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Makeover Monday 2018 - Week 3 - US Household Income State Distribution

Three weeks into 2018 and it’s Week 3 of Makeover Monday and I’m definitely keeping to my goal to complete all 52 weeks of this popular social data project. 380 more words


2017 flights

No prizes for guessing which city I have to be in, and which city I want to be in! A special mention to Montreal for (just) taking me outside of UK & US! 11 more words

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Making Data Stories Out Of 2013 National Crime Statistics from PNP

(Photo courtesy of http://www.star.com)

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you enjoyed your long holidays.
Well, my first post for this year is way overdue. Because unfortunately, I encountered the first days of 2018… 2,639 more words

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Visualising flows as Sankey diagrams with R

This one is on making quick and easy Sankey diagrams with R (and networkD3 package)  for exploring data. All we need to do is to understand how to convert data into a network and rest is really easy. 542 more words


The growing gap between the Premiership's Top Six and the rest.

This is my first football data blog for a while, and I feel all nostalgic! It’s nice to dive into some league table data again, and even nicer now that I have Alteryx; I was able to format my data about 10x quicker than I was in when I first started doing this in R. 680 more words


Nintendo Console Dashboard

If it weren’t apparent enough from my Splatoon 2 analyses, I love Nintendo. So, of all the things one can make a Dashboard about, of course I went ahead and created a Dashboard using data about Nintendo’s array of home consoles. 46 more words

Data Visualisation

Excel Tutorial: A Truly Non-Volatile Solution for Dynamic Data Tables

This is a follow-up to the last tutorial. Thanks to reddit user /u/small_trunks for noticing my blunder!

Unfortunately, ‘SUMIFS’ couldn’t be used on its own to create the dynamic data tables. 338 more words

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