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Conference Conversations: Measure for Measure

One of the interesting discussions I had at the Patient First Conference this year was around measurement. There is a real kick back against tick boxes, for obvious reasons. 627 more words

Machine Learning – “The Next BIG Thing”

Going by the title, one could easily speculate that it is about Machine Learning. Some readers might be alien to this word so I would try to first get you acquainted to this term. 1,032 more words

Tech Blog

A data revolution in hedge funds

The New York Times’ Dealbook explores the growing adoption of computer-driven, quantitative strategies in the world’s largest hedge funds. To combat “dismal returns and investor criticism over high fees,” hedge funds are increasingly replacing big-name investors with “teams of ” to develop trading algorithms. 8 more words

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An In-Context Topic Crawler

I have completed a breadth-first in-context crawler that traverses the Web, recursively discovering links in two modes:

1. continuous mode: without stopping.
2. discrete mode: controlled by the user. 163 more words

Data Mining

Data Preprocessing: All that you need to know

Data Preprocessing

Data preprocessing is a data mining technique that involves transforming raw data into an understandable format. This step is often neglected which results in misleading results. 505 more words

Machine Learning

Business Agility vs Systems Entropy


As already noted, the seamless integration of business processes and IT systems may bring new relevancy to the OOAD (Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action) loop, a real-time decision-making paradigm originally developed by Colonel John Boyd for USAF fighter jets. 973 more words


This project inspired by a recent acquisition activity is Bass Pro to acquire Cabela’s. I would like to look at the revenues and the market share of Cabela’s and one of its competitors, Dick’s Sporting Goods, prior to acquisition and see if there are any features/signals that can be seen in the last few months prior to acquisition. 564 more words