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Security: Two Factor Authentication #2FA

These days you cannot look at a tech page without the mention of Cybercrime, hackers always seem to be a step-in front. It is time to increase “username and password” with an additional level of security. 149 more words


Book preview: Future Crimes by Marc Goodman

After reading a third of Marc Goodman’s Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World (2015), I am shocked to learn just how much data people and businesses are collecting and leaking over the Internet.That data, combined with the power of technology itself, is allowing the unscrupulous to manipulate people, steal, and finance terrorism across the world. 1,019 more words


Bank leaks 60,000 account details in three character email slip-up

One of Australia’s “big four” banks has found itself caught up in an ongoing problem caused by an errant email.

According to a report late last year, the issue… 967 more words


Chasing the Revenue Dragon

While chasing the smoky revenue dragon, publishers miss a different monster: Data Leakage.

In October The Guardian’s Chief Revenue Officer revealed[1] that numerous ad tech providers in the ad supply chain were extracting up to 70% of advertisers’ money without quantifying the value to the brand. 660 more words

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Anonymous Italia Robs the Police (Again)

On October 12, 2016, Anonymous Italia launched a cyber offensive against the Polizia Penitenziaria (the Italian penitentiary police) to protest against the “unjust” acquittal of all those involved in the trial of… 440 more words

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The Great Data Leakage Whodunit

Safeguarding valuable, first-party data isn’t as easy as you think

If your job is even remotely connected to the digital advertising ecosystem, you are probably aware that data leakage has plagued publishers for many years. 1,054 more words

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Will iOS 10, "the biggest release of iOS ever," brick your device?

As announced earlier this month, Apple just released iOS 10, which it claims is “the biggest release of iOS ever.”

We assume that’s meant to mean biggest as in… 691 more words