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Data Analysis & Visualization with Python (Preparation Phase)

Hi, i am in my personal project, that is Data Analysis & Visualization with Python.
These below information was my notes for project’s preparation.

Source: “Python for Data Analysis”, by Wes McKinney, O’Reilly Publisher… 159 more words

Data Analytics

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Linear regression example

Final code:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

df = pd.read_csv('Droid control - wind speed.csv')
print df.head()
print df.describe()
print df.info()

plt.scatter(df['Wind speed'], df['Control metrics'], color = 'red')
plt.title('Control action / wind speed')
plt.xlabel('Wind speed (km/h)')
plt.ylabel('Control metrics')

X = df.iloc[:, :-1].values
y = df.iloc[:, 1].values

X_squares = X[:,0] ** 2
X_times_Y = X[:,0] * y
N = len(X)

# b = ((∑X^2)(∑Y) – (∑X)(∑XY)) / (N(∑X^2) – (∑X)^2)

b1 = X_squares.sum() * y.sum() # (∑X^2)(∑Y)
b2 = X.sum() * X_times_Y.sum() # (∑X)(∑XY)
b3 = N * X_squares.sum() # N(∑X^2)
b4 = X.sum() ** 2 # (∑X)^2

b = (b1 - b2) / (b3 - b4)

# m = (N(∑XY) – (∑X)(∑Y)) / (N(∑X^2) – (∑X)^2)

m1 = N * X_times_Y.sum() # (∑X^2)(∑Y)
m2 = X.sum() * y.sum() # (∑X)(∑XY)
m3 = N * X_squares.sum() # N(∑X^2)
m4 = X.sum() ** 2 # (∑X)^2

m = (m1 - m2) / (m3 - m4)

manual_linear_regression = []
for el in X:
    f_of_X = b + m * el
    manual_linear_regression = np.append(manual_linear_regression, f_of_X)

lin_equation = 'Y = {} + {}X'.format(b, m)

plt.scatter(df['Wind speed'], df['Control metrics'], color = 'red', label = 'Original data')
plt.scatter(df['Wind speed'], manual_linear_regression, color = 'blue', label = lin_equation)
plt.title('Control action / wind speed')
plt.xlabel('Wind speed (km/h)')
plt.ylabel('Control metrics')
plt.legend(loc = 'upper left')
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