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Redundancy Is Supreme

Why Redundancy is SupremeThe NinesThe IT industry is full of acronyms, myths and legends. We, in the industry, seem hell-bent on reducing every name or action to a cluster of letters and numbers. 2,460 more words

Data Center India for Complete Data Security

Data Centers are very important for running any business whether it’s a mid-size business or a huge enterprise. These centers help to reach out to the large numbers of customers worldwide with the product and services being offered by the company. 252 more words

Data Center India

What are the Top Factors to Select a Data Center?

Information-dependent business world, high availability of data centers is a-must. Availability of hardware and systems increases employee productivity and reinforces the bottom line of an organization. 470 more words

Data Center Feasibility


Decided to learn VMWare’s NSX.  I wanted to expand my knowledge and we are installing NSX at Deakin.  I think it is a good opportunity to explore a new technology that is not a Cisco product. 431 more words


Can a data centre be as fast to respond to the complexity of business as a sports car or jet responds to the accelerator?

The starting point for “implementing” a top of the range sports car or jumbo jet are similar to a new data centre – specifications are scoped, built and tested before they go forward. 416 more words

Asset Management

Telco 2025 : Who will be the Titan ??

Do you really want to know who will dominate the Telco space in the next decade ? Who will be a Global Telco Titan ? If you do then you might want to track the activities of the Data Centre Titans . 1,343 more words