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Data Science! Data Science!! and Data Science!!! What is data science? It is like a rocket science to learn or just a hype in the technology? Well, we will learn soon.

Google Play Store Apps Data Visualization

Procure the used data-set from kaggle .

I have used various Python Libraries to extrapolate useful insights from the data and used plots and graphs to Visualize them. 38 more words


Decision Tree Models

This article will go through the basics of the python3 implementation of decision tree classifiers using the scikit-learn API. This can be easily translated into R, but will not be gone through here. 543 more words


plotGODESeq: differential expression and Gene Ontology enrichment on one plot

Recently, I came across the package GOplot by Wencke Walter http://wencke.github.io/. In particular I liked the function GOBubble. However, I found difficult to customise the plot. 1,402 more words

Data Analytics

How Data Visualization Can Load Your Business Strategy


We are constantly surrounded by data. He greets us on social networks, on the presentation of the team or in an impressive infographic or in the form of a boring economic news service. 645 more words

What Are the Cancer Rates of Various Metrics for Each US State in 2016?

The following data visualization was developed in Microsoft Power BI.  It allows you to explore cancer rates by cancer type, sex, and US state from various metric perspectives: prevalence, death, DALYs (Disability-adjusted life years), and YLLs (Years of life lost).  93 more words

Data Analytics