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The One With All The Politics

I found this viz I made some years ago for a Google/Tableau competition, but then I realised unfortunately the competition wasn’t open to South Africa. I updated it a bit and thought I’d publish it here. 72 more words

Data Visualisation

Making ggplot2 Custom Plots In R For Beginners

When I started making most of my plots in ggplot2 rather than base R, I notice how it was convenient to customise the plots. As an example, we can always use the default themes like the famous theme_bw() and theme_light() that I am very fond of. 1,349 more words

Data Visualisation

When data visualisation pushes fake news

Loads of debates on big data haven been widely discussed these years, data in the area of journalism is no exception, especially data visualisation . 332 more words

Untaming the Urban 2018

TransArts Alliance is really excited to announce that we will be collaborating with Untaming the Urban to support the 2018 symposium at The Fenner School of Environment & Society… 179 more words


Visualising ordinal data with Flaming Pillars of Hell

I recently had a great experience with a StackOverflow question, when I was thinking about how to visualise ordinal data. This post shows an option for how to do that. 446 more words

º Data Punk (English)

I will host a data visualization workshop at Israel’s biggest data science event



What: Data Visualization from default to outstanding. Test cases of tough data visualization

Why:  You would never settle for default settings of a machine learning algorithm. 209 more words


Weather Globe - a real time interactive weather visualiser


‘Weather Globe’ is a real-time, interactive weather visualiser aimed at visualising the complex weather data in a simple and straightforward way, just like in a weather widget. 1,027 more words