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Critical Infrastructure, Classified Documents, and the 2016 Election Top List of Targets Vulnerable to Russian Cyber Attacks

Assessing the Russian threat:

Following the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia as a nation does not pose a threat to the United States comparable to what it did during the Cold War era. 2,784 more words


This week’s PeaceTech Lab Weekly Roundup covers a range of technology and peace issues including looking at justice for women in Pakistan, data theft in Brazil… 19 more words

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Securing printed data in the ‘paperless’ office

While we are supposedly in the era of the paperless office, intentional leaks via printed documents remain very common and can be just as damaging as their digital counterparts. 1,214 more words

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State of Hawaii to Introduce Bill for Free Credit Freezes

Hawaii News Digest, 08 October 2017, 2355 UTC, Post #15736.



Reporter:  Damon Tucker.

Accessed on 08 October 2017, 2355 UTC.

Please click link to read the full story. 282 more words


Yahoo triples the impact of its 2013 breach--to 3 billion accounts

Hawaii News Digest, 04 October 2017, 0355 UTC, Post #15709.



Reporter:  The Associated Press.

Accessed on 04 October 2017, 0355 UTC.

Please click link to read the full report. 228 more words


ThinAir CEO Tony Gauda on Insider Threats (Podcast)

In Preston’s absence, I spoke with ThinAir CEO Tony Gauda about insider threats. Insider threats cost companies billions of dollars, thousands of lost labor hours, and loss of credibility with customers. 250 more words

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Equifax data-theft and a pandora's box!

Equifax is one of the largest credit reporting companies in the US, and it had a fews days ago gone public that hackers had stolen data of sensitive personal information on as many as 143 million people from the credit reporting firm. 412 more words

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