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Screwy Presidential Election? - It's Happened Before!!

I hesitated a few weeks to post this article because the wound is still fresh for those that feel that the presidential election was so uniquely unfair that they felt protesting was the only answer.  1,414 more words

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Hollins College

Hollins College (visited 11/2/16)

Hollins “is transformative. We enhance what’s there,” said a faculty member.

Hollins, named the 3rd Most Haunted campus in the country (the Tinker ghost got particular mention), is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year. 1,082 more words

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[R Analysis] Life After Lost Boys

So I’ve recently self-taught myself R programming, an awesome tool to facilitate data analytics. So my first ‘mini’ assignment was the ‘Moneyball’ problem.

What is Moneyball? 417 more words


Dem Miscalculation

Since the election, many have voiced their perspectives on what led to the surprising results. One of whom is Bernie Sanders, who I believe has a clear view. 181 more words

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How relevant is significant?

Tom Breur

27 November 2016

Statistical significance has always been the “gold standard” for presenting compelling scientific evidence. But recently the social sciences and even medical testing have been going through somewhat of a crisis. 346 more words

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How Data Analytics Helps to Control Workers’ Comp Claims and Costs

Underwriting new risks, managing medical provider fraud and navigating Medicare Secondary Payor compliance can stall workers’ comp claims handling and increase claims costs, they said. 17 more words

Data is the key to unlocking value from IoT in pharma logistics

by Rene Tjong Tjin Tai

As highlighted in my previous post, the internet of things (IoT) is not new: our industry may just be talking about its use now, but the technology upon which it is based has been around for a… 751 more words