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Information Overload, send out an S.O.S

In Chapter 8, Briggs discusses this idea that nearly all information we are exposed to can be a bit overwhelming, due to the fact that there is so much of it. 507 more words

Writing in infograFIX

I didn’t study journalism to do maths. No one studies journalism to do MATHS! Journalists have a passion for writing, a love for words. So when humanities students are expected to be able to collect, clean and structure data, they are bound to be a bit unhappy. 373 more words

I dropped Maths to be a Journalist.

After twelve years of studying in lower level education, I was pleased to have parted ways with my number one nemesis – mathematics. Until I discovered Data Driven Journalism.   517 more words

Numbers, stats, graphs and figures to create news.

Now you’re a journalist; you’re in the newsroom thinking and planning your next story and then suddenly your editor hands you a document filled with numbers, statistics rather and says “Give me a story”. 501 more words

In a Data-state-of-mind

The human mind is a beautiful thing. Every day, we are able to analyse and process a huge amount of data. As modern-day technology and the digital world evolved, so did journalism – hence “data-driven journalism”. 491 more words