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How to choose the right asset tagging solution

Generally, the idea of adding a tag or label to an item is to assist with identification. The most commonly used example of this is the standard UPC barcode which is present on virtually every commercially sold product. 1,154 more words

Asset Management

Amazon vs MS Erupts in the Cloud

The battle for the public cloud is heating up in India, as Microsoft and Amazon fight it out for dominance in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. 374 more words


Introduction to OTV (Overlay Transport Virtualization)

What problem is OTV trying to solve?

Key virtualization features in the data centre like vMotion require flat layer 2 networks to function. These layer 2 networks often span multiple data centres.  2,658 more words

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Ensure the Growth and Success of Your Organization with a Well-Built Data Center

A data center is a basic requirement for the successful functioning of an organization. A data center houses a large network of computers and their components that are connected to a server. 301 more words

Data Center

Redundancy Is Supreme

Why Redundancy is SupremeThe NinesThe IT industry is full of acronyms, myths and legends. We, in the industry, seem hell-bent on reducing every name or action to a cluster of letters and numbers. 2,460 more words

Data Center India for Complete Data Security

Data Centers are very important for running any business whether it’s a mid-size business or a huge enterprise. These centers help to reach out to the large numbers of customers worldwide with the product and services being offered by the company. 252 more words

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What are the Top Factors to Select a Data Center?

Information-dependent business world, high availability of data centers is a-must. Availability of hardware and systems increases employee productivity and reinforces the bottom line of an organization. 470 more words

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