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[book note] Manning MEAP: Streaming Data – Collection Tier part 2

Transporting the data from collection tier: decoupling the data pipeline

This chapter covers

  • Why we need a message queuing tier
  • Understanding message durability
  • How to accommodate offline consumers…
  • 1,933 more words
Data Scientist

Why are your data scientists leaving?

There are plenty of reasons why people move jobs in any industry or line of work, but in the world of big data there are key trends turning the heads of data scientists. 84 more words

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So Just How Many Filipino Data Scientists Are There Anyway?

One Question I have been asking myself for awhile is just how many Filipino Data Scientists are there anyway?

I ask this  question because based on my observations of job postings and job titles and industry buzz, there are way more data scientist jobs open here in the Philippines then there are actual data scientists to fill them. 250 more words

Dan Meyer

Has the Age of “Drag and Drop” Data Science Arrived?

Data scientists pride themselves on knowing every programming language under the sun, every library available to man and the ability to work in only code like the Zion operators from the Matrix. 83 more words

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Billionaire Dan Loeb's Quant Trading Effort Sparked Legal Battle Over 32-Year-Old Data Scientist

In November, Matthew Ober tendered his resignation as co-head of data strategy at Igor Tulchinsky’s WorldQuant, a quantitative trading firm that trades for billionaire Israel Englander’s Millennium Management, one of the biggest hedge funds on Wall Street with $34 billion under management. 54 more words

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Why We Need Both Data Scientists And Data Engineers

When it comes to the medical profession, doctors get all the glory. In the world of IoT, it’s data scientists who get most of the attention and acclaim. 74 more words

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