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What is data guard in simple language?

A 1

Your primary database is running and you want to reduce downtime because of unplanned outages. 2,998 more words

Data Guard

Resolve huge archive gap between PRIMARY and STANDBY DATAGUARD

A Physical Standby database synchs with Primary by continuous apply of archive logs from a Primary Database.

When the logs are missing on standby difference is huge (say more than 500 logs), you have to rebuild the standby database from scratch. 346 more words

Data Guard

Data Guard Logical Standby - what does it mean?

With Data Guard, you have the choice between Physical and Logical Standby databases. Let’s see the differences! My demo starts with a Physical Standby, that is then converted into a Logical Standby (therefore the name of the database): 1,328 more words


Primary on FileSystem and Standby on ASM

For one of the client, standby server went down. We had another standby server which was kept down for more than a month. Decision was taken to start the server and apply incremental SCN based backup on the standby database. 1,124 more words


Oracle Database Consulting Services

Our team can help you quickly and cost effectively move to the latest Oracle Database technologies, and transform your environment to reduce IT costs, increase performance, and better meet business needs. 510 more words


Foreign Archived Log in #Oracle - what does it mean?

When you look into V$RECOVERY_AREA_USAGE, you see a strange row at the bottom:

SQL> select * from v$recovery_area_usage;

----------------------- ------------------ ------------------------- --------------- ----------
CONTROL FILE                             0                         0               0          0
REDO LOG                                 0                         0               0          0
ARCHIVED LOG                         10.18                         0              73          0
BACKUP PIECE                             0                         0               0          0
IMAGE COPY                               0                         0               0          0
FLASHBACK LOG                            0                         0               0          0
FOREIGN ARCHIVED LOG                     0                         0               0          0
AUXILIARY DATAFILE COPY                  0                         0               0          0
… 312 more words

Data Guard Licensing

BREAKING NEWS: Oracle does NOT charge you for an advanced feature which is crucial in providing disaster recovery and is a key part of their Maximum Availability Architecture. 89 more words