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Want to know what a good data scientist costs? (Hint: No, you don't.)

If you’re a data scientist, I have great news. But if you’re looking to hire a data scientist, what you read here will only depress you, so you might want to go to Upworthy. 277 more words

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How to Balance the Five Analytic Dimensions

So many data scientists select an analytic technique in hopes of achieving a magical solution, but in the end, the solution simply may not even be possible due to other limiting factors. 76 more words

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5 Key Traits of a Data Artist that Every Data Scientist Needs

We are living in an era where over quintillion (1 followed by 18 zeros) bytes of world data is being generated every day by our digital interactions such as daily commuting, online shopping or social networking. 59 more words

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Where Life Science And Data Science Meet – Interview With Romeo Kienzler Of IBM

Romeo Kienzler works as Chief Data Scientist in the IBM Cloud Transformation Lab Zurich, he holds a M. Sc. Degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Information Systems, Bioinformatics and Applied Statistics. 87 more words

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Why your next job search may involve solving online puzzles

A programmer works furiously to solve a puzzle on her computer screen. The prize? A chance to interview for an engineering job at a hot tech company. 924 more words


11 Facts about Data Science that you must know

Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Science, or Analytics – whatever you call it, this discipline is on rise in last quarter of century primarily owing to increasing data collection abilities and exponential increase in computational power. 58 more words

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