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10 Reasons Why Analysis is Important continued

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6) Objectivity for all

The game is one full of subjectivity and opinions. This is good. Using opinions as the sole basis from which to structure sessions and tactics is bad. 465 more words


10: "Loops for Breakfast", not Spirits.

(Davey 2016)

POST 10: Reflection and proposition 

By Rachel Mah

After receiving feedback from my 3 minute presentation in class, I received the following insights: 787 more words

I dropped Maths to be a Journalist.

After twelve years of studying in lower level education, I was pleased to have parted ways with my number one nemesis – mathematics. Until I discovered Data Driven Journalism.   517 more words

What are we talking about? The Language of Homelessness

Post 10 By Alice Stollery

Reflection & Revision

My colleagues raised a number of issues with my initial draft proposal. Being my first attempt, it was quite rough and I had not given enough consideration to the requirements of the brief. 968 more words

Homelessness & Social Exclusion

Post 10: Reflection & Revised Proposition

By Yu Zhang


During week 7, I had a opportunity to receive feeback from colleague and tutor for my draft proposal, and it’s really useful that I got lots of idea to understand how to refine my proposal that base on the data, and what kind of data are appropriate to my data visualization. 701 more words

Mental Health

5 women make history on the Isle of Man... wait what?

So the Isle of Man has just had a general election, and it seems that 5 women making it into the House of Keys is… 112 more words

Data Visualisation

Tilegrams: Make your own cartogram hexmaps with our new tool

This US election season, you will see a lot of maps. And mostly, they will look kind of like this:

And what’s wrong with that? It is, after all, what the United States looks like. 600 more words

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