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Cross Validation and the Bias-Variance tradeoff (for Dummies)

(Note: This post assumes that the reader is familiar with the Bias-Variance concept in statistical learning. If not, this post will help.)

Most ML newbies out there have a pretty good grasp on every learning algorithm, but lack one crucial piece of the puzzle- Understanding a way to test and validate their model… 1,304 more words

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The BioInformatics Databases Miner

This is a new miner available at http://www.minerazzi.com/bioinfo. Use it to find or build genome, sequence, proteomics, RNA, pathway, metabolic, microarray, exosomal, PCR, phenotype, taxonomic, carbohydrate, metabolimic, drug design, and imaging collections. 28 more words

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Data Science and SQL

No matter which buzz words you use (Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning etc.) the once obscure discipline of Data Science has become a red hot topic in recent years. 559 more words

Melissa Harris Perry: Children Don’t Belong to their Parents, they are Data

Melissa Harris Perry, a professor, television host, and political commentator clarifies the mindset behind Common Core: children do not belong to their parents. They are “valuable data” to be used by and for the state. 153 more words


What can or cannot be data?

After two classes of my Text Mining for History and Literature class this semester at Cornell I am starting to question the limits of the word “data.”  In class we were posed with the task to define data and decide if literature is data. 256 more words

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krishna ghanta bis : beginner

What is Krishna Ghanta BIS and what is the utility of BI Tools?
Business Intelligence (BI) is any ongoing, present or past data that aide different business experts including administrators scrutinize current/past exercises to help in predicting the future course of the organization’s business. 481 more words


Tailored Content: at what cost?

The rise of the voice assistant has been that of a rollercoaster. Early forms of a virtual assistant software emerged in the 90’s and flopped on multiple occasions,  and it appears that the slope was quite high.   574 more words