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Baroness Jenkin says 'Poor people don't know how to cook.' Really?

Statistics show that higher income family are the ones spending more on eating out and take-aways

The high-profile launch of Feeding Britain – a major report published in December 2014 following lengthy research by the… 324 more words

All Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into Hunger And Food Poverty

It's all about the story

When I first started studying data journalism I was under the impression that it was centered around making fancy interactive graphs, maps and graphics. It most certainly can include these things, but I’ve learnt that its mostly about finding, telling or supporting a story using data, and that visualising some of this in a pretty graph or interactive can be a tool to do this, but isn’t a necessity. 198 more words

We Can Remember It For You Wholesale

In the Philip K. Dick short story on which the two (not terribly good) Total Recall movies were based, people can pay to get false memories implanted in them, in lieu of real experiences. 480 more words

Future Of News

Similarly to other forms of journalism, data journalism is all about telling a compelling story. But what makes it different are the new opportunities to combine and explain a complex story in a simpler and engaging way. 184 more words


Data Journalism: how to use data effectively to tell a meaningful story

Currently, there is a huge amount of data available to the public and journalists can use it to develop stories. Actually, adding numbers and statistics to a story, makes said story more credible. 227 more words


Data (yawn!) journalism

To be completely and unabashedly honest, anything number related is not really my thing hence a degree entirely revolving around words (although I must have missed the memo about this particular lecture). 258 more words

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