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Inmon or Kimball? The debate of the century...

When designing a data warehouse we are faced with a very important decision to make. This concerns the data warehouse architecture. Do we adopt the Inmon approach or rather, follow the philosophy of Ralph Kimball? 551 more words

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SALE: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Jump Start

So in honor of the upcoming #OOW15 and User Group Sunday Symposiums, I decided to put my video workshop for #SQLDevModeler on Sale!

Why use #SQLDevModeler? 812 more words


Back to Basics -- What is DDL, DML, DCL & TCL?

I was talking with a database administrator about different categories that SQL Commands fall into — and I thought it would be great to document here. 98 more words


Set Data Categories for fields in PowerPivot

In order for Power View to dynamically create reports based on underlying data, such as location, fields that contain such data must be properly categorized. 167 more words

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Set Table Behaviour in PowerPivot

You can set the default table behaviour, which Power View uses to automatically create report labels for the table.

This becomes useful when you create visualizations from the same table, perhaps for many different reports. 343 more words

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Set field defaults in PowerPivot

When you set a default field set for a table, you can simply click that table in Power View, and the default set of fields is automatically added to a new report. 253 more words

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Create a calculated field in PowerPivot

Open the Excel workbook which we used in our previous post on this topic. Olympics Excel Work book.

Select PowerPivot -> Manage

PowerPivot Window will open, If Calculation area not visible below table data as shown in below screen. 175 more words

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