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Dumpster diving for computers and other valuables


Dumpster diving expert and security specialist Matt Malone explains how to find treasure in the trash discarded by various businesses, and how to keep your personal information and data secure when you need to clean house.

Brian Noonan

Software Piracy - Don't risk it.

Offline or online, together we’ll catch them.

Cheap pirated software may look like a good option on the face of it. But the risks are huge. 187 more words


Forget credit cards: Data sent to health insurers may be worth more to hackers

Everyone worries about stolen credit cards or hacked bank accounts, but just visiting the doctor may put you at greater risk for identity fraud.

Those medical forms you give the receptionist and send to your health insurer provide fertile ground for criminals looking to steal your identity, since health care businesses can lag far behind banks and credit card companies in protecting sensitive information. 946 more words


How credit card data theft happens

I was a victim of credit card data theft many years ago. Like others, the fraudulent charges came up unexpectedly. The bank called me to inform me that they had detected the fraudulent charges, blocked my card to prevent further abuse and would issue me a new card. 976 more words

Health insurer Anthem is offering free credit monitoring after a major breach that may have affected as many as 80 million records, but customers should watch out for an especially insidious type of fraud: Medical identity theft. 66 more words


How Online Financial Hackers Are Stealing from Your Wallet

It’s Monday morning, and you’re back in the office after a much-needed weekend. The last of your coffee has brought the first glimmer of energy and you’re finally caught up on all of that email. 388 more words


A Few Lessons From the Morgan Stanley Trade Secrets Debacle

Earlier this month, a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley copied information of 350,000 of the company’s wealth management clients. A few days later, a sample data from 900 clients was posted on Pastebin, with the poster offering more in exchange for the payment in SpeedCoin, a type of virtual currency similar to BitCoin. 895 more words

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