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Reading Data from M3 Grid through Jscript

Most of the M3 programs contain data grids (tables views) and to know how to read data from those grids would be really useful. Consider the following scenario. 374 more words


In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG), why do we need it and how different it is from an In-Memory Database


Relational databases have been the backbone of data storage for the majority of data stored in computers since 1980s. They are extensively used in many domains including financial sector. 693 more words

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Hazelcast In Memory Data Grid: a quick Intro

In Today’s distributed computing, the need to have reactive times in processing event flows is a stringent requirement in many contexts, for example Financial Industry, Internet Services, Health Industry, and so on. 767 more words

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Discover popular uses for in-memory data grids – Webcast October 29th 2014

Top Three Reasons to Use an In-Memory Data Grid
Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM PDT
As data volumes and customer expectations increase—driven by social, mobile, and cloud devices—so does the need to manage more data, often in real time. 147 more words


CRM 2013 – Interesting Quirks

Data Grid “+” does either Add New or Add Existing

So, hypothetical situation, I need a data grid on a custom entity (call it Group) to allow me to add existing related records of Users. 190 more words

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