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Creating our Data Model

Once we had all of our user stories nicely laid out in Trello, we sat down to create a data model. To be honest, at first we weren’t quite sure what is the purpose of a data model, and why everyone seem to think it’s the greatest thing since salted pretzels. 458 more words

User-Centred Design

Limit of 10 Reports per Dataset/Data Model

Adam W. Saxton

22 Jul 2015 11:52 AM

NOTE: This information is good as of 7/22/2015 and is subject to change.

*** Update ***

I had posted earlier that this was specific to Free users, but it has nothing to do with Free or Pro. 107 more words

Data Is King!

EBOM and (CAD) Documents

In my series of blog posts related to the (PLM) data model, I talked about Product, BOMs and Parts. This time I want to focus on the EBOM and (CAD) Documents relation. 1,095 more words


Products, BOMs, and Parts

As described in my latest LinkedIn post if you want to install PLM successful there are two important points to address from the implementation point of view: 1,092 more words


Value Objects, Reference Objects, and String Representation

Value objects are objects and they are referred as objects via a memory reference. Reference objects are references to objects too. So what is the difference between the two? 793 more words


The DAX ENDSWITHX Function Equivalent

I remembered the excellent articles written by Rob Collie at powerpivotpro.com on the CONTAINSX function equivalent:




I decided that it was time to extend this solution to search at the end of a string. 414 more words


Excel Tables 5 - Good Data Checklist

Now it is time to spell out exactly what to look for when creating good raw data (or repairing bad input data). Use this as a checklist to quickly classify data into GOOD or BAD (requires clean-up). 505 more words