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How to create custom shapes in Tableau

Following on from my article on creating custom colours, I thought it would be a good idea to also talk about custom shapes.

They are used much less than custom colours, at least from my observations, but can still be very useful to convey information, emotion, tell a story and achieve buy-in through branding. 328 more words


Live transcription of OpenVis Conference

OpenVis Conference is a 2 day annual conference, held in Boston, about the practice of visualising data on the web. A must for all the Data Visualisation professionals amongst us. 74 more words


so what would a smart city designed for women be like? (and why that's not the only question to ask)

I came across yet another smart city event yesterday with a line-up of speakers that was heavily male-dominated: 38 men and 12 women.  I tweeted, “what difference does it make that men outnumber women speakers at a #smartcity event by 2 to 1?  1,108 more words

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The states IGR stats for The Year 2014

The  Price of crude oil has taken a big hit (fall in prices) , federally allocated revenue from the sale of crude oil  to all states within Nigeria have been affected (declining revenues). 151 more words

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Map designs and data visualisation - development

I am planning to use a greyscale map for my application design, in order to make the colourful key data stand out more. The colour scheme I chosen for the data was based on the vibrant colours that are currently used within the sports industry. 562 more words

4th Year

An Infograph CV Experiment

So I began by thinking I would call this a “how to” titled post however how to posts usually come from somebody who would be considered an expert in the area, which I do not claim to be (YET!), so instead I have decided to label it a social experiment. 268 more words