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Why is the knowledge of handling data essential for journalists?

There is a promise in data and this is what excites newsrooms, making them look for a new type of reporter. Look at it this way: instead of hiring journalists to quickly fill pages and websites with low value content the use of data could create demand for interactive packages, where spending a week on solving one question is the only way to do it.

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Data Journalism

Seeing Patterns

What are machines good at, what are people good at, and how can we get the most out of pairing the best of both worlds? 1,192 more words

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Is Hollywood sexist and ageist? Oscar nominated films cast less and younger women

Films nominated for the Oscars between 2012 and 2016 had less women performing leading roles and the average age of the female cast was always lower than the male one.  277 more words

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EU countries with longer paternity leave hold higher women employment rates

Sweden, Germany and Denmark have the highest percent of female citizens working in the EU, as well as the largest number of paternity leave days, which may suggest a positive correlation between the two facts. 271 more words

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History of Data Journalism

Data journalism has largely evolved in the last two decades, and continues to evolve from newsroom to newsroom across the globe.

Before the term data journalism came into existence, journalists and editors used another term — Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR). 431 more words

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Verification Test

1.Verification of Image

Firstly, I searched for the given longitude and latitude (45° 58′ 35″ N, 7° 39′ 30″ E), but the result did not lead me to Hong Kong Admiralty but to somewhere in Europe. 347 more words

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