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Managed Redo Apply using all CPU

Again and again I’m forced to setup Data Guard on Windows platforms. Windows is not my favorite platform but that does not matter sometimes. On the other hand, the Oracle command line tools are identical on every platform. 371 more words


Redo log shipping process in Data Guard

Redo Logs can be shipped either by ARCH process or LNS process.

If the log_archive_dest_2 is configured with “LGWR”, then LNS process will be spawned to ship the Redo Logs to the Standby DB… 82 more words


Configuring Data Guard in 11g using Duplicate

Solaris SPARC 10u11

Standby: ORACLE_SID: LCM2DBS single instance, non-ASM


Check that the primary database is in archivelog mode. 1,763 more words


Steps to recreate standby log files in Data Guard

If the real-time apply feature is enabled, log apply services can apply redo data as it is received, without waiting for the current standby redo log file to be archived. 446 more words


DBCA can be used to build standby database starting from 12.2 release

We used to build standby database through the RMAN, either backup, and restore, or build from active primary database. with 12.2 release, dbca is now available to help us achieve this. 50 more words


12c Active Data Guard Far Sync set up

Active Data Guard Far Sync is Oracle 12c new feature, also called far sync standby. Far sync first send redo logs synchronous to a closer site far sync instance, then far sync instance will asynchronously transfer redo to standby site. 779 more words

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how to open standby db,and apply redo auto

–first, stop redo apply
SYS@standby11g>alter database recover managed standby database cancel;
Database altered.
–second, open database
SYS@standby11g>alter database open;
Database altered.
–third, start redo apply again after db is open… 243 more words
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