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Thing 10: Wikipedia

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Egypt’s Library of Alexandria was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world, best known perhaps for having been burned down and thus symbolising a widescale loss of cultural knowledge. 376 more words

How is the world searching for the US Presidential Election? A Data Visualisation from the Google News Lab.

The US Presidential election is not just being watched in America. From Indiana to India, each development is being intently followed by people across the globe. 678 more words

Data Journalism

Did Brexit increase hate crimes? Probably, yes.*

Tl;DR: Brexit probably caused an increase in hate crimes. I provide descriptive and statistical (linear regression and regression discontinuity) evidence for this claim, but the claim that there was a rise in reporting rather than hate crimes per sé is also plausible. 2,157 more words


David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization

It seems like we are all suffering from information overload or data glut and the good news is there might be an easy solution to that, and that’s using our eyes more. 318 more words


Everything you need to know to prepare for the Tableau Conference 2016 #data16

I know I know, there are already several posts about this, but you can never have too much advice and experience shared can you?

The conference this year is in Austin, Texas and takes place between November 7th and 10th.   2,504 more words


Dashboard design: where place what?

This post is a continuation of tips about dashboard design (see previous blog post).

When you are projecting a dashboard, remember that what’s relevant in your story should be placed in the top left area… 263 more words


Can Tableau really change your life?

Can Tableau really change your life?

Well, you hear a lot on Twitter and blogs about how Tableau has helped people to really see and understand their data, and changed people’s lives in moving from Excel treacle to worksheet and dashboards, fast iterations and rapid prototyping, all with claims around Tableau changing people’s lives, but actually, in those instances it really has… 2,330 more words