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IIJ鈴木会長が憂慮する「日本の技術革新」の行方 [ #cloud ]

本連載「松岡功の『今週の明言』」では毎週、ICT業界のキーパーソンたちが記者会見やイベントなどで明言した言葉をいくつか取り上げ、その意味や背景などを解説している。今回は、IIJの鈴木幸一 代表取締役会長兼CEOと、シスコシステムズの藤本司郎 執行役員の発言を紹介する。



Redundancy Is Supreme

Why Redundancy is SupremeThe NinesThe IT industry is full of acronyms, myths and legends. We, in the industry, seem hell-bent on reducing every name or action to a cluster of letters and numbers. 2,460 more words

Veri Merkezi İşletmeciligi Raporu

Veri Merkezi büyük boyutlarda verinin toplanması, depolanması, işlenmesi ve dağıtılması amacıyla, bilgisayar ağ ve donanımlarının çok yoğun bir şekilde merkezde toplandığı yerlerdir.

Hayatımızda bu kadar önemli bir yeri olan veri merkezlerinin, ülkemizde tam anlamıyla ifade edildiği herhangi bir yasal mevzuat bulunmamaktadır. 2,086 more words

Google Cloud Platform opens its first West Coast region

Back in 2006, Google opened its first owned and operated data center in The Dalles, Oregon, and starting today, you’ll be able to host your Google Cloud Platform applications in Oregon, too. 302 more words


Take Our Challenge !! CYBERSECURITY IN 2016

We are a Managed Service Provider for ISP’s, MSP’s, Reseller’s and Var’s using back end
OEM space/services from Major manufactures using a multi-tenant environments.
We can out price, outperform and provide more security then our competition. 208 more words

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Network Automation: Another Tool in the Toolbox

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a few tweets and blog posts regarding the immaturity of network automation methods and the danger in utilizing those methods in production networks. 1,013 more words


Data Center REITs Gained Attention Again

This week U.S. equity REIT stocks have been slightly up, with a 0.8% average increase. The S&P500 also saw a similar trend. This time we noticed that the market was holding stronger opinions towards sectors. 472 more words