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WUM : Web Server Log

Sebelum memasuki tahap manapun di dalam WUM, kita harus mengerti tentang Web Server Log. Web Server Log adalah data yang menyimpan record akses tiap pengunjung website dan tiap sessionnya. 451 more words

Web Usage Mining

MS1 Final Project | New Prototypes

This his been a hard week for me. It has been hard because after my last round of feedback, I felt a bit lost and confused about my idea, my direction, and like I had stalled in my tracks with getting something built and touchable in actual code. 2,638 more words

Major Studio 1

Board game rank change report for Black Friday 2015

As usual, to help with holiday shopping, I’ve run a special report to find out what games advanced the most in BoardGameGeek rankings over (roughly) the past year. 749 more words

Data Mining

Four miles and counting turkeys

The ability to download results almost immediately after a race these days is a remarkable feature of modern competitions. You can walk from the finish line of a triathlon over to a guy sitting under a canopy and get a printout of your time splits, transitions and your credit report if you ask nicely enough. 594 more words

Christopher Cudworth

Humans worshipping machines

Beyond our lifetime I can see us entrusting more and more thinking to AI because it can find correlations we can’t. At some point we might create an AI entity to think for us and make decisions for us, lile a mayor, 50 more words

Data Mining to Track the Evolution of Smiling in Yearbook Photos

I love reading the MIT Technology Review! Check this out: using data-mining to track the evolution of smiling.. “By mining a vast database of high-school yearbook photos, a machine-vision algorithm reveals the change in hairstyles, clothing, and even smiles over the last century.”

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