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Makeover Monday - Week 9, 2017: Kriebel's Kreditkarte

Well this week is different. Andy lets us scrutinise his credit card spending habits, so we’re getting very personal right here. This dataset is nice and small, so simplicity will be my focus for sure. 558 more words


The humble pie chart: part2

The principles and guidelines from part1 showed what data best suited a pie chart, solutions for labelling and using colour. This blog will focus on alternatives to the pie chart and conclusions from a research paper on how we read pie charts: is it arc, angle or area we use to judge or guesstimate and whether the variations on pie charts, like the donut and exploding segments really work? 1,343 more words


Sculpting Lecture

In today’s lesson Alec showed us how we could begin to add more detail and texture to our models. This stage would be after we get our basic shape for the model formed. 46 more words

Data & Visualisation

Data Visualisation from Scratch P.2: Stories from a Bar (Chart)

Summary: Intro | A Simple Bar Chart | A Multi-Series Bar Chart

If this post was a painting, it would probably be one of Mark Ryden’s works: it seems I have just gone and done a one detailed blog post. 1,493 more words