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Implementation of Logical Standby Database a Failure

Three (3) years ago, I recommended and set up a logical standby database for a critical business function. This is now widely viewed as a failure. 736 more words

Data Guard

How to make sure that the primary and standby are in sycn

There are many cases that you want to confirm that the Primary database is total sync with yours standby databases;

Data Guard

About listener static registration and standby db from active database creation in RAC environemnt.

It will be a small post about the static listener registration and which connection description to use for standby database creation if from active database method used. 802 more words


Rough and ready performance tuning of logical standby database instance

Today, we did some rough and ready performance tuning of one of our logical standby database instance. 190 more words

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What happens to the Standby when you move a datafile on the Primary?

In 12c, we have introduced online datafile movement as a new feature. Now does that impact an existing standby database? I got asked that yesterday during an online webinar. 213 more words


Little things worth knowing: Is there a penalty in establishing a connection to Oracle using the MAA connection string?

Sorry for the long title!

I had a question during my session about “advanced RAC programming features” during the last Paris Oracle Meetup about the MAA connection string. 1,936 more words