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Detailed Ranking Example Using DAX in Power BI

Power BI is an amazing analytical engine! Today I’m going to show you how you can find your top customers – not just as static numbers, but through time and through any time period you could want. 236 more words

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New Map Styles in Power BI

The Power BI team recently added additional map styles for the Map and Filled Map that make them a more attractive option for data visualization. Alongside the Road and the Aerial themes, Power BI now has options for Light, Dark, and Grayscale. 414 more words

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Velocity Sports: A Data Platform workflow

Recently, I demonstrated a hypothetical data scenario that takes a fictional sports company called Velocity Sports and takes them through a data platform journey.

The aim of the demonstration is to show you how you can transform existing data sets or databases to gain intelligent insights that can be communicated across different internal and external stakeholders. 243 more words

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How to Customize Colors in Tableau

How to Customize Colors in Tableau

Now you’ve got some fonts that aren’t basic, how about some custom colors? I really like matching my visualizations to my report, which is… 380 more words


The All Encompassing Figure

Remember that Big War Study I’ve mentioned a couple of times? No? Well never mind; I’m going to tell you about (one of the studies in) it now! 581 more words


Developing Sensitivity Analysis Logic Using DAX in Power BI

We’re getting specific today and really showcasing the analytical power of Power BI. Sensitivity analysis, or even running some ‘what ifs’ around this, allows you to almost predict what may happen in the future with your results. 342 more words

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Monitoring homicide trends paper published

My paper, Monitoring Volatile Homicide Trends Across U.S. Cities (with coauthor Tom Kovandzic) has just been published online in Homicide Studies. Unfortunately, Homicide Studies does not give me a link to share a free PDF like other publishers, but you can either grab the… 101 more words

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