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The Forgotten Element of Data Security, Privacy and Compliance

By Scott Capps, Director, Data Center Services

In the Society for Information Management’s annual survey of Chief Information Officers, once again, security and privacy took center stage for many IT leaders. 808 more words

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Mark Zuckerberg released photos of Facebook’s highly advanced and rather dystopian-looking data center

Fresh off of announcing that he wants to cure every disease in the world for a relatively small amount of money, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to show the world some of the other technical challenges he’s helping surmount. 490 more words

Mark Zuckerberg Just Released Rare Photos of Facebook's Ultra-Advanced Data Center

Curious what the world’s most advanced data center looks like?

Mark Zuckerberg just gave us a peek inside Facebook’s Luleå data center. In a Facebook post this afternoon, he shared 16 photos as the first installment of a series of “rare photos of the most advanced technology Facebook is building around the world,” promising we can expect more in the coming months. 736 more words


Here's Why Facebook Built One of Its Data Centers Near the Arctic Circle

For many new Facebook employees, their first days begin in front of a computer screen, learning the ins and outs of the company’s code. That code, after all, serves as the foundation of the company’s gigantic social network, hosting more than one billion daily visitors. 700 more words


Microsoft and Adobe Partner to Promote Cloud Computing Services

The Big News:

While Google is celebrating its 18th birthday, another big story of the day in tech world is the newly formed partnership… 465 more words

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Can data centers can prove to be the brain of today’s business firms?

The human brain is the most important organ of the human body. It handles the nervous system which in turn instructs the heart to pump blood and the nose to breathe. 512 more words

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4 Reasons why a colocation center is a boon in disguise for small businesses!

A startup is a complex,risky chance taken by any investor. A start-up can have huge investors or may just have a meager amount to sustain itself. 454 more words

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