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Writing in infograFIX

I didn’t study journalism to do maths. No one studies journalism to do MATHS! Journalists have a passion for writing, a love for words. So when humanities students are expected to be able to collect, clean and structure data, they are bound to be a bit unhappy. 373 more words

X marks the spot in journalism.

When I first read up on data journalism I was quite surprised and a tad  bit annoyed. I mean I was always the person who hated mathematics in high school and I was most certain I had chosen a profession which didn’t deal with maths and solving equations . 482 more words

Maths in Journalism? I did not sign up for this.

OK! Since I’m a person who isn’t really into anything Mathematical I got a bit frightened at first when I heard about ‘Data Journalism’ , I’m just going to put it out there, numbers frighten me. 460 more words

Data Journalism, nothing new here

During high school, I enjoyed math contrary to popular hysteria. I Didn’t say I was good at it but I enjoyed it. But there was one small thing I hated and that was DATA HANDLING (cue the dramatic music). 449 more words

We have a new kid in the block, we named him Data journalism...

The word data is a word that belongs in hell! That is, for most people. The word data brings back memories of sitting in maths class and not feeling like the brightest person in class.  490 more words

Automated Journalism

The Numbers Game: Understanding Data Journalism.

Nearly every second person on the street will be quick to inform you of how bad they are at math. Ask a random person to give you a percentage of robberies in their neighborhood per month and you are likely to be met with a blank stare. 378 more words

Numbers, stats, graphs and figures to create news.

Now you’re a journalist; you’re in the newsroom thinking and planning your next story and then suddenly your editor hands you a document filled with numbers, statistics rather and says “Give me a story”. 501 more words