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More Charts and Stuff

Class ended up collapsing, but we did make some adjustments to our previous charts.

The Code Academy added more to Javascript, bringing back if/then and adding objects, among other things.

Data Journalism

Data Journalism Research Project

In this project, we have worked on the data of the Olympic medals of gymnastics event from 1984 to 2016. Through studying the trend, we aim to figure if there is any underlying reasons behind the changes in the number of medals; for instance, the training methods, the ethnic combination of the team and political reasons. 554 more words


Foreign domestic helpers request for better living condition

Collaborative work by Wu Xiaoxi and Wei Shuhang

As one of the newcomers in Hong Kong, we believe many people just like us have noticed a unique phenomenon that many young and middle-aged Southeastern Asian women gathers in the centre of the city to have fun in chatting, dancing and sun-bathing. 475 more words


The intersections between aesthetics and visualizations

After reading the writings of the visualizer gurus of this age such as Alberto Cairo and Edward Tufte. The two did agree on many different subjects, yet some differences did arise between the data-praising Tufte and aesthetic-conscious Cairo. 542 more words

Interactive Charts II

In class, we continued with our charts, adding a race section and changing it to a pie chart.

For the Code Academy stuff, it was all about loops in Javascript

Data Journalism

Traffic Accidents in Hong Kong: Where When and Why it Happened?

The complicated road status and huge traffic flow caused public concerns of Hong Kong traffic status, especially frequency of traffic accidents. By using statistics released by Hong Kong Traffic Department, we analyzed HK traffic accidents numbers, distribution and influencing factors. 749 more words

Data Journalism

Echarts Codes


$.get(‘data/asset/geo/HK.json’, function (geoJson) {


   echarts.registerMap(‘HK’, geoJson);

   myChart.setOption(option = {

       title: {

           text: ‘Hong Kong Traffic Accidents Distribution’,

           subtext: ‘Data Source: Hong Kong Traffic Department’, 217 more words

Data Journalism