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High standard for bringing data breach class actions

Claimants’ entitlement to bring data breach class actions is currently a hot topic in the US. In a March 2015 US District Court decision, the Judge held that the plaintiffs did not have standing to sue because they weren’t able to demonstrate “actual misuse of the hacked data or specifically allege how such misuse is certainly impending”. 47 more words

Expensive privacy settlements for Linkedin and Target

Linkedin has agreed to pay US$1.25 million and to implement industry-standard data security protocols to settle a user privacy class action suit. In 2012, Linkedin was hacked and the passwords for nearly 6.5 million users were stolen. 104 more words

Data breaches hit record high

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the number of US data breaches hit a record high of 783 in 2014, disclosing nearly 86 million records. 73 more words

‘Security has failed’: Exclusive preview of RSA president's conference keynote

On Tuesday, Amit Yoran delivers his first keynote address as president of RSA—the security subsidiary of business technology giant EMC , best known for its passkey-generating fobs—at this year’s RSA Conference, the largest enterprise security confab in the world. 1,097 more words


Data breaches and Internet of Things risks are among cybersecurity executives' top concerns by Angela Swartz - Silicon Valley Busness Jouranal

Data breaches and Internet of Things risks are among cybersecurity executives’ top concerns

As the RSA security conference in San Francisco nears, security executives are thinking about risks from breaches and Internet of Things devices. 824 more words