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Extend the Data Model using calculated columns

Recall from my previous post Add a relationship using Diagram View in Power Pivot

Which I have left with below note. I will be continuing from where I left my previous post. 626 more words

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Add a relationship using Diagram View in Power Pivot

Open the Workbook which we prepared in the last exercise in our previous post.

Add Excel Sheet/Table to the PowerPivot Data Model

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OpenCorporates hits 90 million companies... plus news on data quality

Last week, OpenCorporates reached another minor milestone, as we hit 90 million companies. That’s a long way from the 3 million companies we started with 4 years ago, and yet we’re not finished yet. 623 more words


Why Use Materialized Views?

If we consider Materialized Views (MV) in their simplest form, as a point in time stored query result, then materialized views serve two primary purposes… 488 more words

Data Warehouse

Where do data models fit in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process?

In the classic Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process, Data Models are typically initiated, by model type, at key process steps and are maintained as data model detail is added and refinement occurs. 164 more words

Data Integration

Data model of Hybris

The hybris data model is made up of type systems.

A type system is defined as a collection of different itemtypes declared in items.xml. Each item type is consist of a Java class which gives access to different members through getter methods and set the values in them through setter methods. 751 more words