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5 Important Facts about High Availability Data Center Design

As the datacenters become more and more essential to enterprise applications, there’s a rise in the concerns about datacenter reliability and its availability. Redundancy is considered to be an important factor for infrastructure reliability by industry experts, but it’s not the only factor; what’s more important is the need to keep the design and actual requirements of enterprises in sync. 478 more words

マイクロソフトは新データセンターを「海に沈める」(動画あり) [ #cbajp ]




Inside the NFL's Tech Playbook for the Super Bowl

Competition in the Super Bowl is so fierce that the NFL feels compelled to give each team their own portable data centers on the sidelines. Sharing the stadium’s permanent data center would be too risky because team spies could more easily steal digital play books or even sabotage another team’s on-field communications. 934 more words


海底に沈め海水で冷やすデータセンター、マイクロソフトが実証 [ #cbajp ]

拡大するデータセンターの大きな課題となっているのが、サーバが生み出す熱とその冷却に要する電力の問題だ。その問題に対し、ユニークな解決策の実証に取り組むのがマイクロソフトの「Project Natick」である。米国マイクロソフトが推進している研究プロジェクトである「Project Natick」は、水中にデータセンターを建設し運用することを目指すものだ。



Strategic Assessment of the Worldwide Data Center Construction market 2016 – 2021

Strategic Assessment of the Worldwide Data Center Construction market by Construction (Electrical Construction, Mechanical Construction, and General Construction) Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Geographical Analysis, Technology Segmentation, Vendor Analysis, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2021. 622 more words

Linux Training and Red Hat Certification

In today’s aggressive IT world, information of linux online training can shape the fate of a man. Aside from information in dialects, for example, Java, C++, .net, PHP, learning of Linux can help in securing a decent profession. 393 more words