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Advent tip #12: Don't email your credit card details!

During the holiday season, you, along with many other people, may use your credit card more than usual.

You might well end up buying various unusual items while you’re about it, by way of getting that perfect gift – something sought-after that you can’t just walk into any old shop and buy, or order online in the normal way. 251 more words


Hotel Key Cards: not usually a Security Issue

I first heard alarming stories about hotel keycards over a decade ago, though I don’t think I’ve written about the issue recently, or outside the healthcare organization I then worked for: I only started to blog publicly some time after I started writing for… 308 more words


At last, Vodacom responds

It took a great deal of badgering on social media, but I received a reply to my emailed questions from Vodacom this afternoon. As a screenshot might be hard to read, I have simply copied and pasted the email from Tshepo Ramodibe into the body of this blogpost. 912 more words

Initial feedback from Vodacom

There was a huge response to my last blog, so I feel it’s important I provide some feedback. I received a phone call from Tshepo Ramodibe, and a follow up email resolving my small issue with data, which is in the screenshot below. 107 more words

Hello, Vodacom?

Oh, Vodacom. I had such high hopes for you. I thought that you cared about your image, your reputation, the perception out there in the marketplace. 1,068 more words

How Can You Reduce Mobile Employee Screwups without Sacrificing their User Experience?

Imagine: Your company is working on a brand new product that you hope will take the market by storm. You need to communicate with both internal colleagues and external partners about designs, features and marketing for the new product. 351 more words


Can Financial Services Explain How Mac OS X Security is Good Enough?

After years of attempting to generate love by claiming that a Mac “doesn’t get PC viruses. A Mac isn’t susceptible to the thousands of viruses plaguing Windows-based computers.” (apple.com 2012)”, Apple has introduced technology for at least 4 different approaches to strengthening OS X resistance to hostile malware. 571 more words

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