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MariaDb or MySQL ?

Nowadays students in colleges and universities spot a sweet project for their academics, they often wonder which database management system would be most efficient and stable for handing the large amount of data and also which outputs a desirable power for managing the front end web interface.   714 more words


Big Data - Panacea or Pandemic?

You’ve probably heard that “data is the new oil” (but you just need to know where to drill?). Or alternatively, that the growing lakes of “Big Data” hold all the answers, but they don’t necessarily tell us… 339 more words

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Measuring Semantic Relatedness using the Distance and the Shortest Common Ancestor and Outcast Detection with Wordnet Digraph in Python

The following problem appeared as an assignment in the Algorithm Course (COS 226) at Princeton University taught by Prof. Sedgewick.  The description… 1,808 more words


Strategic Plan Data Mining 101

What might prove useful resources to (re)visit as Carroll begins a Strategic Planning Process? Payscale.com’s recent release College/University ROI data base (see below) reminded me of the value of being aware of such resources and of the importance of understanding their value, their assumptions, their limitations, and their potential uses and misuses. 141 more words

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Vacancy of Senior Research Scientist in Data Analytics, Data61, CSIRO, Sydney

Senior Research Scientist

URL: https://jobs.csiro.au/job/Sydney%2C-NSW-Senior-Research-Scientist/428894500/

  • Undertake innovative research in the area of Data Analytics
  • Use your expertise in machine learning or data mining to solve real-word problems!
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Top 10 Open Source Big Data Tools

Data has become a powerful tool in today’s society, where it translates into direct knowledge and tons of money. Companies are paying through the nose to get their hands on data, so that they can modify their strategies, based on the wants and needs of their customers. 1,017 more words