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What's in a name?

Often more than you think! Yes, bet you didn’t know that data could be quite so Shakespearean and poetic…

Sorry, just getting your hopes up, but moving forward! 333 more words

Data Cleansing

An administrator, marketer, salesperson & an MD walk into a bar… to discuss data quality

That may have sounded like the start of a joke, however nobody is laughing when it comes to missing information in CRM – it’s rather frustrating really! 689 more words

Data Cleansing

Getting Data Right

Tackling The Challenges of Big Data Volume and Variety

Well-respected voices on shifting dynamics at the junction of data science and big data. Identifies a clear trend I am also tracking: the application of data science methods to refine big data quality and relevance. 29 more words


DLM Phase 4 - Data Usage

It’s Wednesday night,  humpday, we are now midway through the working week.  We are also more than halfway through exploring the 7 phases of data lifecycle management… 447 more words


Data Management Workshop Added for April 13 at 2 PM

Data Management: Planning and Best Practices

Many major funders, including the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, require a plan for managing data. 80 more words

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L8 - Data Management - Q's #2 and #3

Today Mr. BT ran us through L8 in data management on “Communicating about Conclusions from Data Displays”.

He assigned us to finish questions 2 and 3 for homework tonight, it shouldn’t be too hard but remember to do your best!

Good Luck!


EF6A Math

Open Data Science

Everyone is talking about data science. One study found that 96% of companies believe that data science is integral to the success of their business. Yet, most of these organizations (70%) are not realizing its full potential. 967 more words

Data Science