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Understanding Market Basket Analysis

Market basket analysis a machine learning approach that attempts to find relationships among a group of items in a data set. For example, a famous use of this method was when retailers discovered an association between beer and diapers. 634 more words

R Programming

Descriptive Statistics with SQL and R - II

In the previous post I looked into some very basic and common measures of descriptive statistics – mean, median and mode, and how to derive these using T-SQL, R as well as a combo of the two in SQL Server 2016. 942 more words

Data Mining

Security, Surveillance and Safety of the Internet

Something that is really interesting to think about-and quite frankly concerning- is our security and privacy on the internet.

Are we constantly being watched by the government (USA PATRIOT Act), businesses trying to target their advertising, and criminals looking to “phish” our credit card information? 352 more words

The PokePod Episode 2- How Pokemon GO came to be, PokeNews and Pokemon GO Decoded!

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Today on episode 2 of The PokePod,

Kevin talked about how Pokemon GO came to be and how the idea started, talked about the recent Pokemon GO news and gave a few tips! 61 more words


Data Mining: Twitter

Hello peoples,

I want to share with you some sample code to ‘mine’ twitter.

These scripts go along with Marco Bonzanini’s tutorials, which you can find… 7 more words

Data Mining

Recent Pokémon GO Data Mining Has Turned Up a Lot of New Details

It was thanks to data mining the other week that we got to learn about the Pokémon GO/McDonald’s collaboration and hear a little more on the likes of… 603 more words


dplyr and Zika - Epilogue

I really thought I was done with the Express dplyr series though on completion of the second part I received many messages requesting more examples of using dplyr with ggplot along with some other types of information such as the Zika virus data which can be… 3,925 more words

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