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Using data as a method to predict

Cloud computing steps beyond the virtual world and out into the real business world of decision making, especially as seen in strategic marketing decisions.  It starts with a collection of unstructured data, processing the data through a cloud service, and ending up with results anyone from marketing to the CEO can understand. 245 more words

Will 2016 be the year of Cognitive Computing?

David Burton, Head of Analytics at Innovative Enterprises, writing for his company’s on-line channel tries to answer if this year could be the year of cognitive computing. 346 more words

DMAIPH Quick Data Survey

A few months back I sent a quick survey to 3,000 of my LinkedIn connections who are either analysts or work closely with data and analysis. 434 more words

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Data Mining: What It Is and Why You Should Care

If you have a Facebook page then you’ve probably noticed the handful of small, unassuming ads that tend to line the right hand side of the page. 481 more words

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Excel File for Quantile-Quantile Analysis

This is an Excel .xlsx file for reproducing Table 1 of our tutorial on Quantile-Quantile Plots. Now anyone with Excel installed can play and explore this simple technique aimed at determining if a data set is normally distributed. 39 more words

Data Mining

Social Media Mining: Food Shortages in Venezuela Project

“Compiling a perfect data set is like trying to catch a stream of water in your hands. Some data is inherently inaccurate, some data is not available for logistical or legal reasons, and some data simply isn’t included because it didn’t seem necessary at the point of design ( 354 more words

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