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Big Data: 6 Things a Data Scientist Can Learn from a Pastry Chef

Data analysis and chocolate cake? Cookies and data visualization? They don’t seem to have much in common — except that they might both show up at a board room table — but being an effective data scientist and a consummate pastry chef have more in common than you might think. 90 more words

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Python plus R equals Data Scientist?

I have read a number of articles and posts that claim that if you had courses in linear algebra and multivariate calculus, and know R… 690 more words

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Who R You?

My first experiences with data analyses technology were with popular software products such as Excel and SPSS.  I must admit that I was smitten with the relatively user-friendly point-and-click interfaces, the options to write snippets of code and formulas (I did have some experience with coding languages, but not a lot at that point), and some visually pleasant graphic outputs.   562 more words

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Big Data Lab in the Cloud with Hadoop+Spark+R+Python

This is an update of the second big data lab for the cloud. Similar to previous versions, this document described how you can create a Big Data Lab in the cloud on Amazon EMR. 91 more words


Here’s the thing…more advice for young analysts

I have been get a lot of very good questions from young analysts seeking to carve out their niche in our domain. Last year I wrote a short article with some advice for young analysts. 743 more words

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Reflecting on the importance of domain knowledge in data science

When I was a PhD student, we had a regular internal seminar series for postgrads to present anything relevant to their work, most typically their intermediate findings. 601 more words