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The link between social media, fake news and big data – part 3

This week features the final section of a three part interview on @SAfmradio late last month.

In part one we looked at the difference between data and big data… 185 more words

Data Governance

Information specialists and #DataLibrarian skills

Librarians, archivists, curators, repository managers and records managers all play key roles in the context of eResearch.

Data librarians are professional library staff engaged in managing research data, using research data as a resource, or supporting researchers in these activities. 394 more words


Communications & Social Media Data Curation

Let’s chat about Data Curation…

Follow my data curation on SCOOP IT, identified by 3 topics : “Communications & Social Media”, “Healthcare & Communications” and “Did you know?” 99 more words


The magnificent refuges that hide humanity’s information by Philippe Braqueiner

PHILIPPE BRAQUENIER IS obsessed with all the ways humanity preserves information. Not just libraries and data centers, but weird stuff too, like Reyers Bridge in Belgium that housed its blueprints inside the bridge’s pillars and the Bahnhof company in Sweden that’s decorated like a space station. 394 more words


Regression: Prediction of Trends

A simple analytics use case is predicting mortgage default. We can use different predictive models, e.g., C5 classification model in SPSS or Spark ML Random Forest Classifier in the notebook.

AI Pattern

The library's role in scholarly communication

Over the last several months I’ve become increasingly interested in the role that libraries and librarians play in scholarly communications. Scholarly communication is, according to Wikipedia, “the process by which academics, scholars, and researchers share and publish their research findings so that they are available to the wider academic community and beyond.” In short, scholarly communication is, as the name suggests, the communication of scholarship. 651 more words