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Interpretación curva Kaplan-Meier. Parte III. Curva Kaplan-Meier

Para terminar esta introducción vamos a terminar viendo la curva de Kaplan-Meier, para entender la interpretación de ésta, tenemos que suponer que los eventos son independientes en cada sujeto, por tanto, la probabilidad de existencia un tiempo t hasta la ocurrencia estudiada se puede calcular mediante la ley multiplicativa de probabilidades. 440 more words

Thinking Like A Data Scientist Part IV: Attitudinal Approach

I was reading an article in BusinessWeek titled “Kill Your Desk Chair” where the article cites the following “fact”:

A recent study, from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA, followed 17,000 Canadians over 12 years and found that those who sat for most of the day were 54% more likely to die of heart attacks that those that didn’t.

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6 Ways To Get More From Data Science, IT

Data scientists and IT push the limits of what’s possible — whether that’s operating more efficiently, taking advantage of new opportunities, or innovating. Here are 6 ways businesses can boost their effectiveness. 79 more words

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Interpretación curva Kaplan-Meier. Parte II. Introducción al análisis de supervivencia.

Los datos de inicio y fin de nuestro estudio tenemos que elegirlos de manera concreta, teniendo en cuenta que los datos que manejamos estarán encapsulados en dichos límites, además tenemos que establecer la escala del tiempo. 233 more words

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Thinking Like A Data Scientist Part III: The Role of Scores

In New Zealand, they are taking a “Moneyball” approach to optimizing social worker spending and focus attention can be most effective. A recent article in BusinessWeek “ 2,046 more words

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So you’re a data scientist? That don’t impress me much

In a recent entry on these pages, Martin Goodson talked about how analytics was done before anyone had heard of ‘data scientists’, and one of the pioneering companies he mentioned was Readers Digest. 41 more words

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Thinking Like a Data Scientist Part II: Predicting Business Performance

In “Thinking Like a Data Scientist Part I: Understanding Where To Start”, we examined the challenges for getting the business users to think like data scientists when contemplating where and how to leverage big data to drive business value. 1,214 more words

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