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NTU NBS Specialisation FAQ - Business Analytics

Most of the FAQs here have been reproduced from previous comments and inquiries about the spec from various sources.

For a review of the BA specialisation on a whole, click… 600 more words

NTU NBS Specialisation Review - Business Analytics

It’s that time of the year again when decisions have to be made – by the year 1 business peeps regarding their specialisation.

Since my year, there has been 2 new specialisations, Business Analytics and Risk Management. 1,515 more words


Prior to train the model, dataset is randomly split into a training and a test dataset. The training dataset will be used to train the model, and the purpose of the test dataset is to evaluate the performance of the final model. 27 more words

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Pre-processing: feature selection, feature scaling, and dimensionality reduction

Pre-processing involves feature selection, feature scaling, and dimensionality reduction.

✓ Feature selection – We are only interested in retaining meaningful features that can help to build a good classifier. 811 more words

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Data cleansing

Data cleansing is a process of removing incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, improperly formatted, and duplicated data. The quality of data affects the data analysis results. In many real-world scenarios, we have the problem of incomplete or missing data, and missing or sparse data can also lead to highly misleading results. 455 more words

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Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

The goals of exploratory data analysis are listed as follows:

✓ Detection of data errors
✓ Checking of assumptions
✓ Finding hidden patterns
✓ Preliminary selection of appropriate models… 328 more words

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