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Single-Tier Vs. Multi-Tier Backup

Backing up your information is essential to ensure it is safe from computer crashes, breeches,  cyber threats, and any disaster where data can be lost. It is wise to create a data retention plan and invest the security of your to mitigate any of the mentioned issues. 559 more words

Data Backup and Recovery Market Size, Trends & Analysis – Forecasts To 2025

Data Backup and Recovery Market Insights

The global data backup and recovery market is anticipated to grow at an exponential rate over the forecast period. The data backup and recovery software is widely accepted by a large number of end users as it provides automated, reliable, cost-effective, secure, and scalable solutions to enterprises and also ensures business continuity in the event of any mishap. 933 more words

Spotted on Reddit: Archivarix

My IFTTT-based Reddit-monitoring tool spotted this. Unfortunately I don’t know how recent it is, but it’s interesting: an online tool called Archivarix. It’s designed for downloading Web sites from the Wayback Machine; the first 200 files are free, additional files are $5 per thousand, or a half-cent per file. 138 more words

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Warning Signs of Computer Hard Drive Failures

Hard disk failure may occur without any symptoms but many hard drives often show some warning signs that there is a problem before they die. If your hard drive shows any of these symptoms, you need to back up your hard drive immediately or talk with our hard disk recovery technical experts to secure your data before the crash occurs.Let’s look at some common warning signs of hard drive failures: 267 more words

Simon Willison: Recovering missing content from the Internet Archive

Simon Willison: Recovering missing content from the Internet Archive. “When I restored my blog last weekend I used the most recent SQL backup of my blog’s database from back in 2010. 84 more words

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Where's Your Backup? - Borepatch

I know, I know, it’s a real pain in the ass.  But when your system has a hiccup and your files are nowhere to be found, you start to feel the heartburn and the headache comes on pretty fast. 891 more words

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How to backup your data

Android Phone

Most smartphones are running on this operating system, am talking Infinix, Huawei, HTC, Samsung, Fero, Itel, Nokia, Xiaomi and all major brands excluding the iPhone and blackberry. 256 more words