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Ten Myths About Machine Learning

Machine learning used to take place behind the scenes: Amazon mined your clicks and purchases for recommendations, Google mined your searches for ad placement, and Facebook mined your social network to choose which posts to show you. 54 more words

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Struggling to recruit a data scientist? Use machine learning instead

Many firms struggle to find data scientists who can find useful patterns in corporate data, so it will come as welcome news to some that machine learning platforms can fulfil the same role. 48 more words

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What is Data Science?

I’ll start with a big disclaimer:

Obviously I don’t know the answer to this question.

It’s not one to easily look up either but defining it seems like a very important first step in my process of learning about it. 228 more words

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Buddha was a data scientist

More than two millennia ago, wandering the footpaths of ancient India, preaching in village huts and forest glens, Buddha was biohacking his health. He tried holding his breath so long his ears exploded, and even the gods assumed he was dead. 52 more words

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So You Want To Be A Data Scientist

The New York Times made it look so easy. Take a few courses in data science and a web-based startup will readily pay top dollars for your newly acquired skills. 61 more words

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