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A data scientist in his 20s explains the secret to Warren Buffett’s optimism

Self-made billionaire and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, 86, has long been revered as a legendary investor. His annual shareholders’ meetings, deemed the “Woodstock for capitalists,” bring together tens of thousands of attendees each year to Nebraska. 62 more words

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1 Woman Explains Why Data Scientist Is the "Sexiest" Job of the 21st Century

If you get your trending advice from The Harvard Business Review — and who doesn’t?! — then you may have caught their claim that data scientist is the “sexiest job of the 21st century”. 62 more words

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A former Google data scientist explains why Netflix knows you better than you know yourself

Much of ” Everybody Lies ” – a new book by economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz – explores how Big Data reveals people’s secrets. People share with Google their desire to read racist jokes and watch same-sex porn when they’d never ever share those desires IRL. 70 more words

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Bringing Data Science to the Masses

by Adi Gaskell

Big data is arguably the most important trend in business today, and the companies that manage to capitalize on their data gain a distinct competitive advantage over their peers. 719 more words

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Jobs in data science may seem glamorous, but they require dirty work

The role of a data scientist is often seen as one of today’s most glamorous and exciting jobs, but behind the glitz and acclaim are a lot of toil and hard work. 73 more words

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IBM Predicts Demand For Data Scientists Will Soar 28% By 2020

Jobs requiring machine learning skills are paying an average of $114,000. Advertised data scientist jobs pay an average of $105,000 and advertised data engineering jobs pay an average of $117,000. 44 more words

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Big Data Experts in Big Demand

Data scientist, named the best job in America for 2016 by the job site Glassdoor, is a mashup of traditional careers, from data analysis, economics, and statistics to computer science and others. 53 more words

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