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In the world of Microsoft Windows the more things “change” the more they stay the same.

The latest release , Windows 10, is accompanied by the… 687 more words

Is Text Analytics the Next Frontier for Big Data?

No matter how quickly technology progresses and businesses experience the subsequent benefits, people are usually looking ahead to the next big thing. The same can be said of big data. 126 more words

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What is Humalytica?

The Question

Recently, a group of analysts were asked this question: “In your opinion, if you had to pick only one, what is the best analytics tool in the marketplace? 698 more words


Song Crunch: App Review

Have you ever wondered if your favorite band’s lyrics have a deeper meaning, or what motives and emotions inspired such a brilliant piece of music? Wonder no longer; University of Texas Statistics Graduate Student Daniel Woodie has built an app called “Song Crunch” that combines the use of text mining techniques in an easy to use interface that allows people to explore the larger lyrical picture of many artists and bands. 746 more words


What are the procedures in Business Data Processing ?

What might your business manage without exact and opportune information? From the developing necessities of “Huge Data” to the conventional needs including finance and bookkeeping, information is dependably a center piece of any association’s arranging and operations picture. 700 more words

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Assess Return Behavior in Fashion Retail (Online and Mail Order Business) with Cross Selling Analysis

Important aspects of the success of online and mail order business are the observation of the consumers’ behavior and the immediate response and actions during the sale or ordering process.

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Condé Nast Accused Of Supplementing Its Revenues By Selling Subscribers PRI

Condé Nast, that publishes leading American periodicals such as Vogue, W, GQ, The New Yorker, has been accused of accessorizing its sales and advertising revenues by selling its subscribers information without their written permission which violates their privacy rights. 774 more words

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