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#3 Artificial Intelligence vs Humanity |Controversial Facebook Experiment

Original broadcast for this show was on March 26, 2017. I discussed the controversial experiment conducted by Facebook on its user without their knowing based on emotional contagion. 20 more words

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How Edward Snowden Actually Killed Privacy Rights

Edward Snowden’s goal was one-sided and direct, that people should know what personal information is being collected, and who is doing it.  By making confidential CIA docs public, he got an all expenses paid, long term vacation to the not so warm and tropical state of Russia.  498 more words

Digital Culture – Uniting World Culture

Gërmimi i dataset-ave masivë

Shkarkoje publikimin këtu: Germimi_i_dataset-ave_masive (pdf)

Ky publikim flet për gërmimin e shënimeve, mirëpo fokusohet në gërmimin e shënimeve të sasive shumë të mëdha, domethënë kaq të mëdha sa që nuk i zë memorja kryesore. 138 more words

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機器學習 vs. 統計

機器學習越發受到大眾矚目之後,比較機器學習和統計有什麼不同的各種說法越來越多,我自己也在各種資料上,和各種討論(打嘴炮)場合,見過和聽說過各種偏見和意見。有一點小意外, Data Mining 圈大名鼎鼎的 KDNuggets ,竟然找了投資銀行出身的 Astash Shah 來說說機器學習和統計有什麼不同?


Machine learning is all about predictions, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, etc.

Statistics is about sample, population, hypothesis, etc.

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Data Mining

Business Intelligence for Smart Businesses

Businesses are always faced with various decisions that would either make or break their profitability. Some of them are no-brainers, while most of them need critical thinking and often require relevant data to come up with the most sensible decision among numerous options. 429 more words

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Explain Data Cleaning in detail.

Data cleaning involves the detection and removal (or correction) of errors and inconsistencies in a data set or database due to the corruption or inaccurate entry of the data. 

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Numpy 1 : Creating Arrays

Numpy, short for Numerical Python, is the fundamental package required for high
performance scientific computing and data analysis. It uses standard mathematical function for fast operation on entire list without writing any loops. 326 more words

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