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.why .it's .time .to .fix .localhost

We were recently asked to comment on a suggested new internet standard proposed in a document with the intriguing title Let ‘localhost’ be localhost. 806 more words


Workforce Mobility = More Shoulder Surfing Risk

An individual recently alerted me to an instance of sensitive information being displayed on an application screen in the context of limited or non-existent business value. 1,128 more words

Information Security

Verizon Data of at Least Six Million Users Leaked Online

According to Verizon, no data was accessed by an external source, but at the end of the day, the data was exposed publicly and discovered by a security researcher.  69 more words

Security News

​The Treacherous 12 - Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2016

The Cloud Security Alliance published “The Treacherous 12 – Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2016” last year.  I just saw it cited in a security conference presentation and realized that I had not shared this reference.   311 more words

Risk Management

Do Not Use On-Line Services to Encode or Encrypt Secrets

I received an excellent reminder about protecting secrets from a developer this morning. His advice included:

In the course of development work, many of us need to encode or encrypt strings.   417 more words

Risk Management

Security: Two Factor Authentication #2FA

These days you cannot look at a tech page without the mention of Cybercrime, hackers always seem to be a step-in front. It is time to increase “username and password” with an additional level of security. 149 more words


Book preview: Future Crimes by Marc Goodman

After reading a third of Marc Goodman’s Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World (2015), I am shocked to learn just how much data people and businesses are collecting and leaking over the Internet.That data, combined with the power of technology itself, is allowing the unscrupulous to manipulate people, steal, and finance terrorism across the world. 1,019 more words

Book Preview