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Will AI and machine learning replace the data scientist?

The role of a data scientist ranks number one in Glassdoor’s annual survey of the year’s best jobs? This marks the second year in a row that the data scientist is at the top of that list. 109 more words

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Seismic Data – In the Cloud?

The management of Exploration Data has been one of those interminable issues that have rumbled on in the background over decades and in particular the specific area of management of Seismic data. 3,612 more words

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Data Scientist?

If you have a data project–whether it’s setting up a data pipeline, making sense of the data you’ve already collected, or something more complex–you’re going to need data scientists with the right skills. 74 more words

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4 reasons bots won’t replace data scientists anytime soon

Today, it’s all about the data-driven enterprise. Companies are collecting more data than ever, and decision-making is now heavily based on insights from all of that data. 62 more words

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Do you want to hire a Data Scientist?

Sandeep Raut

As mentioned by Tom Davenport few years back, Data Scientist is still a hottest job of century.

Data scientists are those elite people who solve business problems by analyzing tons of data and communicate the results in a very compelling way to senior leadership and persuade them to take action. 127 more words

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Big data makes data preparation steps more complicated to navigate

Organizations with big data environments are starting to prepare data for analysis before making it available to data scientists and other users, instead of leaving the work to them. 60 more words

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Deep learning for executives: how will it change your business?

Chances are, your company is awash in a tsunami of data these days. And you’ve thrown everything from open-source databases to machine learning algorithms — as well as an army of data scientists — at the problem. 67 more words

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