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Anxiety, the most common mental illness in the world

Anxiety has long since been an issue that I have taken to heart. It affects everyone in the world to some extent and has become an ongoing problem for many people near to me and myself in the past. 277 more words


Article: "The Feltron Annual Reports" (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Nicholas Felton‘s work has been an inspiration to many people in the field of information visualisation, not only when he helped Facebook create their timeline to “unlock people’s personal stories”, but most prominently with his… 377 more words

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#Makeovermonday: Police Violence

This week’s subject was a tough one, no matter how you look at it each data point a victim, a family destroyed and often repercussions in the community. 150 more words

5 great data visualisation pieces from outside the newsroom

Some of the most interesting examples of journalistic data visualisation come not from newsrooms, but from creative agencies or companies. In a post first published on her datavis blog Dinfografia… 260 more words

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Community & so much more…

This was a good week and I thought I’d tell you why I’m so proud of finding such an amazing community of Tableau users.

I’ve seen a few things happening that I thought were worth sharing and those in the Tableau community know that these types of things happen fairly often, but they are definitely not the norm when it comes to software companies. 628 more words

Case Study: Usage Statistics


Whilst working on the design of an App-based platform, it became clear that little was known about the true usage of the system. Although usage data was being collected, the data was poorly organised, existing analyses were not particularly insightful and it was unclear whether the data was reliable. 611 more words

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On Politics and Advertising

The victory of the Conservatives was a surprise to many journalists and commentators, with polls having nestled Conservative and Labour support close together. During the 2015 General Election, all parties tried to win over voters, with eye-drawing posters and entrancing policies. 634 more words

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