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Data Scientists vs. BI Analysts: What's the Difference?

Business intelligence and data science often go hand in hand. Both fields focus on deriving business insights from data, yet data scientists are regularly touted as the unicorns of big data analysis. 50 more words

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How to Get a Data Science Job: A Ridiculously Specific Guide

Interesting post by Brandon Rohrer  – 6 top tips to get a job in data science.

While I may not agree on the same order – or automatically refusing a job offer – the advice is really sound – and reassuring!

3 career paths to becoming a data scientist

Data scientist has been dubbed one of the ‘sexiest jobs of the 21st century.’ Want to know what you can do to move towards a career working with data?  16 more words

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Why being a data scientist 'feels like being a magician'

The data scientist role was thrust into the limelight early this year when it was named 2016’s “hottest job,” and there’s been considerable interest in the position ever since. 66 more words

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Will the API Kill the Data Scientist?

Since PipelineDB released the developer preview of its realtime analytics API, Stride, one is tempted to ask whether APIs in connection with machine learning may replace the growing role of human data scientists in the data analytics space. 53 more words

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How to Compose the Ideal Data Scientist Job Description

What Does a Data Scientist Do? Since data science is a relatively new field, the term “data scientist” can be applied to many different types of skill sets. 55 more words

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