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Data Science Books

Carl Anderson has a nice list of freely available data science-related books here. Not at all comprehensive; maybe I’ll add my own list when I have some more time.

Data Science

The question “Are all Data Scientists nerds?” answered thanks to the Data Innovation Survey 2015

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Although the Data Scientist has been declared the sexiest job of the 21st century by HBR and others, if we are honest, we need to admit that data scientists are still associated with nerds by the mainstream population. 991 more words

Brussels Data Science Community

Data Science & Big Data Analytics New Budget Season 2015

With the economy slowly improving, IT leaders are more optimistic that the corporate purse string will loosen up in 2015, and they’re eager to bring new technologies into the world in addition to just keeping the lights on. 228 more words

...network (information and data)

Out of pure happenstance, I think, I have been hearing and learning a lot about networked data and information recently.

The first I’ll mention is a… 584 more words


Data Science for an e-commerce company

Just came across a nice post (though a year old) by Carl Anderson, Director of Data Science at e-commerce site Warby Parker. It’s all about what the opportunities are for applying data science on an e-commerce site.

Data Science

Data Scientist a quick introduction

In an environment of digital application development, it is becoming very common to see a new role coming into play called data scientist. These are the people who belong to data science field, whose skillset involves statistics, mathematics, operations research, signal processing, linguistics, database, programming, machine learning, and scientific computing. 379 more words


Next Step after OGD: Government's Big Data Scientist

Open Government Data (OGD) Initiatives have been important steps helping to give broader access to administrative data.

But there was some disappointment because OGD didn’t bring up the mass of apps many hoped. 61 more words

037 Open Data Initiatives