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Oracle 12c introduced a RMAN feature: RECOVER/RESTORE … FROM SERVICE. When rolling forward a standby database, this involved the below steps on the standby database: 2,144 more words


Missing Disk / Dismounting Diskgroup after duplicate from ASM to ACFS

Last week I was asked to create a Data Guard environment. Quite simple task, you may think. And actually it was, but with some funny side effects. 762 more words


Did You Know #24 - Blocked Instances

Even after years of working with something, you can always learn new stuff. Today I tried to create a standby database using the duplicate command. When you duplicate a database you need to connect to both instances (primary as target and standby as auxiliary) using SQL*Net (and not “/”). 175 more words

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Data Guard warning: This file is unencrypted

Today I did some functional tests with a newly created Data Guard setup. The database is with the latest (January) Bundlepatch installed and it does not use Oracle Managed Files (OMF). 387 more words


Recover Standby Using an Incremental Backup

Hey all,
I know is there is a lot of posts about it in the internet, but I’m doing mine about it. The main reason is that the other has lots of steps and outputs and I miss simplicity. 260 more words


Oracle Data Guard Quick Reference

Oracle Data Guard

Primary database A production database Standby database A database that can become the primary database, should the primary fail EOR 4,129 more words
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Little things worth knowing: redo transport in Data Guard 12.2 part 2

In the first part of this article I looked at a number of views and some netstat output to show how redo is transported from the primary database to its standby systems. 991 more words