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Dense Word Vector Representation

Dense Word Vector Representation

Question : Why Dense Vector representation of the sparse word co-occurrence matrix?
Answer: The advantages of the denser word vector over the sparser co-occurrence word vectors  approach are, 924 more words

Data Mining

Popular NYRB Classics

Here are the 50 most popular titles in the current catalog of NYRB Classics, according to the usual formula (the log of the number of ratings at Goodreads times the square of the average rating expressed as a percentage): 574 more words

Data Mining

Train Deep Learning Model with R Studio in AWS EC2

AWS provides us with approachable GPU based cloud computing capability with minimal cost.

We will talk about the steps to take advantage of AWS EC2 to build GPU computing for our model training in R. 327 more words


Data Warehouse Concepts

Data Warehouse – 

A data warehouse is a subject oriented integrated time variant and nonvolatile collection of data in support of management decision-making process.

Data Warehousing –  341 more words

Data Mining

Techinques for Filling Missing Values

There are many methods to fill missing values in a dataset while cleaning.

  1. Ignore the tuple
  2. Fill in the missing values manually – Time consuming not practical with large datasets…
  3. 44 more words
Data Mining

Meta EP 8- 4 Law, The Mule, and 1964 Asimov Dystopia Future

Metaverse-  EP 8- Asimov Dystopia Future

HiroJa Shibe Here-

Speaking to you from a small café adjacent to the famous  The Black Sun Bar.

Given you the latest on what is happening on The Street and what is affecting our… 539 more words


A statistical crystal ball

The most common purpose of data mining is predicting the future. Investors want to know what stocks are going to spike or tank, stores anticipate what products their customers will want to buy and sports teams search for the next breakout player. 1,187 more words

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