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How much do data breaches cost big companies? Shockingly little

In the last two years, Fortune 500 companies from Sony to Target to Anthem have experienced major data breaches. Executives have lost their jobs, tens of millions of consumers have had their credit card and other personal data compromised, and corporations have frantically tried to contain the damage. 1,140 more words


Red Canary mixes technology and human intuition to help companies fight cyber threats

Many cybersecurity companies are racing to create the most innovative technology to track, watch, and hopefully prevent cyber attacks. A recently launched company, however, is taking more of an old school approach to protecting data and ensuring the safety of computer networks. 329 more words


Android Installer Highjacking Exposes Devices to Malware

Palo Alto Networks yesterday revealed details of a widespread vulnerability in Google’s Android mobile operating system that allows attackers to hijack the installation of a seemingly safe Android application — Android Package File (APK) — on user devices, and replace it with an app of the attacker’s choice, without user knowledge. 427 more words


"Solicitors should not use email at all"

In an article in Computing News last year about the warning ICO issued to the legal profession after a series of data breaches, Richard Anstey, CTO EMEA for collaboration tools provider Intralinks, was asked for his input on ICO’s top tips for barristers and solicitors. 59 more words

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Data security in the legal profession

ICO, which I called some time ago about the continued hacking problems I sometimes write about but which understandably cannot justify the expense to investigate them, issued a warning last year after several data breaches at law firms. 86 more words

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Most companies believe they'll be hacked in 2015, poll shows

A common refrain among security professionals goes like this. There are two kinds of companies in the world: those that know they’ve been hacked, and those that have been hacked and don’t yet know it. 440 more words


For the record, regarding data protection

Having been the personal target of relentless hacking for nearly 7 years – which I do not keep from you and also mention in my agreements – has allowed me to develop pretty tight data security. 462 more words

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