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Top 5 Online Backup Tools

Online backup tools or Cloud backup software helps you deal with storage space worries in a secure manner. These tools allow you store all type of data on Cloud servers in an instant way. 624 more words

System Protector

Social Media Examiner: How to Back Up Your Social Media Content

Social Media Examiner: How to Back Up Your Social Media Content. “Downloading your social media profiles, content, and contacts will ensure you always have what you need to keep your business running, no matter what platform or features come and go. 17 more words

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Data Loss Can be Prevented by Data Backing

Data loss can be detrimental to any company or individual. Loss of data means losing vital information and content. It poses threat to any employee or organization, as a whole. 451 more words

Backup Everything

Three New Year's tech resolutions you must keep

Happy New Year.  Here’s hoping 2017 will be a great year for you.  And here is an article that provides three great ideas for your cyber-protection this year:  Passwords, Backup, and Digitization. 392 more words


Make the Smart Choice - Know Your Data Protection Terminology

In today’s global economy, data is everywhere. Companies send and receive sensitive data all over the country and world. There is a push toward more accessible data, and greater interoperability. 1,300 more words

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