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Introduction to Network Security

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What is the Internet?
A. A. The Internet is simply a worldwide connection of computers and networks. That is why this chapter is titled Network Security–because the Internet is, in its simplest terms, a very large network. 242 more words

Data Backup


Duplicator is a plug-in that acts as an easy way to transfer your site from one location to another. It also acts as a backup for all your site data. 52 more words

My Photo Workflow Continues to Evolve


Your post production workflow – the steps you take after uploading your photos to your computer – is always a topic that is worth reviewing from time to time. 874 more words

Digital Workflow

Justine: World Backup Day is Coming!

The other day, while toodling through the internet, I read a blog post by someone who had lost EVERYTHING they had on their computer…the whole shebang…because of a virus. 1,079 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

Develop Backup and Recovery Policy Management to Support GRC

Back up and restore policy management is a critical piece to your GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance). Policy management encompasses all the rules for where data is stored, how many versions can be stored, and for how long it is stored. 589 more words

Data Backup

How to retrieve lost business data of Business?

Before reviewing the below recommendations and suggestions, verify that the files have been deleted; in some cases the files may have been moved. You can search the hard drive for the files you believe to be missing by running find or search on the computer. 421 more words


How to make your mobile phone data backup to computer

In the electronic information age, it is self-evident importance of mobile phone and computer data, but mobile phone and computer data backup trip, for mobile phone and computer users do not seem to value or not easy, only as long as they lose data, they will think of the importance of… 298 more words

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