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"Windows 10 - Upgrade Now!" - How to avoid embarrassing popups in presentations

Microsoft courted controversy last year when it pushed out an update called KB3035583, also known as the Get Windows 10 app, or GWX… 557 more words


The dangers of hidden data

How many times have you leaked strategic data by accident? And do you even know when you have?

There are a multitude of opportunities to share strategic information with third parties such as clients and suppliers by accident. 486 more words


Targeted Phishing Still Works - Resistance is Critical

As many have been reporting today, one of Snapchat’s employees was recently targeted by online criminals who convinced them that they were the company’s CEO. 178 more words

Data Leakage

Peer-Seeking Webcam Reveals the Security Dangers of Internet Things

A big thanks to Larry Skinner for reminding me of this article.  This is terribly sad for the home surveillance tinkerers out there because these are otherwise great little cameras at an affordable price point.


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”Data Leakage as an Ambiguous Threat: Defining Creepy in Encounters with Technology”

by Sonja Zell

This paper investigates when and how technolgy is perceived as “creepy”. What underlying emotions lead to entering the uncanny valley of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI), particularly to data leakage?  162 more words

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Advent tip #12: Don't email your credit card details!

During the holiday season, you, along with many other people, may use your credit card more than usual.

You might well end up buying various unusual items while you’re about it, by way of getting that perfect gift – something sought-after that you can’t just walk into any old shop and buy, or order online in the normal way. 251 more words


Hotel Key Cards: not usually a Security Issue

I first heard alarming stories about hotel keycards over a decade ago, though I don’t think I’ve written about the issue recently, or outside the healthcare organization I then worked for: I only started to blog publicly some time after I started writing for… 308 more words