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Non-working logon trigger on Data Guard standby database

Today I did something very dumb when working with a vendor to trace and issue and rendered our Data Guard physical standby database unusable. I added an AFTER LOGON ON DATABASE trigger which collected information about a session and wrote it to a table. 848 more words


FASTSYNC Redo Transport for Data Guard in #Oracle 12c

FASTSYNC is a new LogXptMode for Data Guard in 12c. It enables Maximum Availability protection mode at larger distances with less performance impact than LogXptMode SYNC has had before. 533 more words


Little things worth knowing: Data Guard Broker Setup changes in 12c

One of the problems I have seen when deploying Data Guard for systems such as RAC One Node and policy managed databases was the static listener configuration you needed in 11.2. 2,187 more words


Data Guard Monitoring Job

Create data guard user

create user dg identified by dg default tablespace users;
grant create job to dg;
grant create session to dg;
grant manage scheduler to dg;
grant select on dba_scheduler_job_run_details to dg;
grant select on dba_scheduler_notifications to dg;
grant select on v_$archive_dest_status to dg;
grant select on v_$database to dg;
grant select on v_$instance to dg; 404 more words
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Setting the Data Guard property ObserverReconnect


The ObserverReconnect configuration property specifies how often the observer establishes a new connection to the primary database. When this property is set to the default value of 0, it prevents the observer from periodically establishing a new connection with the primary database. 85 more words

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How to Monitor Data Guard Configuration

This script will alert you to changes in the data guard configuration.  If there is an error then it will also append the database configuration.  The script will need to be placed on the primary and all standby databases. 92 more words

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Data Guard Setup

How to Setup and Configure a New Data Guard Environment.

1. Label the disks.

sys90_oracle\>sudo /kelly/admin/bin/oracleasm createdisk primary_data /dev/mapper/mpathgp1
sys90_oracle\>sudo /kelly/admin/bin/oracleasm createdisk primary_fra /dev/mapper/mpathip1
sys90_oracle\>sudo /kelly/admin/bin/oracleasm scandisks… 1,322 more words
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