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SVM(e1071 of R) Tuning with MNIST


Handwriting recognition is a well-studied subject in computer vision and has found wide applications in our daily life (such as USPS mail sorting). In this project, we will explore various machine learning techniques for recognizing handwriting digits. 235 more words



Big oopsie on CloudFlares part.

A good writeup is here: Gizmodo

Original post from Tavis Ormandy here

CloudFlare’s own downplay here

And last but not least, GitHub has a list of sites that are affected including possible iOS Apps… 7 more words

Data Mining

Applied Machine Learning for Data Exfil and Other Fun Topics

@tachyeonz : by Matt Wolff & Brian Wallace & Xuan ZhaoMachine learning techniques have been gaining significant traction in a variety of industries in recent years, and the security industry is no exception to it’s influence. 19 more words


Data Mining (Fundamentals & Time Series Algorithms)in SSAS

This short article is completely Q & A based on Data Mining in SSAS(SQL Server Analysis Services)where we will discuss fundamentals and Time Series Algorithms. So below are the questions and its proposed answer which will help reader to improve fundamentals of Data Mining in SSAS. 862 more words

Never leave it in the hands of the judges

Como a grande maioria dos pre-adolescentes bobos nos anos 90 eu adorava assistir filmes de luta como “O grande dragão branco”, “Leão branco”, “Kickboxer”, você já entendeu a tendência…Todos os filmes do Van Damme, basicamente. 1,013 more words