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Benchmarking Data Guard Throughput


When planning a new Oracle Data Guard setup, we do a lot of benchmarking beforehand. We do I/O benchmarks using Orion, or application benchmarks like… 1,323 more words


Best Practices for Configuring Redo Transport for Data Guard and Active Data Guard 12c

I have three standby databases db01 located in HQ, db02 located in DR, db03 located in DR and it should be late standby with delay 15 days. 400 more words


How to reinstate the old Primary as a Standby after Failover in #Oracle

You have done a failover to your Standby database so it becomes the new Primary. It may be possible to convert the old Primary into a Standby database now instead of having to do a time consuming duplicate again. 695 more words


Using RMAN Incremental Backups to Roll Forward a Physical Standby Database

We can use rman incremental backup to roll forward physical standby database. Nevertheless, there is one particular step which we might pay attention to.

In general, physical standby database would have different datafile paths. 319 more words


Getting Started With Data Guard

Oracle Data Guard is one of the software solutions provided by Oracle Corporation to maximize high availability of Oracle databases. Oracle Data Guard maintains one or many secondary databases as alternatives to the primary production database. 662 more words


Oracle Clusterware is restarting database "" | shut down instance "" of database "" | start up instance "" of database ""

When I used data guard broker to switchover primary database to standby database sometimes broker writes “Oracle Clusterware is restarting database” ¬†… hangs and times out. 67 more words


Oracle 11g Active Data Guard

Steps to configure Oracle 11g Active Data Guard:

Server details

Primary Server:
hostname: vmnsedb01
Db_name : nsewebdv
DB unique name: nsewebdv
DB Service name: nsewebdv… 826 more words

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