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MyAnimeList : Data is the Next Intel Inside (week 2)

Hello INB347: Web 2.0 students and friends, I am part of Group B so I will be doing a blog on ‘Data is the next Intel inside’. 702 more words

Data Is The Next 'Intel Inside’

YELP!!! Data is the Next Intel Inside.

One of the basic concepts of Web 2.0, as identified by Tim O’Reilly, is captured in the statement: ‘Data Is the Next ‘Intel Inside’ – a design pattern that addresses just how important data is to the success of Web 2.0. 984 more words

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Is Data the Next "Intel" Inside?

Data is the Next Intel Inside is one of the eight cores that has been mention by Tim O’Reilly, as part of design Patterns and Business Models and patterns for the Next Generation of Software. 394 more words

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Week 3 Blog: Data is the Next Intel Inside

Hello Internet and welcome to my blog.

For this week’s blog we’ve been given two possible subjects to discuss, “Enhancing contributions” and “Data is the next Intel inside”. 450 more words

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Data is the next "Intel Inside"

The term ‘Data is the next “Intel Inside” was coined by O’Reilly as a basic pattern of the Web 2.0. “Intel Inside” comes from the campaign that was run by the Intel Corporation when they were trying to convey the idea that their own brand was the go to brand when it came to microprocessors. 747 more words

Web 2.0 - Data is the next Intel Inside

Welcome back to the second week of the web 2.0’s discussion forum. This week the focus of the second core pattern is Data is the next ‘Intel Inside’. 484 more words

Data is the next 'Intel Inside'

This article evaluates a popular internet application among designers MyFonts.com, against the following best practices for O’Reilly’s design pattern: Data is the next ‘Intel Inside’ 69 more words

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