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Dashboard Visualisation of Average Monthly Household Energy Consumption Per Year in Singapore

The Visual Dashboard allows the user to see the level of energy consumption across Singapore and for a specific region. 

March 9 2017

Pranav Agarwal, Rohit Pattnaik, Snehal Singupalli, Ashok Kuruvilla Eapen and Abhilasha Kumar… 404 more words

Data needs empathy to make it real

The latest in our series of data visualisation projects sees Shirley Wu and Nadieh Bremer apply their unique take on life to Google data. The pair together make up… 786 more words

Data Journalism

Editors stand up and be counted - and start counting

Editors, and especially Editors in Chief, it’s time to embark on the most important piece of data journalism you’ll ever do, it’s going to take you way outside your comfort zone and to land this story you’ll have to learn some new skills. 642 more words


The Colour Revolt: using rank calculations to get around Tableau's colour defaults

Tableau’s colour palettes are generally pretty good, pretty flexible, and pretty… well, pretty. But sometimes you want to colour-code a dimension with more values than the number of colours in the palette, and this is when Tableau has a bit of a problem. 597 more words

Data Visualisation

Data Roundup 10-04-2017: A collection of wonderful things on the web last week

As a compulsive newsletter subscriber, I often found my email inbox flooded with weekly digests, roundups and summaries. Most of them are news/media related, and recently, I seem to be only reading the ones that relate to data stories and visualizations. 677 more words

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Data Visualisation of Mental Health

Any academic will light up with joy when talking about data and I am not so different.

A good academic will also tell you of the limitations of a data set and that you should always think about these limitations as you analyse and try to learn. 1,226 more words

Mental Health

How Twitter responded an hour after the Westminster attack

News of the Westminster attack on March 22 spread the way many terror attacks do: an eyewitness tweet, BBC live coverage and lots of aerial video from helicopters while news outlets scrambled to put the pieces together. 840 more words

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