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How Data Annotation Companies Manually Label their Data?

Data annotation is the process of labeling the data to make it understandable or recognizable to machines. And there basically, two types of data annotation – manual, which is usually done by humans by hand and automatically, through automated application software. 458 more words

Data Annotation

How to Find Best Data Labeling and AI Data Annotation Companies with Best Pricing?

Nowadays, owing to wider scope and excessive demand in the AI and machine learning market, the requirement for labeled data also surged at very high rate. 509 more words

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What is Data Annotation and What are the Types of Annotation Services?

Making the data understandable to machines by labeling using the certain techniques like outlining or shading the text or objects images is basically known as data annotation. 314 more words

Image Annotation

How to Decide Important Points While Outsourcing Image Annotation?

Things To Consider While Outsourcing The Image Annotation Services

Outsourcing image annotation services is one the most crucial task for AI companies seek training to develop the models. 1,149 more words

Data Annotation

What is Data Annotation and What are its Advantages?

AI and machine learning is one the fastest growing technology brining unbelievable innovations providing the advantages to different fields globally. And to create such automated applications or machines, huge amount of training data sets is required. 601 more words

Data Annotation