWS IoT — A Platform For Building, Managing And Analyzing The Internet Of Things

Make way for another big player entering the Internet of Things space. Amazon today is announcing its long-awaited IoT platform for AWS at its re:Invent.. 16 more words


If you have data, mine it

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The founder of modern Management, Peter Ducker said “The Aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, so that the product or service fits him and sells itself”. 305 more words


Words, counting words and visualisations.

I went to a seminar today discussing how to analyse comments on a news Website.  I went primary as I want to engage in analysing comments myself, and thought that it would help with my research. 208 more words

Amazon takes on business intelligence with QuickSight

Amazon Web Services, already a big player in databases, is launching a new business intelligence tool to help non-technical people make sense of all that data. 253 more words


Your Data is talking - It’s Time to Listen and Engage!

Guest blog written by Oded Sela, Technical Director EMEA, International Sales at Allot Communications

CSPs are under constant pressure to be proactive all the time, since they need to stay ahead of the competition and are facing challenges on a daily base. 686 more words

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Content Analysis In Qualitative Research

Content analysis serves the purpose in qualitative research to enable you to study human behavior indirectly through how people choose to communicate. The type of data collected can vary tremendously in this form of research. 420 more words


Topological Data Analysis, I. Introduction.

I have heard and read a lot lately, both from colleagues and on the internet, about the trend of so-called topological data analysis. Being a mathematician by training and no stranger to at least the general concepts of topology, and also being deeply interested in data analysis, I have decided to do my due diligence and study this area at least to the point where I could hold a constructive conversation. 822 more words

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