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Eos: A New Tool for Deep-Down Data Mining

Eos: A New Tool for Deep-Down Data Mining . “The primary goal of our U.S. National Science Foundation EarthCube building block project, GeoDeepDive, is to facilitate the creation and augmentation of literature-derived databases and to leverage published knowledge and past investments in data acquisition. 76 more words

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Visualization of Genetic Clustering Algorithm

In this technical note I would like to share visualization of clustering process that was done genetic algorithm that demonstrates so called evolution.

There are a lot of articles, presentations and books devoted to genetic algorithms, therefore I am not going to describe genetic algorithm in details, only few words about them. 448 more words

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How Data Mining Ensures Premium Quality Data Base For Businesses

For any business, a high quality and well updated data base is one of the most important assets which they bank upon in planning their expansion strategies. 304 more words


A Downside to Big Data and Data Mining for Marketers

By now anyone who is a marketing professional knows that analytics, big data, data mining etc. are key tools that must be mastered. Unfortunately for too many it has become a crutch or excuse to stop thinking. 267 more words

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The Experiment - Our Democracy

What an odd piece of commentary based on social shunning.  Is  this actually possible? All sorts of behavioral social experiments are being conducted through the internet on unsuspecting individuals that would leave you preferring authentic human to human connections rather than spending time online only to find that you’ve been deliberately isolated and segregated because you don’t fit into some “category” that is socially acceptable.   4,797 more words


Microsoft Cortana Miner

Microsoft Cortana miner is available now at


Find resources relevant to Microsoft Cortana personal assistant. Access Cortana commands, hacks, news, and more. Recrawl results and build your own curated collection about Cortana.

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Data Mining : Easy Way To Learn (Complete Data Mining Bangla Tutorial)

#ডেটা_মাইনিং বর্তমান একটি শক্তিশালী টুল হিসেবে রূপ নিয়েছে। ডেটা প্রক্রিয়াজাত ও অর্থবহ আকারে প্রকাশের সক্ষমতার দিন দিন ব্যবসা, বিজ্ঞান চিকিৎসা, গবেষনাসহ প্রায় সকল কাজে এর ব্যবহার বাড়ছে। …

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