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5 Marketing “Shoulds” in an Overwhelming List of “Coulds”

You’ve heard the adage, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” This is especially true in marketing, where the ever-so-tempting list of “coulds” is lengthy at best and overwhelming at worst. 815 more words

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Text Classification Method in Business and Political studies

Long short-term memory (LSTM) is a relatively recent technique applied in the context of artificial neural networks. But it has reached a status of fundamental component in new products for major technology companies the likes of Google, Apple or Baidu. 2,116 more words

Big Data Innovations

Tom Breur

24 October 2016

Big Data have passed the “tipping point.” Some innovations change the market; others are so disruptive that they create entirely… 510 more words

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Twitterwonk Model: Primary & General Election


How does Twitterwonk work?

 1. Twitterwonk examines the leading candidates from both US political parties and conducts analyses using Twitter data for the following categories: Volume, Engagement, and Followers.  63 more words

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Grace HOOPER?! It's Grace HOPPER! Get it right!!

Well, I have seen some disrespectful news, but I just saw a “ticker” from a major news network (I will not say the name, but the three initials start with “N”), that said a new Center for Cybersecurity was going to be inaugurated at the Naval Academy in Maryland under the name of Grace HOOPER.  362 more words


Fuel Your Instagram

🚀🚀🚀 Over the past months I have helped yoga studios, health coaches, musicians, and artists grow their audiences on Instagram, averaging 10-15 new followers per day. 27 more words

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An article on Social Networks: when to post or not to post - that is the question

I’ve chosen to post today on a topic that is becoming more and more important for many people and businesses. When should anyone post on Social Networks and what is the best schedule for posts in order to achieve the right optimized level of responses, feedbacks or clicks. 2,125 more words

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