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How Are Organizations Using Amazon's Cloud? Some Interesting Statistics

With Amazon finally lifting the kimono and admitting to the world that its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division is a massive (and fast growing) part of the business, it is interesting to look into what all of that $6 billion worth of revenue is being spent on.

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Data Analytics

Visual analytics bringing business insights in real time

As human beings, we constantly receive information about the world around us. The amount of sunlight hitting your eye, the level of ambient noise in your current location—these are all data points that tell you something about the current state of the world. 555 more words

MTech (Data Analytics) at JIIT: A New Program for Students with Diverse Backgrounds

Authored by:   Sanjay Goel

The previous post on this issue was about the draft curriculum.   This new post gives the details of the program being started from 2015-16 after incorporating the suggestions and comments from many experts. 1,645 more words

Making the Most of Big Data Now...

When it comes to actually mining Big Data for insights, many companies don’t know where to start or focus on the wrong things and get bogged down…. 241 more words

Measures of Similarity and Distance

Similarity and Distance is a numerical way to measure how alike or geometrically close two data objects are. Scenarios where you might want to calculate similarity and distance would be when you are trying to identify groups of users who have similar behavior or usage patterns.  477 more words

Data Analytics

Of diabetes and data analytics

I have always been a bit of a nerd.

There: I said it. I watched Doctor Who before it was cool to like it. Ditto Star Trek. 960 more words

Why hiring data scientists isn't enough

Enterprise leaders believe data analytics can improve their businesses. And it can, but only if the enterprise has someone capable of 1) asking the right questions and 2) drawing the right conclusions. 371 more words

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