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Data and Digital Identities

Who are you, really? That is the question that you might expect from someone else, or even yourself, but you probably wouldn’t expect the data mining algorithms in your devices to do so. 649 more words

Miners of the Self

One of our core themes here at DP:

Our social life-world has become increasingly transformed into a vast data mine, an extractive and highly lucrative corporate bonanza in which the “mine” is our own subjectivity, together with whatever is left of our communities and collective identities.  256 more words


Cambridge Analytica

The bulldozing of data into higher and higher piles to be gone through by swarms of seagulls selling items or ideas to your demographic and ideology is building toward a future where all news and all ideas are suspect.

Welcome to Oceania.

Nobody Escapes, It's All Being Setup to Close ALL Exits - Episode 152B

Nobody Escapes, It’s All Being Setup To Close All The Exits – Episode 1528b

 X22 Report – Political, Geopolitical

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit… 136 more words

I Will Do Data Entry, Data Mining, Data Collection


I will do Data EntryData Mining and Internet Research. I can find Executive Names, titles, email addresses, telephone numbers and street numbers. 108 more words

Sharwar Simon

TGIF – March 23, 2018

Time to look at Obama?

It’s just really wonderful how often President Trump gets slammed for doing and saying exactly the same things his predecessor did, as happened when he made the same diplomatic call to Putin that Obama did, using almost exactly the same wording. 783 more words


A tale for today: how much is a free lunch at the 'Koob Café'?

Rose Luckin

Chris walked into a London cafe. It had a strange name: ‘Koob Cafe’, but Chris had been attracted by the sign over the door saying “Free Lunch here all day every day.” The cafe staff explained that all Chris had to do to enter the cafe and get a free lunch any day, was to press a small button on the cafe to agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the café, which was actually a bit like a club. 1,227 more words

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